About Us

Our employees have more than 8 years of experience in the electronic parts industry with multiple business projects and knowledge in customer service. So, we know how to grant our clients the best and highest quality service.

Thanks to our trustworthy partners we can ensure:

  1. 14 million parts and accessories
  2. Component lists for more than 2 million devices
  3. Possibility to deliver more than 94% of our assortment
  4. No limit on orders
  5. Fast deliveries

Our most important values:

  1. Open and honest relations with all stakeholders – customers, distributors, employees, shareholders and the country.
  2. Responsibility for our work.
  3. High quality customer service.
  4. Modern technologies and preservation of the environment.
  5. Communication and cooperation.

We know that nobody is perfect, but we strive to be.

We serve B2B and B2C customers. Our customers can shop in our store in Riga, Matisa street 103b or order the products they’re looking for in our webstore darel.lv

We offer thousands of electronic components and spares. Almost every product can be found on our website darel.lv, but if the necessary product isn’t there give us a call on +371 23663363 or send an e-mail to info@darel.lv

Our webstore darel.lv is continuously growing and developing. We believe that technology can improve and simplify our everyday shopping. So, we try to develop our webstore to be as easy-to-use, attractive and dynamic as possible. We strive to achieve worldwide availability.

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