Damper 110N BEKO, 2816871100
Damper 110N BEKO, 2816871100
Damper 110N BEKO, 2816871100
Damper 110N BEKO, 2816871100

Damper 110N BEKO, 2816871100

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BEKO Washing Machine Damper (Shock Absorber) 110N , 2816871100 original part


  • Power: 110N
  • Length min.:190mm
  • Length max .: 275mm
  • Hole: 11mm

Compatible codes:

BEKO: 2816870200, 2816871100, OMN-SAR011AC

SMEG: 970170054

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2 €5.50 €1.22
10 €4.89 €12.23

Compatible models:


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