Dishwasher Door Seal 1625mm BEKO, 1749190200
Dishwasher Door Seal 1625mm BEKO, 1749190200
Dishwasher Door Seal 1625mm BEKO, 1749190200
Dishwasher Door Seal 1625mm BEKO, 1749190200

Dishwasher Door Seal 1625mm BEKO, 1749190200

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BEKO Dishwasher Door Seal 1625mm, 1749190200 original part

Length: 162,5 cm

Compatible codes:

WHIRLPOOL: 481246668945, 481246668881

INDESIT: C00330951, C00315997

FAGOR: 32X2565

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2 €7.36 €1.64
10 €6.55 €16.36

Compatible models:


DDS25840X, DE2431FS, DE2431FW, DE2541FS, DE2541FW, DE2541FX, DE2542FS, DE2542FW, DFS04010W, DFS04C10W, DFS04R10S, DFS05010B, DFS05010S, DFS05010W, DFS05010X, DFS05011S, DFS05011W, DFS05011X, DFS05X10W, DFS1300, DFS1311, DFS1312, DFS1411, DFS1430, DFS1500, DFS1500S, DFS1500X, DFS1511, DFS1511S, DFS1511X, DFS1520, DFS2435, DFS2500, DFS2500S, DFS2501, DFS2501S, DFS2506, DFS2520, DFS2522, DFS2522S, DFS2530, DFS2531, DFS2531X, DFS2532, DFS2532S, DFS2534, DFS2536, DFS2536S, DFS2537, DFS2537S, DFS2538, DFS2538S, DFS2539, DFS2539S, DFS26010B, DFS26010S, DFS26010W, DFS26010X, DFS26012X, DFS26020W, DFS26020X, DFS28020S, DFS28020W, DFS28020X, DFS28R20B, DFS28R20W, DFS29030W, DFS29030X, DFS39020W, DFS39020X, DFS5830, DFS5830A, DFS6630, DFS6631, DFS6830, DFS6830A, DFS6831, DFS6831X, DIS1300, DIS1401, DIS1500, DIS1501, DIS15010, DIS15011, DIS15012, DIS15013, DIS1510CIS, DIS1520, DIS1520N, DIS1521, DIS1521XN, DIS1522, DIS1523, DIS1530, DIS15R10, DIS16010, DIS1830, DIS25840, DIS26010, DIS26011, DIS26020, DIS28020, DIS28021, DIS28022, DIS28Q20, DIS29020, DIS39020, DIS4520, DIS4520XN, DIS4530, DIS4530XN, DIS45S1, DIS4630, DIS5530, DIS5531, DIS5630, DIS5830, DIS5830CIS, DIS5830SHD, DIS5831, DIS5930, DIS5935FX, DL1043W, DMS3511, DS1054BDSG, DS1054S, DSFS1530, DSFS1530S, DSFS1530X, DSFS1531B, DSFS1531S, DSFS1531W, DSFS4530, DSFS4530S, DSFS4530X, DSFS6530, DSFS6530B, DSFS6530S, DSFS6530X, DSFS6531, DSFS6531B, DSFS6531S, DSFS6532, DSFS6532S, DSFS6630, DSFS6630B, DSFS6630S, DSFS6635, DSFS6635S, DSFS6830, DSFS6830S, DSFS6830X, DSFS6831, DSFS6831S, DSFS6831W, DSFS6831X, DSFS6835, DSFS6835X, DSMS7530, DSOS6830, DSS04010X, DSS05010X, DSS1300, DSS1300X, DSS1300XP, DSS1301, DSS1301X, DSS1301XN, DSS1311, DSS1311X, DSS1311XP, DSS1312, DSS1312X, DSS1312XP, DSS1321XN, DSS1430XN, DSS1512, DSS1512X, DSS2500X, DSS2500XP, DSS2501XP, DSS2511X, DSS2512X, DSS2512XP, DSS2520X, DSS2521X, DSS2532X, DSS2533X, DSS28020X, DSS4530, DSS4530X, DSS5830X, DSS6630X, DSS6631X, DSS6830X, DSS6831X, DSS6832X, DSS6833X, DUS2530, DUS28020W, DUS28020X, DUS6833X, DW450, DW451, DWC4540W, DWLT48, KDIS28020, LVI40F, PDIS26020, QDW486, TDIS16010, UDFS05010S, UDFS05010W, UDFS05010X,

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