Meat Grinder Knife NR5 BOSCH, 0028887 00620949 alternative
Meat Grinder Knife NR5 BOSCH, 0028887 00620949 alternative
Meat Grinder Knife NR5 BOSCH, 0028887 00620949 alternative
Meat Grinder Knife NR5 BOSCH, 0028887 00620949 alternative

Meat Grinder Knife NR5 ZELMER, BOSCH, 0028887 00620949 alternative

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BOSCH, ZELMER Meat Chopper Knifer (Blade) NR5, 0028887 00620949 alternative


  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Thickness: 9.5mm
  • Bore diameter: 9х9mm

Compatible codes:

BOSCH: 00620949, 0028887, 020468, 028887, 00620949, VT1625ST, 00631383, 320037, mhn04161, 996500043315

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2 €4.76 €1.06
10 €4.34 €9.52

Compatible models:


MUM4405/06 MUM4405/08 MUM4405UC/08 MUM4406/02 MUM4406/03 MUM4406/04 MUM4406/05 MUM4406/07 MUM4406/08 MUM4407/08 MUM4409/08 MUM4410DE/05 MUM4410DE/07 MUM4410DE/08 MUM4415JP/08 MUM4415TW/01 MUM4415TW/08 MUM4419/01 MUM4419/02 MUM4419/03 MUM4420(01) MUM4420/00 MUM4420/02 MUM4420GB/01 MUM4420UC/01 MUM4420UC/02 MUM4420UC/03 MUM4421/01 MUM4421/02 MUM4421/03 MUM4422UC/01 MUM4422UC/02 MUM4422UC/03 MUM4423/01 MUM4425/01 MUM4426/01 MUM4426/02 MUM4426/03 MUM4426/04 MUM4426/05 MUM4426/07 MUM4426/08 MUM4427/03 MUM4427/04 MUM4427/05 MUM4427/06 MUM4427/07 MUM4427/08 MUM4428/06 MUM4428/07 MUM4428/08 MUM4430(01) MUM4430/02 MUM4430/03 MUM4450(01) MUM4450/02 MUM4450EU/01 MUM4450EU/02 MUM4450EU/03 MUM44K1/03 MUM44R1/08 MUM4523/01 MUM4523/02 MUM4523/03 MUM4525/01 MUM4525/03 MUM4555/01 MUM4555/03 MUM4555/04 MUM4555/05 MUM4555/06 MUM4555EU/01 MUM4555EU/03 MUM4555EU/04 MUM4555EU/05 MUM4555EU/06 MUM4570/01 MUM4570/02 MUM4570/03 MUM4570/04 MUM4570/05 MUM4570/06 MUM4570EU/01 MUM4570EU/02 MUM4570EU/03 MUM4570EU/04 MUM4570EU/05 MUM4570EU/06 MUM4590CH/02 MUM4590CH/03 MUM4590CH/04 MUM4590CH/05 MUM4590CH/06 MUM4625/01 MUM4625/02 MUM4625/03 MUM4625/04 MUM4625/05 MUM4635UC/01 MUM4635UC/02 MUM4635UC/03 MUM4650/03 MUM4650/04 MUM4650/05 MUM4655/01 MUM4655/02 MUM4655/03 MUM4655EU/01 MUM4655EU/02 MUM4655EU/03 MUM4655EU/04 MUM4655EU/05 MUM4655EU/07 MUM4655EU/08 MUM4655GB/01 MUM4655GB/02 MUM4655GB/03 MUM4655IL/01 MUM4655IL/02 MUM4655IL/03 MUM4656COE/03 MUM4657/03 MUM4657/04 MUM4657/05 MUM4657/07 MUM4657/08 MUM4675EU/01  MUM4675EU/02 MUM4675EU/03 MUM4675EU/04 MUM4675EU/05 MUM46A1GB/04 MUM46A1GB/05 MUM46A1GB/07 MUM46A1GB/08 MUM46CR1/03 MUM46CR1/04 MUM46CR1/05 MUM46CR2/03 MUM46CR2/04 MUM46CR2/05 MUM46R1/03 MUM46R1/04 MUM46R1/05 MUM4701/01 MUM4701/03 MUM4701/04 MUM4701/05 MUM4750/01 MUM4750/02 MUM4750/03  MUM4750EU/01 MUM4750EU/02 MUM4750EU/03 MUM4750EU/04 MUM4750EU/05 MUM4750UC/01 MUM4750UC/02 MUM4750UC/03 MUM4756EU/02 MUM4756EU/03 MUM4756EU/04 MUM48010DE/07 MUM48010DE/08 MUM48020DE/07 MUM48020DE/08 MUM4807GB/08 MUM48120DE/07 MUM48120DE/08 MUM48140DE/07 MUM48140DE/08 MUM4825/07 MUM4825/08 MUM4830/07 MUM4830/08 MUM4835/07 MUM4855/07 MUM4855/08 MUM4856EU/07 MUM4856EU/08 MUM4875EU/07 MUM4875EU/08 MUM4880/07 MUM4880/08 MUM48A06/07 MUM48A06/08 MUM48A1/07 MUM48A1/08 MUM48CR1/07 MUM48CR1/08 MUM48R1/07 MUM48R1/08 MUM48R1GB/07 MUM48R1GB/08 MUM48RE/08 MUM48SL/08 MUM48W1/07 MUM48W1/08 MUM48W11/07 MUM48W11/08 MUM50112/03 MUM50112/04 MUM54240/05 MUM54251/04 MUM54270DE/04 MUM55761/04 MUM56340/04 MUM56740/04 MUM58224/04 MUM58225/04 MUM58231/02 MUM58231/04  MUM58244/04 MUM5824C/06 MUM58250/04 MUM58252RU/02 MUM58252RU/04 MUM58257/02 MUM58257/04 MUM58258/04 MUM59340GB/02 MUMVC312CN/05 MUZ4FW4(00) MUZ5BS1(00) MFW1501

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