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Washing Machine Damper 60N AEG ELEXTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1322553601 alternative

Washing Machine Damper 60N AEG ELEXTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1322553601 alternative

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AEG ELEXTROLUX, ZANUSSI Washing Machine Shock Absorber (Damper) 60N, 1322553601 alternative part


  • Force: 60N
  • Length: 150mm
  • Extended length: 215mm
  • Eye ring diameter: 11mm

Compatitable codes:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1322553601, 1322553700, 1327440002, 1327440028

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2 €4.32 Up to €0.96
10 €3.84 Up to €9.60

Compatible models:


L14950, L14950A, L16950A3


EWF85661, EWF85761, EWF10741, EWF10751, EWF85561, EWF85651, EWF10641, EWP1062TDW, EWP0864TDW, EWP1064TDW, EWP1072TDW, EWP1472TKW, EWP1074TDW, EWP1274TDW, EWPT4741FW, EWP1274TOW, EWP1274TSW, EWP1474TDW, EW7164PTD


ZWG2100P, ZWG2120P, ZWG1100P, ZWG1120P, ZWG1121P, ZWH1121P, ZWH7120P, ZWH2100P, ZWH5100P, ZWH2120P, ZWH5120P, ZWH6100P, ZWH6120P, ZWH6121P, ZWH6101P, ZWH6140P, ZWH5855P, ZWH5105P, ZWG6160P, ZWGB6160P, ZWG7160AP, ZWGB7160P, ZWHB6103PS, ZWH7148P, ZWHB7160AP, ZWHB7160AS, ZWH7100P, ZWH7149P, ZWHB7123PS, ZWHB7140P, ZWG6100K, ZWG6120K, ZWG6148K, ZWG6102KS, ZWGB6120K, ZWF61200W, ZWF61000W, ZWF61400W, ZWG7100K, ZWG77100K, ZWG7120K, ZWG71202K, ZWG7140K, ZWGB7140K, ZWF61203W, ZWF61403W, ZWF61204W

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