LG Microwave Oven Glass Plate 24.5cm, 3390W1G005D
LG Microwave Oven Glass Plate 24.5cm, 3390W1G005D
LG Microwave Oven Glass Plate 24.5cm, 3390W1G005D
LG Microwave Oven Glass Plate 24.5cm, 3390W1G005D

Microwave Oven Glass Plate 24.5cm LG, 3390W1A035A

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LG Microwave Oven Glass Tray 24.5cm, 3390W1A035A original part

Diameter: 245mm

Compatible codes:

LG: 3390W1A035D, 3390W2G002A, 3390W1A035A, 3390W1G005E, 3390W1G005B, 3390W1G005A, 3390W1G005D, 3390W1A035A

GORENJE: 237971

HANSA: 1034054

CANDY HOOVER: 49018556

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2 €6.62 €1.47
10 €5.88 €14.71

Compatible models:





EASY2000 ER65130D ER6513D ER654MD MB3917H MG392AABL MO2100 MO2200 MS1905C


0097857 0468595 1147404CWHQQUE 1325117 3WG1923 3WG1927 3WG1927E 3WM1926 4WG319 4WM213B 4WM219 4WM219E 5WM1930 840G 86100 86130 8799199 9567165 BKMD1500 BMG18AE CYLINDACLASSIC CYLINDAPOP EASY2001 EL194R GM19 GT19GW HMB3907C HMB392AA HMB394AA HMG4907C HMS1905C HMS1905CU HMS1907C HMS194A HMT742CGB HMT743CGB JES735WD JES739WD KMS1902CJ KMS71MD KMS71MDU M130TCS M1900 M190GS MA6000B MA6000W MA6100W MA6200B MA6400B MA6400B2 MA6400W2 MA690B MA690W MA7100W MA7802 MA780MU MA781M MB2283R MB3822C MB3822E MB3822GCWHQEPL MB3822GKWHQEPL MB382W MB3832ES MB3842C MB3842C01 MB3842CS MB3842G MB387W MB387WS MB3907C MB390A MB392A MB392AA MB392AABL MB392AAS MB392ABL MB392AS MB392T MB392TS MB392W MB393MC MB393MD MB393T MB3947C MB394A MB394AA MB394AB MB394AS MB395T MB395TS MB395US MB4022E MB4022W MB4042W MB74PB MB74PL MB79ML MB79NL MG3822E MG3822ET MG3822G MG382W MG3832E MG3837C MG3847G MG387W MG3909D MG3919D MG3919H MG3929D MG392A MG402T MG402TS MG402TY MG405T MG405TS MG405TY MG486VL MG486VT MG4907C MG4978TG MG4978TW MG5883ALCSBQLGD MG5883KITCSBQLGD MG5886ALCS1QLGD MG5886KITCS1QLGD MG5887KITCSSQLGD MG5887U MG602Y MG602YS MH196VJ MH5827C MH5843AL MH5883ALB MH592A MH593T MH594A MH595T MH596B MH596G MH596U MH602 MH6022W MH602W MH602Y MH602YS MH6042W MH6072A MH607Y MH607YS MH6082B MJ50H6 MJ60H6 MK4850SD MS1902H MS1903D MS1904C MS1904H MS1905CBL MS1905CG MS1905CS MS1905CUB MS1905CUS MS1905CUT MS1905CUW MS1905CY MS1907C MS1907CBL MS1907CU MS1907CY MS190A MS1915H MS1915HUB MS1915HUS MS1915HUT MS1915HUW MS1917H MS191HD MS191MC MS191MCBL MS191MCG MS191MCS MS191MCY MS191MD MS1922C MS1922E MS1922ETCSLQLGD MS1922G MS1924GUSCBKQLGD MS1924GUTCSLQLGD MS1924GUWCWHQLGD MS1927C MS192A MS192ABL MS192AG MS192AS MS192ASS MS192AU MS192AY MS192H MS192T MS192TG MS192TS MS192U MS192VLU MS192VUS MS192VUT MS192VUTCS2QLGD MS192VUTT MS192VUW MS192W MS192WG MS192WS MS1932E MS1932ET MS1937C MS193T MS1942C MS1942CS MS1942E MS1942G MS1943AL MS1944GUSCBKQLGD MS1944GUT MS1944GUW MS1947C MS194A MS194ABL MS194AG MS194AS MS194ASS MS194AY MS194H MS194HD MS194US MS194W MS194WG MS194WS MS195NB MS195T MS195US MS1963ALB MS1968T MS196B MS196G MS196H MS196U MS196V MS196VL MS196VUSCBKQLGD MS196VUT MS196VUW MS196VUWCWHQLGD MS1975CTW MS1977CT MS1977MCT MS197H MS197MCT MS197W01 MS1983AL MS1983ALB MS1983ALCSBQLGD MS1983ALH MS1983KITCSBQLGD MS1986ALB MS1986KITCS1QLGD MS1987KITCSSQLGD MS1987U MS1987UCS1QLGD MS198H MS199H MS20 MS2009TG MS2009TW MS202 MS2020W MS2022E MS2022W MS2029F MS2029FCSLQGSF MS202T MS202TS MS202TY MS202W MS202Y MS202YS MS2038IX MS2042W MS2043ZLT MS2049F MS205T MS205TS MS205TY MS205W MS2062H MS2072A MS207W MS207Y MS207YS MS2082B MS2083AL MS2083AL01 MS2083ALB MS3947C MS71GMU MS71MDU MS72ME MS72NA MS73ME MS74ML MS74NE MS75ME MT4070SKB MT4070SKQ MT4078SKB MT4078SKQ NNE222MB NNE232MB NNE252WB SM20B SM20D SM20G SM20S ST20GS ST20GW ST20W SW20L TRX2020 TRX2021 YMT4070SKQ



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