Oven Door Gasket 43x34cm HANSA, 8019341

Oven Door Gasket 43x34cm HANSA, 8019341

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HANSA Oven Door Gasket 430 x 340 mm, 8019341 original part


  • Hook spacing: 40 x 31cm
  • External dimensions: approx. 43 x 34cm

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BCCA614942, BCCA616510, BCCA616512, BCCA633000, BCCA634000, BCCA650570, BCCI612828, BCCI614072, BCCI614556, BCCI614586, BCCI614850, BCCI614938, BCCI614940, BCCI615012, BCCI615018, BCCI616234, BCCI616326, BCCI616500, BCCI616506, BCCI616508, BCCI616980, BCCI62015010, BCCI627000, BCCI630000, BCCI631000, BCCI632000, BCCI635000, BCCI639000, BCCI650556, BCCI650566, BCCI650568, BCCI650908, BCCI650914, BCCI651208, BCCI651210, BCCM612832, BCCM614798, BCCS612825, BCCS612827, BCCS616324, BCCS616504, BCCS629000, BCCS650554, BCCS650558, BCCS650562, BCCW610874, BCCW612824, BCCW612826, BCCW615010, BCCW616502, BCCW628000, BCCW650552, BCCW650560, BCMI612924, BCMI612925, BCMI614588, BCMW612926, BOEA613989, BOEA620000, BOEI612000, BOEI612817, BOEI612820, BOEI612823, BOEI614516, BOEI614570, BOEI614636, BOEI614844, BOEI614846, BOEI614848, BOEI614944, BOEI615000, BOEI615006, BOEI615152, BOEI616000, BOEI616496, BOEI616498, BOEI617000, BOEI619000, BOEI62000010, BOEI621000, BOEI64000010, BOEI64010010, BOEI650550, BOEI651204, BOEI651206, BOEM614000, BOES610752, BOES611000, BOES612814, BOES612816, BOES612819, BOES614590, BOES650546, BOES650548, BOEW610000, BOEW610760, BOEW612813, BOEW612815, BOEW612818, BOEW613000, BOEW614998, BOEW64010010, BOEW650544, BOEW651226, C601.89A, C602.70, C602.70Te, C602.70TeC, C602.734DR, C602.734TtDpC, C602.735, C602.738TEC, C602.80, C602.80Te, C602.80TeC, C602.834Te, C602.834TeKD, C602.834TeKDp, C602.853TeKDRvSp, C602.853TtKDRvSp, C602.855TeKDR, C602.855TeKDSr, C602.855TkKDpHSr, C6E3.400ZpTtKDpR, C6E3.401ZpTeR, C6E3.401ZpTeRs, C6E3.410ZpTeSr, E601.81, E601.81Te, E601.87, E601.87M, E601.87Te, E601.87TeC, E602.71, E602.71Te, E602.71TeC, E602.81, E602.81Te, EB1.7YRL, EB1.7YWL, EB1.8YRL, EB2.7DpRL, EB2.7TeDpWL, EB2.7TeYRL, EB2.7TeYSpL, EB2.7TeYWL, EB2.7YRL, EB2.8TeYBL, EB2.8TeYDOSrL, EB2.8TeYDSrL, EB2.8TeYDWL, EB2.8TeYKDRL, EB2.8TeYRL, EB2.8TeYSL, EB2.8TeYWL, EB2.8TkKDpHOSrL, EB2.8TkKDpHSaL, EB2.8TpsKDpOSrL, EB2.8TpsKDpRsL, EB2.8TtYKDpOSrL, EB2.8TtYKDpRL, EBb2.8TeKDpRL, EBb2.8TtKDpRL, EGH3.43ZpTeKDRL, EGH3.43ZpTeRL, EGH3.43ZpTeWL, EHK2.70SL, EHK2.70WL, EHK2.734TeKDpWL, EHK2.80TeWL, EHK2.833TeYRL, EHK2.833TeYSL, EHK2.834TeYWL, FCCB610783, FCCB613041, FCCB613794, FCCB613922, FCCB615386, FCCB616994, FCCI612916, FCCI614020, FCCI614070, FCCI614562, FCCI614956, FCCI615842, FCCI616430, FCCI616432, FCCI616576, FCCI628000, FCCI629000, FCCI650772, FCCI651190, FCCI651192, FCCI651228, FCCW610751, FCCW612836, FCCW612915, FCCW613792, FCCW613921, FCCW614684, FCCW614952, FCCW614954, FCCW615248, FCCW615384, FCCW615526, FCCW615582, FCCW615844, FCCW616226, FCCW616228, FCCW616424, FCCW616426, FCCW616428, FCCW623000, FCCW624000, FCCW626000, FCCW627000, FCEB613043, FCEW613684, FCEW614966, FCEW615494, FCEW616266, FCEW616446, FCEW616448, FCEW616450, FCEW616452, FCEW618000, FCEW619000, FCEW620000, FCEW621000, FCEW622000, FCMB610782, FCMB613045, FCMB614510, FCMI610886, FCMI610925, FCMI612919, FCMI612920, FCMI616414, FCMI616488, FCMI617000, FCMI651200, FCMW612901, FCMW612903, FCMW614000, FCMW614988, FCMW615000, FCMW615522, FCMW615524, FCMW615852, FCMW616000, FCMW616482, FCMW616484, FCMW616486, FCMW616992, G6E3.32S2ZpTe, G6E3.32SZp, G6E3.32SZTe, G6E3.32SZTeC, G6E3.42S2Zp, G6E3.42S2ZpTe, G6E3.43S2Z, G6E3.43S2ZpTe, G6E3.43S2ZpTeC, G6E3.43S2ZpTeKDSp, G6E3.43S2ZTe, G6E3.43S2ZTeC, G6E3.43SZ, G6G4.42S2Z

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