Microwave Oven Turntable Drive Coupling SAMSUNG, DE67-00140A

Microwave Oven Turntable Drive Coupling SAMSUNG, DE67-00140A

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SAMSUNG Microwave Oven Turntable Drive Coupling, DE67-00140A original part


  • Height: 20mm
  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Thickness of wings: 2.5mm

Compatible codes:

SAMSUNG: DE67-60002A, DE67-00140A, DE67-00187A

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Compatible models:


AFW141 AFW241 AGE0103MB/XAP AGE0103MB/XAX AGE0103MB/XPE AGE0103MBT AGE1072 AGE1072-S AGE107L AGE107W AGE1103TST/XAP AGE1103TST/XAX AGE1103TST/XPE AGE1103TW/XAP AGE1103TW/XPE AGE1103TXT AGE610B AGE610ST AGE610W AGE8103ST AGE8103W AMC5101AAB AMC5101AAS AMC5101AAW AME0103M AME610B AME610ST AME610ST/XPE AME610W AME8103ST AME8103STP AME8103STP/XPE AME8103W AME8103W/XPE AMW106L AMW10ZW C100 C100-5 C100C C100M C100R C101 C103 C103FL C103R C103R-5D C104F C105 C105AFR C105AFR-5S C105AFR5SD C105AR C105AR-5S C105F C105FR C105R C105-S C106 C106FL C106L-5 C106R C107AT-5/XEF C107F C108ST-5 C108ST-5/XEN C108STF C108STF-5 C108STT C109ST C109STC C109STF C109STFC C109STR C109STR-5 C2850 C2850-S CE1000 CE1000R CE1000R-D CE1000-S CE1000T-S CE1031AT CE1031LAT CE1050 CE1050-S CE1051R CE1052AT CE1070R-S CE1070T CE1071 CE1071A CE1071AR CE1071AT/XEH CE1071-S/XEN CE113AEL-S CE113PF CE115P CE115PE CE115PT CE1175ER-S CE1175E-S CE117A CE117A-B CE117ADV-B CE117ADV-X CE117AE CE117AE/XEF CE117AE-S CE117AE-X CE117ALF-B CE117APT CE117A-S CE117AT-S CE117AT-X/XEF CE117A-X CE117P CE117PAE CE117PAECX CE117PAERX CE117PF CE117PF-B CE117PFC CE117PPT CE117PPT-X CE117PT CE117PT-B CE117PT-B/XEF CE117PTR CE290DN CE2914NR CE2915NR CE2917N CE291DN CE291DNT CE2927N CE2927NR CE292DN CE292DNR CE292DNT CE2944N CE2944N-5 CE2944N-5S CE2974NR CE2975NR CE2975NT CE2977N CE2977N-5 CE2977NR CE2977NR5 CE297BN CE297BNR CE297DL CE297DL-5S CE297DN CE297DN-5 CE297DNR CE3110N CE3280EB CE3280EB-X EMS2820 EMS2820S EMS2840 EMS2840S FM280ES FW77KST/XEG GE0103MB GE0103MB/FAL GE102N-S GE102V-X GE102W GE102WR GE102WT/XEH GE102WT/XEO GE102Y GE102YR GE102Y-S GE106V-S GE106V-SK GE106VT-SX GE1072 GE1072R GE1072R-S GE1072-S GE107L GE107LR-S GE107L-S GE107W GE107W/XEH GE107W/XEO GE107W-K GE107WR GE107Y GE107YD GE107Y-S GE107Y-S/XBG GE107Y-SK/FRA GE107Y-SK/XBG GE108L-S GE109M GE109M-B GE109MD-B GE109MDST GE109MEST GE109MEST/XEN GE109MST GE280/HAC GE280S GE282T-SX/HAC GE285 GE2860 GS109F-1S GS109FD-SH/XST GS109FE-1S GS109FE-SS GS109F-S GS109F-SH JES1034WF02 JES1036NL 01 JES1036NL02 JES1036PWH02 JES1036PWH03 JES1036WF02 JES1039WF02 KE3000R M1914NR M1915NR M1917N M191DN M1927N M1927NR M192DN MG28F3K1TAS

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