Washing Machine Shock Absorber Kit 2 pcs BOSCH SIEMENS, 00448032 replacement

Washing Machine Shock Absorber Kit 2 pcs BOSCH SIEMENS, 00448032 replacement

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BOSCH SIEMENS Washing Machine Shock Absorber (Damper) Kit 2 pcs, 00448032 replacement


  • Kit 2pcs.
  • Force: 90N
  • Bore diameter: Ø12mm
  • Length: min 200mm, max 275mm

Compatible codes:

BOSCH SIEMENS 00448032, 00188222, 00433761, 00369895

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4 €7.29 €3.24
10 €6.48 €16.20

Compatible models:


WAB16060IL/01 WAB16060ME/01 WAB16071CE/01 WAB16071CE/02 WAB16071CE/03 WAB16071CE/23 WAB16210TR/01 WAB16210TR/02 WAB16210TR/03 WAB16260TR/01 WAB16260TR/02 WAB16260TR/03 WAB20060GC/01 WAB20060IL/01 WAB20071CE/01 WAB20071CE/02 WAB20071CE/03 WAB20071CE/23 WAB20082CE/01 WAB20082CE/02 WAB20082CE/03 WAB20260EE/01 WAB20260EE/02 WAB20260EE/03 WAB20260TR/01 WAB20260TR/02 WAB20260TR/03 WAB2026FPL/01 WAB2026FPL/02 WAB2026FPL/03 WAB2026KPL/01 WAB2026KPL/02 WAB2026KPL/03 WAB2026SME/01 WAB2026SME/02 WAB20272CE/01 WAB20272CE/02 WAB20272CE/03 WAB20272CE/15 WAB202S0TR/01 WAB202S0TR/02 WAB24060/01 WAB24060/02 WAB24060/03 WAB24220/01 WAB24220/02 WAB24220/03 WAB24260EE/01 WAB24260EE/02 WAB24260EE/03 WAB24272CE/01 WAB24272CE/02 WAB24272CE/03 WAB2428SCE/01 WAB2428SCE/02 WAB28060/01 WAB28060/02 WAB28060/03 WAB28220/01 WAB28220/02 WAB28220/03 WAB28220CH/01 WAB28220CH/02 WAB282G0/01 WAB282G0/02 WAB282G0/03 WAB282H0/01 WAB282H0/02 WAB282H0/03 WAB282V0/01 WAB282V0/02 WAB282V0/03 WAE16160BC/05 WAE16160BC/23 WAE16160OE/23 WAE16160TR/04 WAE16160TR/05 WAE16160TR/08 WAE16161OE/08 WAE16260TR/01 WAE16260TR/22 WAE16421IT/06 WAE16460TR/08 WAE16460TR/10 WAE16460TR/12 WAE20162GR/01 WAE20162GR/08 WAE20169ZA/01 WAE20169ZA/08 WAE20260TR/01 WAE2026JPL/01 WAE2040SIT/08 WAE20410TR/12 WAE20411BC/08 WAE20411TR/08 WAE20460BC/08 WAE20461IL/10 WAE20461ME/01 WAE20461ME/08 WAE20461TR/08 WAE22462AU/29 WAE24160OE/03 WAE24160OE/21 WAE2416E/08 WAE2416SGB/08 WAE2441STR/01 WAE2441STR/08 WAE24440OE/08 WAE24441OE/08 WAE24461ME/01 WAE24461ME/08 WAE24461ME/21 WAE24469ZA/01 WAE24469ZA/08 WAE2447SZA/21 WFL1200BY/13 WFL1200BY/17 WFL1200BY/18 WFL1200PL/13 WFL1362EE/13 WFL140M/12 WFL1442II/10 WFL1472EE/29 WFL1600PL/13 WFL1601BY/13 WFL1662EE/13 WFL2060PL/13 WFL2060SK/15 WFL2061BY/13 WFL2062EE/13 WFL2480SN/15 WFO1261PL/06 WFO1660FE/01 WFO1661FF/01 WFO1661FF/06 WFO1662EE/01 WFO1662EE/06 WFO1872EE/01 WFO1872EE/06 WFO2052EE/01 WFO2052EE/06 WFO2060FE/01 WFO2061FF/01 WFO2062EE/01 WFO2062EE/06 WFO2072EE/01 WFO2072EE/06 WFO2082EE/01 WFO2082EE/06 WFO2092EE/05 WFO2092EE/06 WFO2451SN/01 WFO2461FF/01 WFO2462EE/01 WFO2462EE/06 WFO2811/16 WFO284F/09 WFO284F/12 WFO2851DN/01 WFX2460TI/23 WFX284B/15 WFX284B/17 WFX2850FN/17 WFX286STR/17


WM06B060HK/01 WM08B060GR/01 WM08B060GR/02 WM08B060GR/03 WXL1062BZ/09 WXL1411/09 WXL142S/07 WXL142S/09 WXL1449/09 WXLS144S01 WXL1492/09

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