Right Side Bearing Kit AEG Electrolux, 4071430971 alternative

Right Side Drum Bearing Kit AEG ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 4071430971 alternative

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AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Washing Machine Right Drum Bearing Kit, 4071430971 alternative

Incl. 6203zz bearing, seal, support and seal grease

Compatible part numbers:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 4055070744, 4071374104, 4071430971

Quantity Unit price You Save
2 €10.04 €2.23
10 €8.93 €22.31

Compatible models:

AEG: L51060TL L56106TL L61060TLE L62069TL


LAV40810 LAV40820 LAV40850 LAV40910 LAV41080 LAV42090 LAV4400 LAV4500 LAV4505 LAV45060 LAV45960 LAV46070 LAV46075 LAV46079 LAV47080 LAV47182


EWT0860TD1 EWT0862ID EWT0862IDW EWT0862IFW EWT1000 EWT1010 EWT1011 EWT1015 EWT1020 EWT1041 EWT1060SS1 EWT1061SS1 EWT1062ID EWT1062IDW EWT1062IEW EWT1062IFW EWT1062ISW EWT1064EKW EWT1064IDW EWT1064ILW EWT1066EFW EWT1066EKW EWT1066EOW EWT1066EVW EWT1069 EWT11064EKW EWT11064ESW EWT11064IDW EWT11064IKW EWT11064ILW EWT11064IRW EWT11064ISW EWT2064ESW EWT2066EEW EWT2067EDW EWT2852EWW EWT2853EWW EWT519 EWT641 EWT719 EWT805 EWT810 EWT811 EWT815 EWT825 EWT832 EWT941 EWT969 RWT1062ELW RWT1062EOW RWT1063IDW RWT1072ESW TW20K6108


T1024V T1124V T523 T623 T624 T632 T644 T732 T803V T803V-1 T824V T845V TE1000 TE1025V TE855V TE862V TE962V TS662 TS762 TSE1062V ZWQ61024WI ZWQ61025WI ZWQ71036SE ZWT3104 ZWT384 ZWY50924WI ZWY51024WI ZWY60804SI ZWY60815SI ZWY60823WI ZWY60924SI ZWY61023KI ZWY61023WI ZWY61024SI ZWY61024WI ZWY61025CI ZWY61025RI ZWY61025WI ZWY61035SI

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