BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Shelf, 00704406
BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Tray, 00704406
BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Tray, 00704406
BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Shelf, 00704406
BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Tray, 00704406
BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Tray, 00704406

BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Tray, 00704406

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BOSCH Door Lower Bottle Tray With Signage Print, 00704406 original part

Dimensions: 470x99x120mm

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2 €25.29 Up to €3.81
5 €23.93 Up to €16.31

Compatible models:


KDV29VL3002 KDV29VL3003 KDV29VL3005 KDV29VL3007 KDV29VL3008 KDV29VL3009 KDV29VW3002 KDV29VW3003 KDV29VW3006 KDV29VW3009 KDV29VW30N01 KDV29VW3101 KDV29VW3102 KDV33VL3001 KDV33VL3003 KDV33VL3005 KDV33VL3006 KDV33VL3007 KDV33VL3201 KDV33VW3001 KDV33VW3002 KDV33VW3003 KGV33OW3001 KGV33VI3001 KGV33VI3002 KGV33VL3001 KGV33VL3002 KGV33VL3003 KGV33VL3004 KGV33VL3005 KGV33VL30E01 KGV33VL30E02 KGV33VL30S01 KGV33VL30S07 KGV33VW3001 KGV33VW3002 KGV33VW3004 KGV33VW3005 KGV33VW30E02 KGV33VW30E03 KGV33VW30E04 KGV33VW30E05 KGV33VW30S01 KGV33VW30S03 KGV33VW30S06 KGV33VW30S07 KGV33VW30S08 KGV33VW31G01 KGV36GL3001 KGV36IL3001 KGV36UL3001 KGV36UL30S01 KGV36UW3001 KGV36VH30S01 KGV36VI3001 KGV36VI3006 KGV36VI3007 KGV36VI3008 KGV36VI3010 KGV36VI30E01 KGV36VI30E02 KGV36VI30E06 KGV36VI30S03 KGV36VI30S09 KGV36VL3002 KGV36VL3004 KGV36VL3005 KGV36VL3006 KGV36VL30E02 KGV36VL30E03 KGV36VL30E06 KGV36VL30E08 KGV36VL30E10 KGV36VL30S01 KGV36VL30S02 KGV36VL30S03 KGV36VL30S06 KGV36VL30S07 KGV36VL30S09 KGV36VL30S10 KGV36VL30S11 KGV36VL31E01 KGV36VW3002 KGV36VW3004 KGV36VW3005 KGV36VW30E01 KGV36VW30E05 KGV36VW30E08 KGV36VW30S01 KGV36VW30S03 KGV36VW30S04 KGV36VW30S05 KGV36VW30S06 KGV36VW30S10 KGV36VW3106 KGV36VW31S04 KGV36XW3101 KGV39UL3001 KGV39UL3002 KGV39VI3002 KGV39VI3003 KGV39VI3005 KGV39VI3006 KGV39VI3008 KGV39VI30E01 KGV39VI30E02 KGV39VL3001 KGV39VL3003 KGV39VL3005 KGV39VL30E01 KGV39VL30E02 KGV39VL30E06 KGV39VL30S01 KGV39VL30S03 KGV39VL30S04 KGV39VL30S06 KGV39VL30S07 KGV39VL30S08 KGV39VL30S09 KGV39VL30S10 KGV39VL33 KGV39VL3304 KGV39VW3001 KGV39VW3002 KGV39VW3005 KGV39VW3008 KGV39VW30S01 KGV39VW30S03 KGV39VW30S06 KGV39VW30S08 KGW36VL30S01 KSV29VL3001 KSV29VL3003 KSV29VW3001 KSV29VW4003 KSV29VW4004 KSV33VL3001 KSV33VL3003 KSV33VW3001 KSV36CI3002 KSV36CI3003 KSV36CW3001 KSV36CW3002 KSV36CW3003 KSV36VI3001 KSV36VI3002 KSV36VI3003 KSV36VL3002 KSV36VL3003 KSV36VL30G01 KSV36VL30G02 KSV36VL30G03 KSV36VL4004 KSV36VW3001 KSV36VW3002 KSV36VW3003 KSV36VW30G01 KSV36VW30G02 KSV36VW30G03 KSV36VW4001 KSV36VW4004

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