Microwave Turntable Shaft LG 4370W1A006B

Microwave Turntable Shaft LG 4370W1A006B

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LG Microwave Turntable Shaft, 4370W1A006B original part


  • Height: 23.7mm
  • Lower part diameter: 13mm
  • Axle diameter: 5mm

Compatible part numbers:

LG: 3B72373E, 4370W1A006B, 4370W1A006A

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Compatible models:


MC-7642E MC-7642ES MC-7642W MC-7643D MC-7643JC MC-7644A MC-766Y MC-7682W MC-7682WS MC-7683D MC-7683J MC-8082WR MC-8083DR MC-8083KLR MC-8083MLR MD-2643G MD-2644GT MD-2654F MD-6652IC MD-6654F MH-6642W MH-6643C MH-6646GQM MH-6646GQMB MH-6646GQMS MH-6646QM MH-6646QMS MH-6647BS MH-6647MQMS MH-6652F MH-6652FS MH-6652T MH-6653B MH-667Y MH-6682Y MH-6683PMS MH-6688W MS-2642W MS-2643C MS-2647B MS-2647BS MS-2652F MS-2652FS MS-2652T MS-2653B MS-2662W MS-2682Y MS-2683FL MS-2683PS MS-268T MS-269T MS-269TS SMC-7642ES SMC-7642W SMC-7643D SMC-7644A SMC-7682W SMC-7682WS SMC-8082WRS SMC-8083DR SMC-8083KLR SMC-8083MLR SMD-2643G SMD-2653G SMD-6652I SMD-6652IC SMH-6642W SMH-6652FS SMH-6653B SMH-6682Y SMH6683PMS SMS-255T SMS-2642W SMS-2643C SMS-2653B SMS-2662W SMS-2682Y SMS2683PS SMS-268T SMS-268TS

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