Microwave Oven Plate Wheels With Tray SAMSUNG, DE97-00193B

Microwave Oven Plate Wheels With Tray SAMSUNG, DE97-00193B

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SAMSUNG Microwave Oven Rotating Plate Unit Support (Rollers), DE97-00193B original part

Diameter: 210mm

Compatible codes:

SAMSUNG: DE97-00193D, DE97-00193A

CANDY HOOVER: 49003271

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Compatible models:


204.784 3 2080E 2080M 290.714 8 546.527 3 592.766 0 598.395 2 781.301-7 836.030 7 EMM2005 947 607 122 947 607 123 947 607 128 EMM2005S EMM2015S FM200B FM200S 964.293 5 AFM141 AFM241 AFM341 AFM441 AGW83E-SB AGW83E-WB AMC4080AAB AMC4080AAS AMC4080AAW AMW0113M AMW7113W AMW7115ST AMW784B AMW784S AMW784W AMW784WE AMW8113B AMW8113S AMW8113ST AMW8113STP AMW8113W AMW83E-SB AMW83E AMW83E-SB AMW83E AMW83E-WB AMW83E AMW9114ST B2300 BM-BP50J BM-BP60J CE200G CE230G CE2360 CE2611N CE2618N-H CE2618N CE2618NR CE2638N CE2638NR CE2713N CE2714N CE2717N CE2718NR CE2719N CE271FN CE2727N CE2727N-S CE2727N CE2727NC CE2733N CE2738NR CE2774N CE2777N CE2777NT CE2810N CE2813NR-D CE2813NR CE2814NR CE2815N CE2815NR CE2817N CE2817NR CE281DN CE281DNA CE281DNR CE281GN CE2827N CE2827N-S CE2827N CE2827NR CE2827NT CE2827N CE2827NT CE282DN CE282DNC CE282DNR CE282DNT CE2833N CE2833NR CE283DN CE283DNR CE283GLT CE283GN CE283GNR-D CE283GNR-S CE283GNR CE283GNRSD CE283GNR CE283GNT CE2874N CE2874NR CE2875N-S CE2875N CE2875NR CE2875NT CE2877L CE2877N CE2877N-GR CE2877N-S CE2877N CE2877NR CE2877NT CE287AST CE287ASTR CE287BN CE287BNR CE287CN CE287CNR CE287DN CE287DNR CE287DNR1D CE287DNR-1S CE287DNR CE287GNR-D CE287GNR CE287MNR CE2910N CE3010N ES-JJ215 ES-JJ216 FG77KST FG77KUST FG87K FG87K-B FG87KST FQ87KST FG87KST FG87KSTR FG87KU FG87KUST FW77KST FW77KSTR FW77KU FW77KUST FW87KST FW87KSTR FW87KUST G2711N G2711N-S G2711N G2712N G2712NR G2712N G2712NR G2719N G2719N-S G2719N G2719NR-D G2719NR G2719N G2719NR G271ER-D G271ER G271FN G271XNR-D G271XNR G2736N G2739N G2739N-S G2739N G2739NR G2739NR-S G2739NR G273E G273ER G273V-S G273V G273VR-D G273VR G274VR GE81P GE81W GE81W-S GE81W GE81Y GE81ZR GE82N GE82N-B GE82N GE82NC-B GE82NC-S GE82NT GE82P-B GE82P-BX GE82P-S GE82P GE82P-SX GE82P-X GE82P GE82W GE82WR GE82WT GE82Y-S GE82Y GE82Y-S GE82Y GE82YT GE83DDT GE83DSTT GE83DT GE83DR-W GE83DTR-Y GE83DTR GE83G GE83GDT GE83GR-S GE83GR GE83H-B GE83H-S GE83HDT GE83HT-B GE83UR GE83YDT GE83YL GE83YLT-WP GE83YLT GE83Z-Y GE83Z GE83ZD GE83ZL-E GE83ZL GE83ZR GE83ZR-Y GE83ZR GE86H-S GE86H GE86N-B GE86N GE86N-S GE86N GE86N-S GE86N GE86NC-S GE86NT-S GE86NT-SX GE86NT GE86Y-K GE86Y-S GE86Y-SK GE86Y GE872 GE872C-S GE872C GE872R-S GE872R GE872T-B GE872T-BC GE872T-S GE87GLT-B GE87GR-G GE87GR GE87H-S GE87H GE87HR GE87HT-S GE87K-S GE87K GE87KPR GE87KR GE87KST GE87L CE1185GBR GE87L GE87L-S GE87L GE87L-S GE87L GE87L-S GE87L GE87LR-S GE87Q GE87QR GE87W GE87W-S GE87W GE87W-S GE87W GE87WR GE87Y GE87Y-S GE87Y GE87YR GE88L-S GE89ADST GE89APST GE89AST GE89ASTR GE89M-B GE89M-BX GE89M-S GE89M-SX GE89M GE89ME-B GE89MP-S GE89MPSR GE89MST-P GE89MST GE89MSTC GE89MSTR-P GE89MSTR GM201 GW71C-S GW71C GW71E-B GW71E-P GW71E-S GW71E GW72N-B GW72N GW72N-SX GW72N GW73C-S GW73C GW73CD-B GW73CD-V GW73E GW73E-SB GW73E-WB GW73E GW73ED-WB GW73V GW73VD-B GW73VD-BP GW73VD GW74C GW75C GW76N-B GW76N GW76N-BP GW76N-S GW76N GW76N-S GW76N GW76N-SX GW76N GW76NM GW76NMT GW76NT-BP GW76NT GW76NT-SX GW76NT GW77NMR-X GY202 H7Q87 H7Q98 H8A87 H8G87 H8G87S H8G98 H8G98S JE740BH01 JE740WH01 JES1136WL 01 JES1139BL 01 JES1139BL03 JES1139WL 01 JES1139WL03 JES831WF001 JES831WFC001 JES838SH001 KM-BP50J KM-BP5J2 KM-BP60J KM-BP6J2 M105M M115J M125TCS M1611N M1618N M1618NR M1638N M1638NR M1711N M1711N-S M1711N M1711NR-D M1711NR M1712N M1712NR M1712N M1712NR M1713N-B M1713N M1713NCE M1714N-GR M1714N-S M1714N-Y M1714N M1716N M1716NR M1717N MW71E MW87Y-S MW83H M187DN-1S MW71C MW82W-S

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