Door Lock DKS03513 for AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1328469026
Door Lock DKS03513 for AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1328469026
Door Lock DKS03513 for AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1328469026
Door Lock DKS03513 for AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1328469026

Door Lock DKS03513 for AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1328469026

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AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Washing Machine Door Switch DKS03513, 1328469026

This replacement door lock sits behind the door catch in the washing machine cabinet. It is an electronic part and if it becomes faulty the door will not lock and your washer will not work.

Compatible part numbers:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1328469000, 1328469018, 1328469026, DKS02510, DKS02511, DKS03511, DKS03513

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Compatible models:


AL77480F, AL77481F, AL77688F, AL87680F, AL97699F, AMS7500I, AMS8000I, F76084LW, F76184LW, FL71680E, JLWM1411, KRW7600, L16850A4, L16850A5, L5.5FL, L574270SL, L576272SL, L58405FL, L58495FL2, L58495XFL, L58527XFL, L58547SL, L58848FL, L59869FL, L61670FL, L7.20FL, L74480DFL, L74482DFL, L74482WFL, L74482WFLC, L74483DFL, L74484WVFL, L74486FL, L74486WFL, L74486WFLC, L74489WVFL, L75270FL, L75280FL, L75470FL, L75475FL, L75480FL, L75480WD, L75481FL, L75484EFL, L75670FL, L75670NWD, L75670WD, L75674NWD, L75694NWD, L75694WD, L75695NWD, L76270SL, L76275FL, L76275FLE, L76275FLP, L76275SL, L76280FL, L76285FL, L76285FL2, L76285FL3C, L76285FLE, L76285FLP, L76286FL, L76287FL, L76471FL, L76471PFL, L76472DFL, L76472FL, L76473FL, L76474EFL, L76475DFL, L76475FL, L76475FLE, L76475NFL, L76475WFL, L76475WFLC, L76477FL, L76478FL, L76479FL, L76479FL2, L76479NFL, L76479PFL, L76479WFL, L76479WFLC, L76480FL, L76481FL, L76482FL, L76483FL, L76485DFL, L76485FL, L76485FL2, L76485HFL, L76485NFL, L76486FL, L76487FL, L76488FL, L76489FL, L7648EXFL, L76495DFL, L76495FL2, L76495NFL, L76670FL, L76671FL, L76672DFL, L76672FL, L76674EFL, L76675DFL, L76675FL, L76675WFL, L76678FL, L76678WFL, L76679FL, L76680NWD, L76680WD, L76680WD2, L76684NWD, L76685DFL, L76685FL, L76685FL2, L76685NWD, L76685WD, L76689FL, L76695DFL, L76695FL2, L76695NFL, L77480FL, L77484AF, L77484PFL, L77485DFL, L77485PFL, L77486PFL, L77488PFL, L77489NFL, L77489PFL, L77489PFLP, L77489VFLC, L77495DFL, L77495FL, L77497FL, L77497PFL, L77499NFL, L7749EXPFL, L7749PVFL, L77685DWD, L77685NWD, L77685WD, L77685WD2, L77695DFL, L77695NWD, L77695PFL, L77695WD, L77696NWD, L77699NFL, L77699PFL, L79484EFL, L79484VFL, L79485FL, L79489FL, L79495DFL, L79495FL, L79495OKO, L79496NFL, L79685FL, L79695DFL, L79696NFL, L7WB73, L85275XFL, L85470SL, L85470SLCS, L85470SLP, L85475SL, L87404EFL, L87404FL, L87405FL, L87405FLC, L87406FL, L87407FL, L87480FL, L87483FL, L87484AFL, L87484EFL, L87485FL, L87490FL, L87490FL2, L87490FL2C, L87494EFL, L87495FL, L87495PFL, L87495PFLC, L87495XFL, L87680FL, L87680FLCS, L87680FLP, L87685FL, L87695DWD, L87695NWD, L87695NWDP, L87695WD, L87695WD2, L87695WDP, L87696WD, L87699NWD, L88406DFL, L88409FL2, L88489FL2, L88489FLC2, L88489FLP2, L88689FL2, L89409FL, L89495DFL, L89495FL, L89495FL2, L89495FLC, L89495FLC2, L89496FL, L89496NFL, L89498FL, L89498FL2, L89499FL, L89499FL2, L89696DFL, L89697NFL, L98480FL, L98485FL, L98485HWD, L98685FL, L98690FL, L98695FL, L98696FL, L98697NFL, L98699FL, L98699FL2, L98699FLE2, L99484HWD, L99695FL, L99695HW, L99695HWD, L99695NHWD, L99696DFL, L99696HWD, L99697FL, L99697MWD, L99697NFL, L99699FL, L99699HWD, L99699LHWD, L99699OKO, L9WE95OKO, L9WS99OKO, LB3461, LB3470WT, LB3480, LB3661, LB3670N, LB3680, LB3685N, LB3690WT, LCELEB125, LFL75816, LFL75884, LFL76704, LFL76806, LFL76984, LFL86804, LFL86806, LFL86984, LFL87986, LM75470F, LM75471F, LM75480F, LM75482F, LM75670F, LM75671F, LM75680F, LM75681F, LM85480F, LM95699F, LOKO+++FL, LOKOHWD, LP2270F, LP2271F, LP2480F, LP4480, LP5210, LP5260, LP5280, LP5460, LP5480, LP5680, LPEEV, LPFLEGE+FL, LR2461, LR2661, LS74486FL, LSPECIAL8, LVOGUE, LW74486FL


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