BEKO Dishwasher Lower Door Seal 405mm 1882470200

BEKO Dishwasher Lower Door Seal 405mm 1882470200

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BEKO Dishwasher Lower Door Seal 405mm, 1882470200 original part

Also fits for Dishwashers WHIRLPOOL, HANSA, BAUKNECHT in length of 40.5cm

Length: 405mm

Compatible codes:

BEKO: 1882470200, 1882470100, 48126668734

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Compatible models:


60OEM3A4DU, EGSP14046E, EGSP14047V, EGSP14048V, EGSP14073E, EGSP14074V, EGSP14083E, EGSP14084V, ZIA428, ZIA448, ZIA615, ZIA6415, ZIA6428, ZIA6435, ZWA428I, ZWA428W77102, ZWA6414W, ZWA6414WH77080, ZWA6428I, ZWA6428W, ZZA414I78149, ZZA428I, ZZA6414I


GCF2960, GCF2960177111, GCFP4824WH, GCFP4824WH1, GCFS4522WH, GCI59191IX78161, GCI5919IX, GCIK6541IN78100, GCIKA6546IN, GCIP68481IN78156, GCIP6848IN78088, GCX5929, GCXP5848


ART9, BI45, BI45X78117, BKK2114Y, D6644FDG, D6644TDG, DE2431FS, DE2431FW, DE2541FS77004, DE2541FW, DE2541FX, DE2542FS, DE2542FW, DFS04C10W, DFS04R10S, DFS05010B, DFS05010S, DFS05010W, DFS05010X, DFS05011S, DFS05011W, DFS05011X, DFS05X10W, DFS1300, DFS131277182, DFS1411, DFS1430, DFS1500, DFS150077086, DFS1500S, DFS1500X77073, DFS1511, DFS1511S, DFS1511X, DFS1520, DFS2435, DFS250077055, DFS2500S, DFS250177066, DFS2501S, DFS250677087, DFS2520, DFS2522, DFS252277075, DFS2522S77076, DFS2530, DFS2531, DFS253177123, DFS2531X, DFS253277107, DFS253277121, DFS2532S77122, DFS2536, DFS2536S, DFS2537, DFS2537S, DFS2538, DFS2538S, DFS2539S, DFS26010B, DFS26010S, DFS26010W, DFS26020W, DFS26020X, DFS28020S, DFS28020W, DFS28020X, DFS28R20B, DFS28R20W, DFS39020W, DFS583077072, DFS5830A77089, DFS683077096, DIS1300, DIS130078137, DIS1401, DIS1500, DIS1501, DIS15010, DIS15011, DIS15013, DIS1510, DIS1520, DIS152078148, DIS1520N, DIS152178107, DIS152178111, DIS1521XN, DIS1522, DIS1523, DIS1530, DIS16010, DIS1830, DIS26010, DIS26020, DIS28020, DIS29020, DIS4520, DIS4520XN, DIS4530, DIS4530XN, DIS4630, DIS5530, DIS5531, DIS5630, DIS5830, DL1043W, DMS3511, DSFS1530, DSFS1530S, DSFS1530X, DSFS4530, DSFS4530S, DSFS4530X, DSFS6530, DSFS6530B, DSFS6530S, DSFS6530X, DSFS6531B, DSFS6531S, DSFS6532, DSFS6532S, DSFS6630, DSFS6630B, DSFS6630S, DSFS6635, DSFS6635S, DSFS6830, DSFS6831, DSFS6831S, DSMS7530, DSOS6830, DSS04010X, DSS05010X, DSS1300, DSS1300X, DSS1300XP, DSS130178125, DSS1301X78128, DSS1301XN, DSS131178160, DSS1311X78155, DSS1311XP78126, DSS1312, DSS1312X, DSS1312XP, DSS1321XN, DSS1430XN, DSS1512X, DSS2500X78113, DSS2500XP, DSS2501X78127, DSS2501XP78124, DSS2512X, DSS2512XP, DSS2520X, DSS2521X78123, DSS2521X78140, DSS2532X, DSS2533X, DSS28020X, DSS4530, DSS4530X, DSS5830X, DSS6830X78122, DUS2530, DUS6833X, DW450, DW451, DWC4540W, FDW45, FDW451, KDIS28020, OCM24500M, ODF24300M, OIC21000B, RCNA400E20ZX, WKB51031PLPTM, WY124854MW, WY74242W, WY85242W, WYAW71483LE

BRANDT: DYB500JE178016, DYS500WE1, DYS525WE1, DYS725WE177064, VY600JU178053, VY705JE1, VY805XE178103

FAGOR: LFF452, LFU45IT, LFU45IT78093


ADG1504IX, ADG1504SW, ADG1504WS78063, ADG1514, ADG160IX, ADG160NB78097, ADG160WH, ADG161, ADG16178116, ADG45501IX, ADG45501NB, ADG45501WH, ADG45502IX78159, ADG45502NB78158, ADG45502WH78157, ADG500IX, ADG51078104, ADG550, ADG6371IX, ADG6571IX, ADG6581X, ADG6892IX, ADG6893IX, ADG75001, ADG7581, ADG789N, ADG789U, ADG889, ADP647WH, ADP657WH, ADP658IX, ADP658WH, ADP659IX, ADP659WH, ADP668WH77091, ADP6881IX, ADP6881WH, ADP688IX, ADP688WH


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