Carbon Brushes 12,5x5x32mm with Holder, 2 pcs, WHIRLPOOL 481281719417 replacement
Carbon Brushes 12,5x5x32mm with Holder, 2 pcs, WHIRLPOOL 481281719417 replacement
Carbon Brushes 12,5x5x32mm with Holder, 2 pcs, WHIRLPOOL 481281719417 replacement
Carbon Brushes 12,5x5x32mm with Holder, 2 pcs, WHIRLPOOL 481281719417 replacement
Carbon Brushes 12,5x5x32mm with Holder, 2 pcs, WHIRLPOOL 481281719417 replacement
Carbon Brushes 12,5x5x32mm with Holder, 2 pcs, WHIRLPOOL 481281719417 replacement

Carbon Brushes 12,5x5x32mm with Holder, 2 pcs, WHIRLPOOL 481281719417 replacement

Tax included

Carbon Brushes with Body Holder for Washing Machine Motors, 2 pieces, 12,5x5x32mm WHIRLPOOL, INDESIT, 481281719417 alternative


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Breadth: 12,5mm
  • Length: 32mm 
  • Holder: Yes
  • Connection: 4,8mm AMP
  • Content Units: 2

Compatible codes:

CANDY: 81451998

ELECTROLUX AEG: 50226588007, 5022177800, 50265481007

BOSCH SIEMENS: 00154071, 154071

WHIRLPOOL: 481281719417, 481281729601

INDESIT: C00375069

Quantity Unit price You Save
2 €6.77 €1.34
10 €6.10 €13.39

Compatible models:


1260TURBO, 14800, 54840LAVAMAT, 64840LLAVAMAT, 66840LLAVAMAT, EUROLINET, HP044441, L12500VI, L12710, L14720, L14810, L5011, L5211, L5212, L52408, L52600, L52610, L52630, L52638, L52810, L5411, L5412, L54400, L54408, L54600, L5460FL, L54610, L5462DFL, L54630, L54638, L5468DFL, L5482, L54840, L54840D, L54849, L54849D, L6060, L60621, L60660FL, L60668FL, L6215, L62560, L62810, L62840, L62850, L6347FL, L63600, L6415, L64560, L6460, L6460AFL, L6460FL, L6461, L64617, L64618, L6461EX, L64640L, L6465N, L6466N, L64680L, L6468AFL, L6469AFL, L6479AFL, L6482, L64840, L64840L, L64848, L6484N, L64850, L64850L, L64852L, L64854L, L64857L, L64858L, L64859, L64859L, L6485EX, L6485EXL, L64880L, L6615, L66530, L66560, L66561, L66640L, L66840, L66840L, L70478FL, L70678FL, L71470FL, L71477FL, L71670FL, L71677FL, L72675FL, L72810, L74550, L74750, L74752, L74756, L74800, L74810, L74825, L7664, L84810, LAV1050VI, LAV1270, LAV1270VI, LAV41250, LAV41288CAR, LAV41350, LAV41352, LAV41380, LAV42060, LAV4280, LAV4442, LAV46070, LAV47180, LAV4891T, LAV7450, LAV74640, LAV74738W, LAV747EX, LAV76730W, LAV767EX, LAVAMAT41180, LAVCLLW, LAVITA9101, LAVW1441, LAVW1450, LN69460L, M24, PROCOMFORT83616


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