Silicone Spray TESLANOL, 400ml

Silicone Spray TESLANOL, 400ml

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Silicone Spray TESLANOL, 400ml

A high-quality, silicone-based, viscous, insulating spray prevents spark discharge, stops leakage current and eliminates corona effect. It is water-repellent and therefore very effective as a moisture protector with excellent dielectric properties.


  • for preventing leakage currents and flash-overs in high voltage transformers
  • reliable release agent for insulating tasks, particularly when the insulating film is not allowed to harden
  • highly insulating with a dielectric strength of 12 kV/mm
  • temperature-resistant from -50°C to +200°C, eliminates corona effects
  • does not dry out, repels water, also effective as non-conductive moisture protection
  • excellent lubricating agent for mechanical, oil-sensitive components
  • Made in Germany

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