MOULINEX Meat Mincer Auger, XF911101
MOULINEX Meat Mincer Auger, XF911101

MOULINEX Meat Mincer Auger, XF911101

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MOULINEX Meat Grinder Screw + Plastic Seal, XF911101 original part

Length: 114mm

Compatible items:

MOULINEX: XF911101-1, SS-989843

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2 €12.22 Up to €2.00
10 €11.22 Up to €20.00

Compatible models:


HV2 (mod.ME2)





Masterchef Gourmet

AA1415 AA1415B AA1416 AA1441 AA1441B AA1442 AA1442B AA1443 AA1444 AA1445 AA144A AA144AB AA144B AA144BF AA144C AA144CF AA144D AA144DB AA144E AA14P1 AA14P1F AA1514 AA1516 AA1516B AA1517 AA1541 AA1541B AA1542 AA1542B AA1543 AA1543B AA1545 AA1545F AA1547 AA1547F AA1548 AA1548F AA1549 AA1549B AA154A AA154B AA154BF AA154D AA154DB AA154E AA154EB AA154F AA15P1 AA15P1B AA15R1 AA15R2 AA15R3 AA15R4 ADR711 ADR741 ADR742 ADR743 ADR744 ADR745 ADR746 ADR747 ADR748 ADR841 ADRA11 ADRA41 ADRA42 ADRA43 ADRAPR ADRB41 DKA111 DKA141 DKA144 DKA145 DKA147 DKA149 DKA14A DKA170 DKA20162/350 DKA213 DKA213E/350 DKA241 DKA242 DKA243 DKA247 DKA24A DKA24C/350 DKA24C/700 DKA24E DKA24E/350 ME203140/350 ME204131/350 ME205131/350 ME205131/35A ME20513E/350 ME206181/350 ME207132/350 ME208139/350 ME208139/35A ME209139/350 ME209139/35A ME211830/350 ME400113/35 ME400130/35 ME400141/35 ME400188/35 ME401130/35 ME401141/35 ME401160/35 ME401161/35 ME401188/35 ME403189/35 ME405B3E/350 ME40613E/350 ME406185/350 ME406185/35A ME410131/350 ME41013E/350 ME411131/350 ME41113E/350 ME411162/350 ME41313E/350 ME415132/350 ME415132/35A ME41513E/350 ME41513E/35A ME415165/350 ME415165/35A ME416138/350 ME416138/35A ME420139/350 ME420139/35A ME428139/350 ME428139/35A ME430139/350 ME430139/35A ME440139/35A ME442139/35A ME452800/35A ME452825/35A ME452827/35A ME452839/35A ME454139/35A ME456139/35A ME458139/35A ME605125/350 ME605127/350 ME605131/350 ME605144/350 ME60514A/350 ME60514E/350 ME605156/350 ME60614E/350 ME611B3E/350 ME611B3E/35A ME61213E/350 ME61213E/35A ME621039/350 ME623127/35A ME682825/35A ME682826/35A ME682827/35A ME682832/35A ME683832/35A ME684826/35A ME685832/35A


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