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Washing Machine Drum Bearing Kit Right Hand 6203C ELECTROLUX, 4071430971
Washing Machine Drum Bearing Kit Right Hand 6203C ELECTROLUX, 4071430971
Washing Machine Drum Bearing Kit Right Hand 6203C ELECTROLUX, 4071430971
Washing Machine Drum Bearing Kit Right Hand 6203C ELECTROLUX, 4071430971

Washing Machine Drum Bearing Kit Right Hand 6203C ELECTROLUX, 4071430971

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AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Top Loading Washing Machine Right Hand Drum Bearing Assembly (Anticlockwise Drum Support), 4071430971 original part

If your washing machine is making a loud noise when the drum is turning it may mean that the bearings have gone. This complete right hand bearing includes:

  • 1x seal ring
  • 1x V-22A seal
  • 1x 6203C right hand bearing
  • 1x screw
  • Grease
  • Fitting instructions

Compatible part numbers:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 4071430971, 4071374104


Compatible models:


L45000, L45200, L50060TL, L50260TL, L51060TL, L51260TL, L53260BG, L53260DG, L53266DL, L53266TL, L56106TL, L56126TL, L57126TL, L57427TL, L585370TL, L58837TL, L5TB30260, L60060TL, L60060TL1, L60060TLE1, L60060TLP, L60060TLP1, L60069TL, L60069TL1, L60260TL, L60260TL1, L60260TLE1, L60260TLP1, L6026TL, L61060TL, L61060TLE, L61069TL, L61260TL, L61260TLE, L61260TLP, L61261TL, L61264ETL, L62069TL, L62260TL, L62274TL, L6ECOTL, L6TB26TL, L6TB40260, L6TB41269, L6TB41270, L6TB610EU, L6TB61278, L6TB61370, L6TB61378, L6TB61379, L6TB62K, L6TB64260, L6TB64278, L6TB64279, L6TB7200G, L6TB73G, L6TBA41260, L6TBA6270, L6TBA664, L6TBD624G, L6TBE42269, L6TBG621, L6TBG623, L6TBG72, L6TBG721, L6TBG723, L6TBK40268, L6TBK62, L6TBK621, L6TBK62W, L6TBN62G, L6TBN62K, L6TBR622K, L6TDR622K, L6TEP620K, L6TEP720K, L6TEP721G, L6TEP721G2, L6TFI722G, L6TSE621G, L6TSE621G2, L70260TL, L70260TL1, L70260TLC1, L70260TLE1, L70260TLP, L70260TLP1, L70265TL, L70265TLC, L70265TLP, L70268TL, L70269TL1, L70360TL, L70360TL1, L71260TL, L71260TL CEE EWX13 7, L71260TL1, L71260TLC, L71260TLP, L71269TL, L71270TL, L71272TL, L71360TL, L71371TL, L72270TL, L72278TL, L72279TL, L72370TL, L74270TL, L74270TL1, L74270TLC, L74270TLE, L74270TLP, L74272TL, L74272TL1, L74272TLC, L74272TLE, L74272TLP, L74371TL, L75260TL1, L75260TLC1, L75260TLE1, L75260TLP1, L75265TL1, L75268TL1, L75269TL1, L75275TL, L75278TL, L75279TL, L7527TL, L75370TL, L75370TLE, L75371TL, L76254ETL, L76264ATL, L76265TL3, L76269TL3, L7726PTL, L78260TL, L78260TLC1, L78260TLP1, L78270TL, L78275TL, L78279TL, L7827TL, L78370TL, L78370TLE, L78371TL, L7TB27TL, L7TB64270, L7TB73E, L7TBC733, L7TBC735, L7TBD734E, L7TBE721, L7TBE722, L7TBE73S, L7TDN733E, L7TE74265, L7TE74275, L7TEE621, L7TEP622E, L7TEP734E, L7TER722E, L7TFI723E, L7TL710EX, L7TS74379, L7TS84379, L85370TL, L85371TL, L86355TL5, L86360TL4, L86369TL3, L86369TL4, L87370TL, L87371TL, L87375TL, L87379TL, L89375TL, L89379TL, L8TE73C, L8TED759E, L8TEN73, L8TEP736C, L8TFI735E, L8TS84379, LB1360, LOKO+++TL, LPFLEGE+TL, LTM7C7331D, LTN6G261C, LTN6G261E, LTN6G271C, LTN6G271E, LTN6G371G, LTX6G261C, LTX6G261E, LTX6G271C, LTX6G271E, LTX6G371C, LTX6G371E, LTX6G371G, LTX6G6210AM, LTX6G7210AM, LTX6GR261, LTX6GR371, LTX6K6210B, LTX7C373C, LTX7C373E, LTX7E272C, LTX7E272E, LTX7E272G, LTX7E272P, LTX7E273C, LTX7E273E, LTX7E372C, LTX7E7221EM, LTX7ER272, LTX8C373C, LTX8C373E, LTX8C373P, LTX8E373C


EN6T3722AF, EN6T4622AF, EN6T4722AF, EN6T5621AF, EW2T25262P, EW2T35262P, EW2T45262P, EW2T5261C, EW2T5261E, EW2T5261P, EW2TN5261C, EW2TN5261E, EW5T7622DD, EW5T7622ID, EW5T7662EB, EW6T14262, EW6T14262IC, EW6T14262P, EW6T24262IC, EW6T25261, EW6T3164AA, EW6T3164AD, EW6T3226A1, EW6T3226A2, EW6T3262, EW6T3262C, EW6T3262H, EW6T3262I, EW6T3262IC, EW6T3262P, EW6T3263EB, EW6T3263ED, EW6T3264DK, EW6T3264EK, EW6T3264ID, EW6T3265H, EW6T3269H, EW6T3272, EW6T3273DD, EW6T3274EW, EW6T3275AS, EW6T3362HD, EW6T3365EL, EW6T3366AZ, EW6T3366DZ, EW6T3369ID, EW6T3376HZ, EW6T3465DD, EW6T3465ED, EW6T3622AF, EW6T3622AM, EW6T3722AF, EW6T3732BM, EW6T4226B2, EW6T4226F2, EW6T4226F3, EW6T4261, EW6T4261DX, EW6T4261EX, EW6T4261P, EW6T4262, EW6T4262H, EW6T4262I, EW6T4262IC, EW6T4262IP, EW6T4262P, EW6T4265H, EW6T4272, EW6T4272I, EW6T4272P, EW6T4274ED, EW6T4274EW, EW6T4326E2, EW6T4326E3, EW6T4612HD, EW6T4622BF, EW6T462I, EW6T463L, EW6T4722AF, EW6T4722AM, EW6T473U, EW6T4R262, EW6T4R272, EW6T5161CO, EW6T5226C3, EW6T5226C4, 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