Dishwasher Lower Door Seal BEKO 1882470100

Dishwasher Lower Door Seal BEKO 1882470100

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BEKO Dishwasher Lower Door Seal, 1882470100 original part

Suitable for BEKO, BLOMBERG, HANSA, AMICA, FAGOR, BRANDT dishwashers in length of 55cm.

Length: 550mm

Compatible codes:

HANSA: 1007659


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10 €3.64 €9.09

Compatible models:


3503A 3503B 3503BI 3503BW 3503EH 3503LL 3504BLL 3504BLN 3505B 3505LL 3506B 3506BI 3506BIX 3506BW 3506LL 3507B/2 3507LL 3513CLL 3551BI 3555D 3916FI 6050B BM6006 BM6006BC BMA5101I D3310FW D3320FW D3421FS D3422FS D3422FW D3520BA D3520BB D3520BI D3520BW D3520FS D3520FW D3541FS D3541FW D3631FS D3631FW D3731FS D3731FW D4520BB D4520BI D4764BI D4764BW D5310FW D5320FW D5320UW D5324CW D5420FW D5520FS D5520FW D5544UW D5655CW D5655FS D5764FW D5766FW D5879FW D5879UW D6520FW D6521FW DDD3421FW DDD3731FS DDFN26320W DDFN38420A DDFN38420S DDN1531B DDN1531X DEN28320X DFC04210B DFC04210W DFDN1531X DFL1440 DFL1441 FL1532 DFN05210W DFN1431 DFN1530 DFN1530X DFN15310W DFN1536 DFN1536S DFN16210W DFN16320S DFN16320W DFN16330W DFN16X20X DFN2432 DFN2432S DFN2433S DFN2530 DFN26210W DFN28320X DFN28321S DFN4520B DFN5530S DFN6632 DFN6632S DIN1531 DIN1532 DIN1536 DIN16210 DIN26220 DIN28320 DIN28321 DIN28330 DIN29320 DIN29330 DIN4420 DIN4430 DIN4520 DIN4520XLN DIN4530 DIN4630 DSFN1530 DSFN4530 DSFN4530X DSFN6530 DSFN6620 DSFN6620X DSN04210X DSN05210X DSN1420XN DSN1420XPN DSN1430X DSN1530XN DSN2530B DSN28320X DSN4532FXN DSN4533FX DSN6534X DSN6634W1 DW1003 DW24X DW25 DW27X DW603 DWB37X DWC6540W DWI645 GS310 GS320 GS3320FW GS3503 GS3520 GS3520B GS3520BI GS3520BW GS3520S GS3707 GS5544 GSE3520 GSE3520B GSE3520E KDIN15310 KDSN28430X LV3507A LV4544I LV4544IB LV5302 LV5312I LV5312IB LV5420FW LV5434 LV5544 LV5655S PDSN15310B PDSN15310X SDFN15310W TDFN15210S TDFN15310S TDFN15310W

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