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Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8 AEG ELECTROLUX, 4071300307
Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8 AEG ELECTROLUX, 4071300307
Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8 AEG ELECTROLUX, 4071300307
Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8 AEG ELECTROLUX, 4071300307
Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8 AEG ELECTROLUX, 4071300307
Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8 AEG ELECTROLUX, 4071300307

Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8 AEG ELECTROLUX, 4071300307

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AEG ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Kit Pack of 8, 4071300307 original part

This kit contains the eight wheels needed to keep the bottom basket in your dishwasher sliding in and out with ease.


  • Packaging: 8 pcs
  • Outer diameter: 30.5mm
  • Color: grey

Compatible codes:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 4055259651, 4071300307

Quantity Price You Save
2 €11.82 Up to €4.17
10 €9.73 Up to €41.70

Compatible models:


ASI6222X, CLASSIC50500, CLASSIC50500W, CLASSIC50500UW, ESF6243W, ESF6246W, F3.5, F3020W, F3030, F30300W, F3050W, F33050IB, F33050ID, F33050IM, F33050IW, F33052IM, F33052IW, F3A, F4020, F40200, F40300, F40360IB, F40360IM, F40360IW, F4052D, F4052W, F40660IB, F40660IM, F40660IW, F40710, F40759UW, F40808W, F40831W, F4120W, F4130W, F4131, F50501, F5051W, F50700, F5071, F50750VI, F50800W, F5271IB, F5271IW, F6050W, F6051U, F6051W, F6071, F6081, F60850UMDKNS, F6281IB, F6281IM, F6281IW, F7080U, F8080, F80800W, F8080I, F8081ID, F8081IW, F8081W, F88070IM, FACTIVEAA, FAF40760IM, FAV5050, FAV6071, FAV2050W, FAV2060W, FAV3.5, FAV3015W, FAV30200W, FAV30200UW, FAV3020D, FAV3020ID, FAV3020IW, FAV3020W, FAV3020WF, FAV3020WGB, FAV3020WS, FAV3021W, FAV30210UW, FAV30210W, FAV30300W, FAV3030W, FAV3030WDKDK, FAV3030WS, FAV30320UW, FAV30320W, FAV30350IB, FAV30350IM, FAV30350IW, FAV3050U, FAV3050UWNSFSDK, FAV3050W, FAV3050WML, FAV3050WS, FAV3050WSSF, FAV3062ID, FAV3062IM, FAV3062IW, FAV30640ID, FAV30640IM, FAV30640IW, FAV30660IA, FAV30660IB, FAV30660ID, FAV30660IM, FAV30660IW, FAV3130WE, FAV3150WML, FAV3220ID, FAV3220IW, FAV3220IDF, FAV3220IDGB, FAV3220IWF, FAV3220IWGB, FAV3230UD, FAV3230UW, FAV3230IB, FAV3230ID, FAV3230IM, FAV3230IW, FAV3230UWN, FAV3231I, FAV3231IB, FAV3231ID, FAV3231IM, FAV3231IW, FAV3270VI, FAV33050IB, FAV33050ID, FAV33050IM, FAV33050IW, FAV33052ID, FAV33052IM, FAV33052IW, FAV33060IB, FAV33060ID, FAV33060IM, FAV33060IW, FAV33060VI, FAV34050IM, FAV34050U, FAV34050UD, FAV34050UM, FAV34050UW, FAV34070IB, FAV34070IM, FAV34070IW, FAV3A, FAV3IN1, FAV3IN1U, FAV40, FAV4020U, FAV4020W, FAV40200UW, FAV40200W, FAV4020IDGB, FAV4020IWGB, FAV4020WAUSNZ, FAV4020WGB, FAV4020WKOR, FAV4020WML, FAV4020WSAZAU, FAV4020WUE, FAV4021W, FAV40210UW, FAV40250ID, FAV40250IW, FAV40260ID, FAV40260IW, FAV4030W, FAV40300W, FAV40300, FAV4030WML, FAV4031W, FAV40310, FAV40320, FAV40320UW, FAV40350IB, FAV40350ID, FAV40350IM, FAV40350IW, FAV40360IB, FAV40360IM, FAV40360IW, FAV4040W, FAV4040WAUSNZ, 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ZDI6543N, ZDI6543W, ZDI6543X, ZDT6554, ZDU111X, ZSF6171, ZSF6280

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