UPS Inverter for Heating System 600W LCD ADLER, CO-sinusUPS-600W-LCD

Inverter with UPS for Heating System 600W LCD ADLER, CO-sinusUPS-600W-LCD

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Inverter with Uninterrupted Power Supply UPS for Heating System 600W with LCD monitor ADLER, CO-sinusUPS-600W-LCD

Designed for the operation of home central heating system and pumps during power failure; operating time depends on 12V battery 55-200Ah


  • Input voltage: 147 - 270VAC 50Hz (UPS mode)
  • The shape of the voltage: Pure sine wave
  • Nominal output power: 600W / 800VA
  • Instantaneous power: max 690W
  • Switching time: <10ms
  • Battery Ah: 12V 55-200 Ah
  • Battery types: AGM, gel, lead-acid
  • Charger: 13,6V / max 20A
  • Weight: 10.8kg
  • Size: 290x258x123 mm

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  • Two output sockets
  • Pure sine wave at the output
  • Cooperation with AGM batteries and gel
  • Automatic charger
  • Free-standing housing
  • Micro-processor based design
  • Smart and fast charging
  • Over current and overload protection
  • Low battery indicator
  • Low discharge battery protection
  • APPLICATIONS: Heating and warm utility water systems, solar systems, household appliances such as Home Theater, TV, VCD, DVD, Lamp, Fan, etc.
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