BOSCH SIEMENS Metal Grease Filter 250x311x8mm, 00353110

BOSCH SIEMENS Metal Grease Filter 250x311x8mm, 00353110

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BOSCH SIEMENS Cooker Hood Metal Grease Filter, 00353110 original part

Dimensions: 250x311x8mm

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Compatible models:


3BC761BC/01 3BC761NC/01 3BC761XC/01 3BC764B/01 3BC764B/02 3BC764N/01 3BC764X/01 3BC764X/02 3BC771BC/01 3BC771NC/01 3BC771XC/01 3BC774B/01 BC774B/02 3BC774N/01 3BC774X/01 3BC774X/02 3BC791BC/01 3BC791NC/01 3BC791XC/01 3BC794B/01 3BC794B/02 3BC794N/01 3BC794X/01 3BC794X/02 3BC8124/01 3BC8124/02 3BC8124/03 3BC8126/01 3BC8128/01 3BC862/01 3BC864/01 3BC865/01 3BC866/01 3BC866/02 3BC892/01 3BC894/01 3BC895/01 3BC896/01 3BC896/02 3BC898/01 3BC898/02 3BC898/03 3BC994/01 3BC998/01 3BC999/01 3BC999/02 3BC999/03 3BD663X/01 3BD663X/02 3BD663X/03 3BD673X/01 3BD673X/02 3BD673X/03 3BD693X/01 3BD693X/02 3BD693X/03 3BD693X/04 3BD697N/01 3BD697X/01 3BD697X/02 3BD7104X/01 3BD7104X/02 3BD7104XP/01 3BD7124X/01 3BD7124X/02 3BD7124XP/02 3BD761BP/02 3BD761BP/03 3BD761NP/02 3BD761XP/02 3BD764B/01 3BD764B/03 3BD764B/05 3BD764B/07 3BD764B/08 3BD764N/01 3BD764N/03 3BD764N/05 3BD764N/07 3BD764X/01 3BD764X/03 3BD764X/05 3BD764X/07 3BD771BP/02 3BD771BP/03 3BD771NP/02 3BD771XP/02 3BD773XP/01  3BD773XP/02 3BD774BP/01 3BD774BP/03 3BD774BP/04 3BD774NP/01 3BD774NP/03 3BD774XP/01 3BD774XP/03 3BD791BP/01 3BD791BP/02 3BD791NP/01 3BD791XP/01 3BD793XP/01 3BD793XP/02 3BD794B/01 3BD794B/03 3BD794B/05 3BD794B/06 3BD794B/07 3BD794N/01 3BD794N/03 3BD794N/05 3BD794N/06 3BD794X/01 3BD794X/03 3BD794X/05 3BD794X/06 3BD796B/01 3BD796B/03 3BD796B/05 3BD796B/06 3BD796N/01 3BD796N/03 3BD796N/05 3BD796N/06 3BD796NP/01 3BD8123X/01 3BD8123X/02 3BD861XP/01 3BD861XP/02 3BD863XP/01 3BD863XP/02 3BD873XP/01 3BD873XP/02 3BD891XP/01 3BD891XP/02 3BD892AP/01 3BD892AP/03 3BD892AP/04 3BD892XP/01 3BD892XP/02 3BD893XP/01 3BD893XP/02


DKE135BGB/01 DKE145K/01 DKE145K/02 DKE245G/01 DKE632A/01 DKE632A/03 DKE632A/05 DKE632A/07 DKE632A/08 DKE633A/01 DKE633A/03 DKE635A/01 DKE635A/03 DKE635A/04 DKE635A/05 DKE635A/07 DKE635AAU/01 DKE635AAU/03 DKE635ABR/01 DKE635ABR/03 DKE635AGB/01 DKE635AGB/03 DKE635AGB/04 DKE635AGB/05 DKE635AGB/06 DKE635AGB/08 DKE635AGB/09 DKE635ASD/01 DKE635ASD/03 DKE635ASD/04 DKE635ASD/05 DKE635ASD/07 DKE635B/02 DKE635BGB/01 DKE635CBR/01 DKE635EEU/01 DKE635EEU/03 DKE635EEU/05 DKE635EEU/07 DKE635F/02 DKE635GEU/01 DKE635GEU/02 DKE636A/01 DKE636A/03 DKE636A/05 DKE636A/07 DKE636B/01 DKE636BGB/01 DKE642K/01 DKE642P/01 DKE645CEU/01 DKE645CEU/02 DKE645D/01 DKE645D/05 DKE645D/06 DKE645DGB/01 DKE645DGB/05 DKE645DGB/06 DKE645E/01 DKE645E/02 DKE645EGB/01 DKE645EGB/02 DKE645H/01 DKE645H/02 DKE645K/01 DKE645K/02 DKE645M/01 DKE645MGB/01 DKE645P/01 DKE646K/01 DKE646P/01 DKE735A/01 DKE735A/03 DKE735AGB/01 DKE735AGB/03 DKE735AGB/04 DKE735B/02 DKE735BGB/01 DKE735F/02 DKE745DGB/01 DKE745F/01 DKE745F/02 DKE745G/01 DKE745K/01 DKE745K/02 DKE745L/01 DKE745L/02 DKE745MGB/01 DKE745N/01 DKE925B/01 DKE925BGB/01 DKE9302AUC/01 DKE9305AUC/01 DKE9306AUC/01 DKE932A/01 DKE932A/03 DKE932A/04 DKE932A/05 DKE932A/06 DKE932A/07 DKE935A/01

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