AEG Electrolux Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8, 50286965004

Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit 8 pcs AEG ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 50286965004

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AEG ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8, 50286965004 original part


  • Packaging: 8pcs
  • Outer diameter: 40mm
  • Height: 29mm
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Color: grey

Compatitable codes:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 50286965004, 435857, 50286964007, 50269757006, 50269971003

Can be used for following dishwasher brands:

AEG, Arthur Martin, Atag, Corbero, Curtis, DeDietrich, Electra, Electrolux, Elektro-helios, Etna, Faure, Firenzi, Husqvarna, Ideal, Ikea, John Lewis, Juno, Kuppersbusch, Lloyds, Moffat, Novamatic, Rex, Rosenlew, Saba, Tricity Bend, Vestel, Westinghouse, Zanker, Zanussi, Zoppas

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10 €6.28 €15.70

Compatible models:


F40742 F43470IB F43470ID F43470IM F43470IW F44060VIL F44070ILA F44070ILM F44070VIL F44420 F44430 F44450 F44450 F44450 F44750 F44850 F44850 F50630 F54750 F54850 F54850S F54850S F55060VI F64070ILA F64070ILM F64070VIL F64070VIL F64075VIL F64470IA F64470ID F64470IM F64470IM F64470IW F64850 F64850 F65060ILB F65060ILM F65060ILW F65060VIL F84460IM F84470VI F84470VI F84470VI F84475VI F85460VI F85460VI F86070ILA F86070ILM F86070VIL F86470IA F86470IM F88070VIL FAUTO FAUTO FAUTOAA FAVG330 FAVG330 FFIESTAAA FOPTIMAAA FPERFECTAA FPROTECTN 


F60760UK ASI66011K F.OPTIMAAA F.PROTECTN F30010IM F35010IB F35010ILB F35010ILM F35010ILW F35010IM F35010IM F35010IW F35010VI F35010VI F35010VIL F35020IM F35020VI F35020VI F35085VI F35085VI F35090IB F35090IM F35090IM F35090IM F35090IW F35090VI F35410IM F35410VI F40010IM F40010VI F40010VI F40012ID F40012IM F40012IW F40012UM F40360 F40370 F40370U F40375U F40379U F40561U F40742 F40742 F40742 F40760 F40860 F40860 F40860 F40860M F40860U F43011VI F43070VI F43080IB F43080IB F43080IB F43080IM F43080IM F43080IW F43080VI F43410IM F43480IB F43480ID F43480IM F43480IW F44010ID F44010ILM F44010ILM F44010IM F44010IW F44010VI F44010VI F44010VIL F44010VIL F44010VIL F44010VIL F44011VI F44060VI F44080IA/1 F44080IB F44080IB F44080ID F44080ID F44080ILA F44080ILM F44080IM F44080IM F44080IM F44080IM F44080IM F44080IM/1 F44080IW F44080VI F44080VI F44080VI F44080VI F44080VIL F44080VIL F44080VIL F44080VIL F44086IA F44086IM F44086IM F44090ID F44090ILM F44090IM F44090IW F44090VI F44090VIL F44410IM F44410VI F44411VI F44420 F44420 F44430 F44450 F44450 F44450 F44450 F44460 F44480IA F44480IM F44480VI F44485VI F44490IM F44490VI F44760 F44760 F44860 F44860 F44860 F44860 F44860M F44860S F44860U F44860UM F44861 F44861M F44880 F45001 F45001M F45002 F45002 F45002M F45002M F45003 F45003 F45003M F45003M F45005 F45005M F50010VI F50010VI F50580VI F50580VI F50671 F50671U F50672 F50672 F50672 F50672M F50672M F50672U F50672UM F50673 F50673M F50673S F50674 F50675 F50675M F50742 F50742 F50742 F50760 F50765 F50765 F50777 F50777 F50777S F50860 F50860U F50863 F50863U F50863UM F50863US F50865 F50866 F50870 F50870 F50870 F50870 F50870B F50870B F50870FUB F50870FUM F50870FUS F50870M F50870M F50870M F50870S F50870U F50870UM F50870US F50871 F50871 F50871 F50871M F50871U F50872 F50872 F50872 F50872U F50873 F50873M F50873S F50874 F50874FM F50874M F50874M F50875 F50875 F50875M F50875U F50875UM F50876U F50877 F50878 F50878M F50879 F50879M F50879U F50879UM F51879 F51879 F51879M F51879M F54012ID F54012IM F54012IW F54012UD F54012UM F54012UW F54750 F54750 F54750 F54750 F54760 F54850 F54850 F54850S F54850S F54860 F54860M F54861 F54861 F54861M F54861M F55010IA F55010IB F55010ID F55010IM F55010IM F55010IW F55010IW F55010VI F55010VIL F55010VIL F55011IB F55011ID F55011IM F55011IM F55011IW F55011VI F55011VI F55080VI F55080VIM F55090IA F55090ID F55090IM F55090IW F55090VI F55090VIL F55097ID F55097IM F55097IM 


ESF4101 ESF4110 ESF4110 ESF4121 ESF4126 ESF4126 ESF4127 ESF4127 ESF4129 ESF4129 ESF4132 ESF4142 ESF4142 ESF4150 ESF4151 ESF4153 ESF4153 ESF4159 ESF4159 ESF4160 ESF4160 ESF4160 ESF4160 ESF43010 ESF43010 ESF43010 ESF43010 ESF43011 ESF43020 ESF43020 ESF45010 ESF45010 ESF45010 ESF45010 ESF45010 ESF45010S ESF45010X ESF45011 ESF45012 ESF45012S ESF45030W ESF45030W ESF45030X ESF45030X ESF4542 ESF4542 ESF4560 ESF4560 ESF46010 ESF46010 ESF46010 ESF46010S ESF46010X ESF46710W ESF46710X ESF47000W ESF47000W ESF47000X ESF47005W ESF47005W ESF47005X ESF47015W ESF6101 ESF6102 ESF6110 ESF6111 ESF6119 ESF6121 ESF6121 ESF6122 ESF6123 ESF6124 ESF6124X ESF6125X ESF6126 ESF6126 ESF6126 ESF6126X ESF6127 ESF6128 ESF6128 ESF6128 ESF6128 ESF6129 ESF6129 ESF6129 ESF6131 ESF6132 ESF6132 ESF6132 ESF6132K ESF6132X ESF6133 ESF6135 ESF6135S ESF6135S ESF6136 ESF6141 ESF6142 ESF6142 ESF6145 ESF6145 ESF6145 ESF6145X ESF6146 ESF6146 ESF6146 ESF6146S ESF6146S ESF6146S ESF6150 ESF6150 ESF6150X ESF6150X ESF6151 ESF6152 ESF6159 ESF6159 ESF6159S ESF6159S ESF6160 ESF6160 ESF6161 ESF6161 ESF6161 ESF6161 ESF6161S ESF6161S ESF6161S ESF6161X ESF6161X ESF6162 ESF6162 ESF6162 ESF6162X ESF6163 ESF6224 ESF6226 ESF63010 ESF63019 ESF63020 ESF63020 ESF63020 ESF63020 ESF63020X ESF63020X ESF63020X ESF63021 ESF63021X ESF63025 ESF63025 ESF63029 ESF63030 ESF63032 ESF63040W ESF63042W ESF64010 ESF64011 ESF64014 ESF64014X ESF64016 ESF64019 ESF64019X ESF64020 ESF64020X ESF64029 ESF64029X ESF65010 ESF65010 ESF65010 ESF65010 ESF65010S ESF65011X ESF65012 ESF65013 ESF65014 ESF65014X ESF65015 ESF65015X ESF65020 ESF65020 ESF65020 ESF65022 ESF65030W ESF65030X ESF65031W ESF65040W ESF65040X ESF65045W ESF65045X ESF65047W ESF65049W ESF65049X ESF65050S ESF65050S ESF65050W ESF65050W ESF65050X ESF65050X ESF65052W ESF65053W ESF65060S ESF65060W ESF65060W ESF65060X ESF6521 ESF6521 ESF6522 ESF6522 ESF6525 ESF6525 ESF6526 ESF6526 ESF6528 ESF6528 ESF6529 ESF6529 ESF6535 ESF6535 ESF6543 ESF6543 ESF6543X ESF6543X ESF6546S ESF6546S ESF6549 ESF6549 ESF6549X ESF6549X ESF6550 ESF6550 ESF6560 ESF6560 ESF6561 ESF6561 ESF6562 ESF6562 ESF6562BIG ESF6563 ESF6563 ESF6563 ESF6565 ESF6565 ESF6569 ESF6569 ESF65710W ESF65710X ESF66010 ESF66010 ESF66010 ESF66010S ESF66010X ESF66010X ESF66019 ESF6602 ESF66020 ESF66020 ESF66020 ESF66020S ESF66020S ESF66021 ESF66021X ESF66022 ESF66022X ESF66024 ESF66029 ESF66029X ESF66030 ESF66030 ESF66030 ESF66030 ESF66030 ESF66030S ESF66030X ESF66030X ESF66030X ESF66035 ESF66035X ESF66039 ESF66039 ESF66041X ESF66060X ESF66610K ESF66610W ESF66610W ESF66610X ESF66710 ESF66710X ESF66720 ESF66720 ESF66720X ESF66720X ESF66730W ESF66730X ESF66739W ESF66810X ESF66810X ESF66810X ESF66810X ESF66811W ESF66811X ESF66811X ESF66820 ESF66820X ESF66830W ESF66830X ESF66840W ESF66840W ESF66840X ESF66840X ESF66842W ESF66842X ESF67010 ESF67020 ESF67020X ESF67022 ESF68010 ESF68010 ESF68020 ESF68020X ESF68030W ESF68030W ESF68030X ESF68040X ESF68500 ESF68500 ESI36012B ESI36012W ESI36012X ESI4112K ESI4112W ESI4112X ESI4112X ESI4121K ESI4121K ESI4121W ESI4121W ESI4121X ESI4121X ESI4142B ESI4142B ESI4142W ESI4142W ESI4142X ESI4142X ESI44030X ESI44032B ESI44032W ESI44032X ESI44032X ESI45010W ESI45010X ESI45010X ESI45010X ESI46010X ESI46010X ESI46032B ESI46032W ESI46032X ESI46059X ESI47020X ESI56033B ESI56033W ESI56033X ESI56039X ESI6104B ESI6104K ESI6104W ESI6104X ESI6105B ESI6105B ESI6105K ESI6105K ESI6105W ESI6105W ESI6105X ESI6105X ESI6110K ESI6110K ESI6110W ESI6110W ESI6110X ESI6110X ESI6112K ESI6112K ESI6112W ESI6112W ESI6112X ESI6112X ESI6113X ESI6120B ESI6120W ESI6120X ESI6142B ESI6142B ESI6142W ESI6142W ESI6142X ESI6142X ESI6160 ESI6160 ESI6160B ESI6160K ESI6160K ESI6160X ESI6160X ESI6162B ESI6162B ESI6162W ESI6162W ESI6162X ESI6162X ESI6180 ESI6180 ESI6180K ESI6180K ESI6180U ESI6180X ESI63010K ESI63010W ESI63010W ESI63010X ESI63010X ESI63010X ESI63010X ESI63010X ESI63010X ESI63020W ESI63020X ESI63020X ESI64010K ESI64010W ESI64010X ESI64010X ESF4510ROX ESF4510LOX

AEG, Arthur Martin, Atag, Corbero, Curtis, DeDietrich, Electra, Electrolux, Elektro-helios, Etna, Faure, Firenzi, Husqvarna, Ideal, Ikea, John Lewis, Juno, Kuppersbusch, Lloyds, Moffat, Novamatic, Rex, Rosenlew, Saba, Tricity Bend, Vestel, Westinghouse, Zanker, Zanussi, Zoppas

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