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Fridge Door Handle LIEBHERR, 743067000 replacement
Fridge Door Handle LIEBHERR, 743067000 replacement
Fridge Door Handle LIEBHERR, 743067000 replacement
Fridge Door Handle LIEBHERR, 743067000 replacement

Fridge Door Handle LIEBHERR, 743067000 replacement

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LIEBHERR Fridge Door Handle, White, 743067000 alternative

  • Overall length: 310 mm
  • Hole spacing: 243 mm
  • Color: white

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BN295620, BN295620A, BN295621, BN295621A, BN295621B, BP295620, C265620, C305620, C350120, C352320, C355620, C392320, C392320A, C392320B, C392320C, C395620, C395620A, C400120, C400120A, C400120B, C400120C, C402320A, C402320B, C402320C, C405620, C405620A, C405620B, C406620, C406620B, CB365620, CB365620A, CB365620B, CB365620C, CB365620D, CB405620, CB405620A, CB405620B, CB405620C, CB405620E, CBIN385621I, CBN385620, CBN385620A, CBN385620C, CBN385621, CBN385621B, CBN385621D, CBN385621E, CBN385621F, CBN385621G, CBN385621H, CBN385621I, CBN385621J, CBN385621K, CBP3656021A, CBP365620A, CBP365620B, CBP365620C, CBP365620D, CBP365620E, CBP365621, CBP365621B, CBP365621C, CBP365621D, CBP4056021C, CBP405620, CBP405620A, CBP405620B, CBP405620C, CBP405621A, CBP405621B, CBP405621D, CBP405622, CBP405622A, CBP405622B, CBP405622C, CBP405622D, CN330321A, CN3313020F, CN3313020J, CN3313020K, CN331320, CN331320A, CN331320B001, CN331320J, CN331320J088, CN331320K, CN336620, CN336620A, CN336620B, CN336620C, 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