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CLARIS TCZ6003 Water filter  for BOSCH, SIEMENS, GAGGENAU, NEFF, KRUPS Coffee Machines

Lifetime: 2 months or 50 liters of water

Compatible part numbers:

  • KRUPS: F08801, F088
  • BOSCH SIEMENS: 00461732, 461732, TCZ6003
  • NIVONA: 300700100 
  • MAGIMIX: 505741, CLARIS 11491
  • MELITTA: Claris Pro Aqua 6546281, 6762511

Compatible models:


TCA680101 TCA640101 TCA680902 TCA680102 TCZ600300 TCA6701CH01 TCA670101 TCA6701CH02 TCA6701CH03 TCA6701CH04 TCA6701CH05 TCA670903 TCA670904 TCA670905 TCA6709CH02 TCA6709CH03 TCA6709CH04 TCA6709CH05 TCA670102 TCA670103 TCA670104 TCA670105 TCA670902 TKN68E75GB03 TKN68E75GB04 TCA630101 TCA6001CH01 TCA600101 TCA6001UC04 TCA60F903 TCA60F904 TCA6301CH02 TCA6301CH03 TCA6301CH04 TCA6301CH05 TCA6301UC02 TCA6301UC03 TCA6301UC04 TKN68E75001 TKN68E75002 TKN68E75003 TKN68E75004 TKN68E750B01 TKN68E750B02 TKN68E750B03 TKN68E750B04 TKN68E75UC02 TKN68E75UC03 TCA580902 TCA560101 TCA520102 TCA560801 TCA520202 TCA529NL02 TCA530901 TCA580901 TCA600102 TCA600103 TCA6001CH02 TCA6001CH03 TCA6001UC02 TCA6001UC03 TCA60F902 TCA6001CH04 TCA630105 TCA600104 TCA630102 TCA630103 TCA630104 TCA520101 TCA580201 TCA540102 TKN68E75103 TKN68E75104 TCA540101 TCA5401CH01 TCA5401CH02 TCA54F901 TCA54F902 


TK6900102 TK6900903 TK6000104 TK64001 TK6500101 TK6900901 TK6900902 TZ6000300 TK64F0903 TK64F0904 TK64F0905 TK68001CH02 TK68001CH03 TK68001CH04 TK68001CH05 TK6800904 TK6800905 TK6800902 TK64F0902 TK6800903 TK6800102 TK6800103 TK6800104 TK6800105 TK68E57GB03 TK68E57GB04 TK68001CH01 TK6800101 TK60001CH01 TK60001GB01 TK6000101 TK6400101 TK64001CH01 TK64001GB01 TK5200101 TK52001CH01 TK5200201 TK52002CH01 TK5400102 TK54001CH01 TK54001CH02 TK54001GB01 TK54001GB02 TK54F0901 TK54F0902 TK60001CH02 TK60001CH03 TK60001CH04 TK60001GB02 TK60001GB03 TK60001GB04 TK60001GB05 TK68E570B01 TK68E570B02 TK68E570B03 TK68E570B04 TK68E57103 TK68E57104 TK68E57UC03 TK5200102 TK529NL02 TK52F0901 TK52001CH02 TK5300901 TK58001GB01 TK58001GB02 TK589NL02 TK6000103 TK6000105 TK6400104 TK5600401 TK5800102 TK6400102 TK6400103 TK64001CH02 TK64001CH03 TK64001GB02 TK64001GB03 TK6000102 TK6400105 TK64001CH04 TK64001CH05 TK64001GB04 TK64001GB05 TK68E57001 TK68E57002 TK68E57003 TK68E57004 TK5400101 TK5800101 TK5600101 TK5200202


XP7220RUB XP403050 XP7220DAD XP7210DEF XP7200E170G XP7240RU70G XP7220CN70G EA8260K1700 EA8260J4700 F922470 FNF5310 XP7220S2C XP7200DAC XP7200BL70G XP7240S270G EA8025E1700 XP7245J470G EA7020K1700 EA8255J4700 FNB3410 XP7220S2B XP7200E1C XP2050103C0 XP7240RSC XP7220E1D XP7200A270G XP72204470G EA8025S2700 XP7210AR70G XP720044 EA8250J4700 FNB3450 XP7210DED XP72004470G XP7220BL70G EA8025PE700 EA7020PE700 EA8245J4700 XP2050303C0 XP7220S2D XP7180DEE XP7220DAF XP7200RS70G XP7220E170G EA8050PN700 FNB3460 XP7240DAB XP7220RUD XP7200DAE XP7200RU70G XP7220K170G EA8050K1700 F927110 XP7220K1D XP7210DEE XP7220E1F XP7200S270G XP7220PN70G EA8050PE700 XP7250FR70G XP7250RS70G EA6930PN700 EA9000 EA8320PN700 XP5280101P1 FDB14501111M XP5280101P3 EA80381070B 243 889 EA6910PN70A XP2280101P0 XP7200E1D EA8020 EA901010700 EA6930PN70B EA6935FR700 EA6935FR70A EA6935FR70B EA80001570F EA80005PN70F EA8000E170A EA8000E170C EA8000E170D EA8000E170E EA8000E170F EA8000PE70A EA8000PE70B EA8000PE70C EA8000PE70D EA8000PE70E EA8000PE70F EA8000PN70A EA8000PN70B EA8000PN70C EA8000PN70D EA8000PN70E EA8000PN70F EA80054070B EA80054070C EA80054070D EA80054070E EA80054070F EA8005PE70B EA8005PE70C EA8005PE70D EA8005PE70E EA8005PE70F EA8005PN70A EA8005PN70E EA8005PN70F EA80101570C EA80101570D EA80101570E EA80101570F EA80104070B EA80104070C EA80104070D EA80104070E EA8010A270A EA8010DE70A EA8010DE70B EA8010DE70C EA8010DE70D EA8010DE70E EA8010DE70F EA8010E170A EA8010E170B EA8010E170C EA8010E170D EA8010E170E EA8010E170F EA8010FR70A EA8010FR70B EA8010FR70C EA8010FR70D EA8010FR70E EA8010PE70A EA8010PE70B EA8010PE70C EA8010PE70D EA8010PE70E EA8010PE70F EA8010PN70A EA8010PN70B EA8010PN70C EA8010PN70D EA8010PN70E EA8010PN70F EA8010S270A EA80157070F EA80171070F EA80191070E EA80191070F EA80197070E EA80197070F EA8025E170A EA8025E170B EA8025E170C EA8025E170D EA8025E170E EA8025E170F EA8025E170G EA8025PE70A EA8025PE70B EA8025PE70C EA8025PE70D EA8025PE70E EA8025PE70F EA8025PE70G EA8025PN70A EA8025PN70B EA8025PN70C EA8025PN70D EA8025PN70E EA8025PN70F EA8025PN70G EA8025S270A EA802B1070E EA802B1070F EA802B1070G EA80381070C EA80381070D EA80381070E EA80381070F EA80381070G EA8050A270A EA8050E170A EA8050K170A EA8050PE70B EA8050PE70C EA8050PE70D EA8050PE70E EA8050PE70F EA8050PE70G EA8050PN70A EA8050PN70B EA8050PN70C EA8050PN70D EA8050PN70E EA8050PN70F EA8050PN70G EA8050S270A EA8080A270A EA8080A270B EA8080A270C EA8080A270D EA8080A270E EA8080A270F EA8080E170A EA8080E170B EA8080E170C EA8080E170D EA8080K170A EA8080K170B EA8080K170C EA8080K170D EA8080K170E EA8080K170F EA8080K170G EA8080PE70B EA8080PE70C EA8080PE70D EA8080PE70E EA8080PE70F EA8080PE70G EA8080PN70A EA8080S270A EA81084070F EA81087070F EA8200FR70A EA8200PN70A EA8200PN70B EA8200PN70C EA8200PN70D EA8200PN70E EA8200PN70F EA8200PN70G EA8220FR70A EA82405470B EA82405470C EA82405570B EA82405570C EA8240J470A EA8240J470B EA8240PE70A EA8240PE70B EA8240PE70C EA8240PE70D EA8240PN70A EA8240PN70B EA8240PN70C EA8240PN70D EA8240PN70E EA8240PN70F EA8240PN70G EA82451570C EA82451570D EA82451570E EA82451570F EA82451570G EA8245J470A EA8245J470B EA8245K170A EA8245K170B EA8245K170C EA8245K170D EA8245PE70A EA8245PE70B EA8245PE70C EA8245PE70D EA8245PE70E EA8245PE70F EA8245PE70G EA8245PN70A EA8245PN70B EA8245PN70C EA8245PN70D EA8245PN70E EA8245PN70F EA8245PN70G EA825011700 EA82501170A EA82501170B EA82501570C EA82501570D EA82501570E EA82501570F EA82501570G EA82505470B EA82505470C EA82505570B EA82505570C EA82505870D EA82505870E EA82505870F EA82505870G EA8250FR70A EA8250FR70B EA8250FR70C EA8250FR70D EA8250J470A EA8250J470B EA8250J470C EA8250PE70B EA8250PE70C EA8250PE70D EA8250PE70E EA8250PE70F EA8250PE70G EA8250PN70B EA8250PN70C EA8250PN70D EA8250PN70E EA8250PN70F EA8250PN70G EA8251PN70A EA8251PN70B EA8251PN70C EA8251PN70D EA8251PN70E EA8251PN70F EA8251PN70G EA825511700 EA82551170A EA82551170B EA8255J470A EA8255J470B EA8255J470C EA8255K170A EA8255K170B EA8255K170C EA8255K170D EA8255PE70A EA8255PE70B EA8255PE70C EA8255PE70D EA8255PE70E EA8255PE70F EA8255PE70G EA8255PN70A EA8255PN70B EA8255PN70C EA8255PN70D EA8255PN70E EA8255PN70F EA8255PN70G EA82581070C EA82581070D EA82581070E EA82581070F EA82581070G EA82584070E EA82584070F EA82584070G EA82601570D EA82601570E EA82601570F EA82601570G EA82601570H EA82605870F EA82605870G EA82605870H EA8260FR70A EA8260FR70B EA8260FR70C EA8260FR70D EA8260FR70E EA8260K170A EA8260K170B EA8260K170C EA8260K170D EA8260K170E EA8260K170F EA8260K170G EA8260K170H EA8260PE70B EA8260PE70C EA8260PE70D EA8260PE70E EA8260PE70F EA8260PE70G EA8260PE70H EA8260PN70A EA8260PN70B EA8260PN70C EA8260PN70D EA8260PN70E EA8260PN70F EA8260PN70G EA8260PN70H EA82611570D EA82611570E EA82611570F EA82611570G EA82611570H EA8261PE70B EA8261PE70C EA8261PE70D EA8261PE70E EA8261PE70F EA8261PE70G EA8261PE70H EA8261PN70A EA8261PN70B EA8261PN70C EA8261PN70D EA8261PN70E EA8261PN70F EA8261PN70G EA8261PN70H EA82683070E EA82683070F EA82683070G EA826E1070D EA826E1070E EA826E1070F EA826E1070G EA826E1070H EA826E1570F EA826E1570G EA826E1570H EA826E3070F EA826E3070G EA826E3070H EA826E4070F EA826E4070G EA826E4070H EA82710070D EA82710070E EA82710070F EA82710070G EA82785170C EA8280FR70A EA8280FR70B EA8280PE70B EA8280PN70A EA8281FR70A EA8281FR70B EA8281PE70A EA8281PE70B EA8281PN70A EA8281PN70B EA828E1570F EA828E1570G EA828E1570H EA828E3070F EA828E3070G EA828E3070H EA832040700 EA83204070A EA832060700 EA83206070A EA8320PE700 EA8320PE70A EA8320PE70B EA8320PN70A EA8320PN70B EA832110700 EA83211070A EA83211070B EA83214070A EA832240700 EA83224070A EA83224070B EA8322PN700 EA8322PN70A EA8322PN70B EA83401070B EA83403070B EA842110700 EA84211070A EA842210700 EA84221070A EA842230700 EA84223070A EA842240700 EA843210700 EA84321070A EA84323070A EA843240700 EA84324070A EA84325170A EA84411070A EA84413070A EA84421070A EA84423070A EA84424070A EA84425070A EA84481087A EA84483070A EA850B10700 EA850B30700 EA900025700 EA900040700 EA900050700 EA900054700 EA900055700 EA900060700 EA900H40700 EA901030700 EA901040700 EA901050700 XP2280101P1 XP2280501P0 XP2280501P1 XP7180DE70F XP72004470F XP7200A270E XP7200A270F XP7200DE70F XP7200E170F XP7200FR50A XP7200FR50C XP7200FR70D XP7200FR70E XP7200KR70F XP7200KR70H XP7200PN70F XP7200RS70F XP7200RU70F XP7200S270E XP7200S270F XP7210S270F XP722044500 XP7220PN70H XP7220RU50D XP7230AR70H XP7250FRF XP7250A270G XP7230CN70G EA810B7070F EA82981070I EA81603170F EA693E1070E EA81617070H F920 F921 F922 FNF2480 XP722044B XP7180DED XP7250S270G XP7240CN70G F92141 F920410 FNF2430 FNF2120 XP7220DE XP4020AU XP7200S2D XP7250A2F FNB441 FNB141 XP7220DEA XP7220RUC XP402040 XP7200RSD XP4030CA XP7230FR70G XP7240E170G FNB2410 FNB2420 XP505010 FNB1470 FNB142 F922420 XP2240 XP7220FR0 XP4000103C0 XP200010 F920430 F920460 XP4050103C0 XP4020103C0 XP502010 XP502011 FNF1480 XP9000 XP7240 XP7220 XN2008 XP205010 XP4000 XP7220FRA XP7220FRB XP7220FRC XP900010 XP7220DEB XP7200RUD XP7200DAF XP7250S2F XP7230PE70G XP7240K170G XP722044D FNF5 XP207010 XP7230FR FNB448 YY1015FD YY1017FD XP7220FRD FNF5440 XP7250 XP7220E1B XP7220K1C XP724044D XP724044E XP724044F XP7240A2D XP7240A2E XP7240A2F XP7240BLF XP7240DAD XP7240DAE XP7240DAF XP7240DED XP7240DEE XP7240DEF XP7240E1D XP7240E1E XP7240E1F XP7240K1D XP7240K1E XP7240K1F XP7240RSD XP7240RSE XP7240RSF XP7240RUD XP7240RUE XP7240RUF XP7240S2D XP7240S2E XP7240S2F XP7200K1D XP7200A2F XP7240PN70G EA8025PN700 XP7000FD700 F920110 F922450 XP7200FRA XP7200FR50B XP7200FRC XP7200FRD XP7200FRE XP7200FRF XP7200FR70G FNF148 XP7220K1B XP7220DED XP400030 XP7240DE XP7200DEB XP7240RS70G EA8005PE700 XP722044F EA8010FR700 XP7180PN70F XP2240101P0 XP4030103C0 F921410 XP720044A XP7240K1B XP7200DEE XP7220K1F XP7220RU70G XP7000BL700 EA8050S2700 XP5240101P0 XP720044B XP7200RSE XP7220RUF XP7220S270G EA8080PN700 XP7220DEE XP5220101P0 EA8250PE700 F920420 XP7240S2B XP720044E XP7200A2E XP7230FRF XP7180DEF XP7210RSF XP7230BR70G EA8080S2700 XP7220DEF XP7200KR70G EA8255PE700 F927410 XP400010 XP7200DE50A XP7240RUB XP720044C XP7220FRE XP7250PEF EA8080E1700 XP724044B XP7210BR70G XP5240FR1P0 EA8245PE700 F920450 XP2000103C0 XP7200DEA XP7220FR XP7200RUF XP7220J470G XP7000PE700 EA8080K1700 XP7225J470G XP2010103C0 XP724044C XP7000FR700 XP7220E1E XP7200RSF XP7180PNF XP7230J470G EA8080PE700 XP72001170G XP7020FR700 FNB1410 XP400050 XP405010 XP722044E XP7230FRE XP7200E1F XP7200S2F XP7200J470G EA8000PN700 XP72101B70G EA8080JP700 F921420 XP7240DEA XP4050AU XP2070503C0 XP7220RUE XP7220S2F XP7230E170G XP7250FB70G XP72301170G EA8250PN700 XP7230DE70G FNB1420 XP4020CA XP7200DAB XP7240DEB XP405030 XP7200FR XP7220DAE XP7230AR70G XP72301B70G EA8245PN700 FNB1430 XP4020303C0 XP7200E150A XP405040 XP7200RUC XP7200S2E XP7210S2F XP7210E170G XP720044D EA8005BL700 EA8240PN700 FNB1450 F927420 XP7200E1B XP405050 XP2070103C0 XP7180DEC XP7220S2E EA8000PE700 EA8025BL700 EA8200PN700 F921430 XP7200K1B XP7200RSC XP7200BLF EA8000E1700 XP720044F EA8050BL700 EA8050E1700 EA8260FR700 F921450 F927430 FNF5210 XP7200RSB XP400040 XP2010503C0 XP2070403C0 XP7210DEC XP7220BLF XP7250PNF XP7210DE70G EA8005PN700 EA8080BL700 XP5220301P0 EA8260PN700 EA8250FR700 FNB4410 XP7200S2B XP7220DEC XP7240DEC XP4050KR XP7220K1E XP7200KRF XP7250RSF XP7250PN70G XP7210RS70G EA8080A2700 EA8200FR700 F921460 XP7200RU XP722044C XP7200K1C XP7210S270G EA8005S2700 XP7200CN70G XP5240301P0 XP5280FR1P0 FNB4430 XP7200RUA XP7240DAC XP7180PN70G EA8010PN700 XP7200DEC FNB4450 XP7200RUB XP7220DAC XP7240K1C XP72404470G XP7020BL700 EA8010E1700 XP7200DED EA8010A2700 EA8260PE700 FNB2430 FNB4460 FNB2450 FNB2470 XP7200S2C XP7240RUC XP7200E1E XP7230PE70F XP7240A270G XP7020A2700 EA8010PE700 EA8050A2700 EA8255PN700 XP7240S2C XP7200A2D XP7240BL70G XP7020PE700 EA8010S2700 XP7200DEF F922110 XP722044 XP2000303C0 XP7220E1C XP7240E1C XP7200RUE XP4030AU XP7225J470F F922410 XP7200PNF XP2000403C0 XP7240A2C XP7200DAD XP7230J4F XP7250PE70G XP7260J470G XP7220PNF XP7200DP70G XP722044A XP7200A2C EA82981070H EA8105 F927 


E950101 E950102 E950103 E950104 E950106 E950107 E950111 E950222 E950333 E950TBD E953101 E953102 E955101 E955102 E955103 E955104 E957101 E957204 E957305 E960102 E960105 E960106 E960107 E960TBD E965101 E965102 E970101 E970103 E970204 E970205 F530101 F530102 F570101 F570102 F730101 F730102 F731101 F740100 F750101 F750102 F760100 F770102 F780100 FS730101

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