Telescopic Tube PHILIPS CRP743/01, 432200424071
Telescopic Tube PHILIPS CRP743/01, 432200424071
Telescopic Tube PHILIPS CRP743/01, 432200424071
Telescopic Tube PHILIPS CRP743/01, 432200424071

Telescopic Tube PHILIPS CRP743/01, 432200424071

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PHILIPS Vacuum Cleaner Telescopic Tube CRP743/01, 432200424071 original part

The height-adjustable telescopic tube with active coupling for the most convenient cleaning position.

Diameter: 32mm

Compatible codes:

PHILIPS: 432200423630, FC6026/01

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2 €25.09 Up to €4.36
5 €23.73 Up to €17.73

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