Oven Door Seal 440x300mm GORENJE, 533584
Oven Door Seal 440x300mm GORENJE, 533584
Oven Door Seal 440x300mm GORENJE, 533584
Oven Door Seal 440x300mm GORENJE, 533584

Oven Door Seal 440x300mm GORENJE, 533584

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GORENJE, ASKO, UPO Oven Door Seal 440x300mm with 8 fixing clips, 533584

Dimensions: 440 x 300 mm 

Compatible part numbers:

GORENJE: 157194, 226873, 533584

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2 €26.70 €5.93
10 €23.74 €59.34

Compatible models:


CC9634S, CC9634W, CC96448W400V, CC9644W, CC9644W , CC96548S400V, CC96548W400V, CC9654S, CC9654S , CC9654W, CC9654W , CC9658S, CC9658W, CC9662W, CI9662S, CI9662W, CI96648S400V, CI96648W400V, CI9664S, CI9664W, CI9664W , CI9668S, CI9668W, CI9672S, CI9672W, E24U1-E44M, E24U1E44M , E24V13E34E, E24V13E34E , E24V1E34E, E24V1E34E , E24X1E34M, EC88562AWSW , EI2421M34E, EI2421-M34E, EI2421M34E


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