Dishwasher Water Supply Inlet Hose 2m with Aquastop Valve AEG ELECTROLUX, 1115765024 alternative

Dishwasher Water Supply Inlet Hose 2m with Aquastop Valve AEG ELECTROLUX, 1115765024 alternative

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AEG ELECTROLUX Dishwasher Water Supply Inlet Hose 2m with Aquastop Valve, 1115765024 alternative


  • Length: 2 m
  • Hose Connector: 24,5mm (1/1") straight
  • Aquastop: Yes - electric
  • Max Water Temperature: 90°C
  • Rated Output: 6VA
  • Class Of Insulation: II
  • Nomnial Flow Rate: 4l/min. 0.2-10 BAR
  • Voltage: 220 - 240V AC

Compatible part numbers:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1115765024, 1115765123

ELTEK: 10.0390.51, 10039051

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Compatible models:


F50879UM, F64080IA, F64080IW, F65080UB, F86080UM, FACTIVEAA, FAF40760IM, FAV30660IB, FAV30660IM, FAV30660IW, FAV33050IB, FAV33050IM, FAV33050IW, FAV33052ID, FAV33052IM, FAV33052IW, FAV33060IB, FAV33060ID, FAV33060IM, FAV33060IW, FAV33060VI, FAV34050IM, FAV34050UM, FAV34070IB, FAV34070IM, FAV34070IW, FAV35080IB, FAV35080IM, FAV35080IW, FAV35080VI, FAV3A, FAV3IN1, FAV40, FAV40310W, FAV40320W, FAV40360IB, FAV40360IM, FAV40360IW, FAV4059UW, FAV40620W, FAV40630W, FAV40650, FAV40660, FAV40660M, FAV40660U, FAV4070W, FAV40710W, FAV4071W, FAV40730W, FAV40738W, FAV40740W, FAV40750, FAV40750F, FAV40750U, FAV40751U, FAV40760, FAV40760F, FAV40760IB, FAV40760IW, FAV40760U, FAV40760UM, FAV40761U, FAV40820W, FAV4082ID, FAV4082IM, FAV4082IW, FAV40830W, FAV40831W, FAV40840, FAV40850, FAV40850F, FAV40850M, FAV40850S, FAV40852, FAV40860, FAV40860IA, FAV40860IB, FAV40860IM, FAV40860IW, FAV40860M, FAV40860S, FAV40860U, FAV40860UM, FAV40860US, FAV40865, FAV40865M, FAV40S, FAV40W, FAV43050IAL, FAV43050IB, FAV43050ID, FAV43050IM, FAV43050IW, FAV43050U, FAV43050UD, FAV43050UM, FAV43050UW, FAV43052ID, FAV43052IW, FAV43055IM, FAV43060IAL, FAV43060IB, FAV43060ID, FAV43060IM, FAV43060IW, FAV43060UD, FAV43060UM, FAV43060UW, FAV43060VI, FAV43062ID, FAV43062IM, FAV43062IW, FAV43065VI, FAV43070ID, FAV43070IM, FAV43070IW, FAV43070VI, FAV43075VI, FAV43080IB, FAV43080ID, FAV43080IM, FAV43080IW, FAV43080VI, FAV43085VI, FAV44050IB, FAV44050ID, FAV44050IM, FAV44050IW, FAV44050UD, FAV44050UM, FAV44050UW, FAV44052ID, FAV44052IM, FAV44052IW, FAV44059ID, FAV44059IM, FAV44059IW, FAV44059UD, FAV44059UM, FAV44059UW, FAV44060IA, FAV44060IB, FAV44060ID, FAV44060IM, FAV44060IW, FAV44060UD, FAV44060UM, FAV44060UW, FAV44060VI, FAV44062ID, FAV44062IM, FAV44062IW, FAV44069ID, FAV44069IM, FAV44069IW, FAV44070IA, FAV44070IB, FAV44070ID, FAV44070IM, FAV44070IW, FAV44070UD, FAV44070UM, FAV44070UW, FAV44070VI, FAV44072ID, FAV44072IM, FAV44072IW, FAV44080IA, FAV44080IB, FAV44080ID, FAV44080IM, FAV44080IW, FAV44080UD, FAV44080UM, FAV44080UW, FAV44080VI, FAV44082ID, FAV44082IM, FAV44082IW, FAV45050IA, FAV45050IB, FAV45050IM, FAV45050IW, FAV45052ID, FAV45052IM, FAV45052IW, FAV4IN1, FAV50360, FAV50460, FAV50460U, FAV50465U, FAV50469U, FAV50610W, FAV50620W, FAV50623W, FAV50650, FAV50660, FAV50700W, FAV50730W, FAV50740W, FAV50750, FAV50750IB, FAV50750IM, FAV50750IW, FAV50750VI, FAV50760, FAV50760IA, FAV50760ID, FAV50760IM, FAV50760IW, FAV50760U, FAV50760UM, FAV50780, FAV50790M, FAV50820W, FAV50830M, FAV50830W, FAV50839W, FAV50850, FAV50850M, FAV50850S, FAV50850U, FAV50860, FAV50860IB, FAV50860ID, FAV50860IM, FAV50860IW, FAV50860M, FAV50860S, FAV50860U, FAV50861, FAV50861M, FAV50861U, FAV50862UM, FAV50862UW, FAV50866U, FAV50870M, FAV50879, FAV50879M, FAV5270VI, FAV55070VI, FAV55080VI, FAV6071B, FAV6071M, FAV6071W, FAV60750M, FAV60750VI, FAV60750VID, FAV6081W, FAV60820W, FAV60830W, FAV60840, FAV60850, FAV60850BIM, FAV60850M, FAV60850S, FAV60850U, FAV60850UM, FAV60850US, FAV60850VIM, FAV60856, FAV60860, FAV60860IB, FAV60860IM, FAV60860IW, FAV60860M, FAV60860S, FAV60860U, FAV60860UM, FAV60860US, FAV60860UW, FAV60865U, FAV60870M, FAV6270VI, FAV6281IM, FAV64050IA, FAV64050IB, FAV64050ID, FAV64050IM, FAV64050IW, FAV64052ID, FAV64052IM, FAV64052IW, FAV64055IA, FAV64055IM, FAV64060VI, FAV64062ID, FAV64062IM, FAV64062IW, FAV64065VI, FAV64070IA, FAV64070IB, FAV64070IM, FAV64070IW, FAV64070UD, FAV64070UM, FAV64070UW, FAV64070VI, FAV64072ID, FAV64072IM, FAV64072IW, FAV64075IA, FAV64075IM, FAV64075VI, FAV64080IA, FAV64080IB, FAV64080IM, FAV64080IW, FAV64080UD, FAV64080UM, FAV64080UW, FAV64080VI, FAV64082ID, FAV64082IM, FAV64082IW, FAV64085IA, FAV64085IM, FAV64085VI, FAV65050IA, FAV65050IB, FAV65050IM, FAV65050IW, FAV65050UD, FAV65050UM, FAV65050UW, FAV65050VI, FAV65052ID, FAV65052IM, FAV65052IW, FAV65053UM, FAV65053UW, FAV65060IA, FAV65060IB, FAV65060IM, FAV65060IW, FAV65060UD, FAV65060UM, FAV65060UW, FAV65060VI, FAV65062ID, FAV65062IM, FAV65062IW, FAV65065IA, FAV65065IM, FAV65065VI, FAV65070IA, 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FAV88080IM, FAV88080IW, FAV88080VI, FAVAAA, FAVAAAIM, FAVAAAVI, FAVACTIVEAA, FAVAUTOM, FAVAUTOMATICA, FAVCELEBRATION, FAVDINAMICAIMD, FAVGENIUS, FAVGENIUSID, FAVGENIUSIM, FAVGENIUSIW, FAVGENIUSUD, FAVGENIUSUM, FAVGENIUSUW, FAVINTENSIV, FAVINTENSIVAA, FAVJADE, FAVMARATHON, FAVMAXIMAAA, FAVMAXIMAAAM, FAVPRIMAAA, FAVPROTECTION, FAVSILENCE, FAVTRIATHLONW, PRO90640W10532, VA6011LTUUA02


ESF6241W, ESF6248W, ESF6249W, ESF6270, ESF6270X, ESF6271, ESF6280, ESF6281, ESF6281S, ESF6571, ESI6230B, ESI6230W, ESI6242B, ESI6242W, ESI6242X, ESI6280X, ESL6270, ESU6222B, ESU6222W, ESU6222X, ESU6223B, ESU6223W, ESU6223X, FAV50879U

ZANUSSI: ZDI6543W, ZDU111X, ZSF6171, ZSF6280

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