Microwave Oven Glass Plate 255mm SHARP, 262100500004

Microwave Oven Glass Turntable Plate 255mm BOSCH, 00662071

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BOSCH Microwave Oven Glass Turntable Plate 255mm, 00662071 original part

Can be used in microwaves SHARP, PANASONIC, BOSCH, SIEMENS, MIDEA

Diameter: 25.5cm

Compatible codes:

SHARP: 262100500004

PANASONIC: 262100500004

BOSCH SIEMENS: 00662071 12570000001001 

MIDEA: 12570000000990 262100500004

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2 €18.52 Up to €4.12
10 €16.46 Up to €41.16

Compatible codes:




R242WW R242WE R642WW R642INW R642BKW R642BKE R642INE R642WE R200WW R242BKW R60STW R222STWE R622STWE R200INW R200WE R200INE R20STW R242INW R242INE R242BKE R60STE


HMT72M420 HMT72G65001 HMT72G65004 HMT72G65005 HMT72M42005 HMT72M45002 HMT72M45004 HMT72M45005 HMT72M450B01 HMT72M450B05 HMT72M52001 HMT72M52004 HMT72M52005 HMT72M65001 HMT72M65004 HMT72M65005 HMT75G42001 HMT75G42002 HMT75G42003 HMT75G42005 HMT75G45001 HMT75G45002 HMT75G45005 HMT75G450B01 HMT75G65001 HMT75G650T01 HMT75G65104 HMT75G65105 HMT75G651B04 HMT75G651B05 HMT75G651W04 HMT75G651W05 HMT75M42001 HMT75M42002 HMT75M42003 HMT75M420W01 HMT75M42105 HMT75M45001 HMT75M45002 HMT75M450B01 HMT75M450W01 HMT75M45104 HMT75M45105 HMT75M451B04 HMT75M451B05 HMT75M460B01 HMT75M461B04 HMT75M461B05 HMT75M52001 HMT75M55001 HMT75M65001 HMT75M65004 HMT75M650A01 HMT75M650A04 HMT75M650A05 HMT75M650K01 HMT75M650K04 HMT75M650W01 HMT75M650W04 HMT75M661B04 HMT75M661B05 HMT72G42010 HMT72G42035 HMT72G45010 HMT72G45011 HMT72G45035 HMT72G450B10 HMT72G450B35 HMT72G65035 HMT72G65036 HMT72M42010 HMT72M42035 HMT72M45010 HMT72M45011 HMT72M45035 HMT72M450B10 HMT72M450B11 HMT72M450B35 HMT72M65035 HMT72M65036 HMT75G42109 HMT75G42110 HMT75G42135 HMT75G45109 HMT75G45110 HMT75G45135 HMT75G451B11 HMT75G451B35 HMT75G65109 HMT75G65135 HMT75G65136 HMT75G651B09 HMT75G651B35 HMT75G651B36 HMT75G651W09 HMT75G651W36 HMT75M42109 HMT75M42110 HMT75M42135 HMT75M421B09 HMT75M421B35 HMT75M45109 HMT75M45110 HMT75M45135 HMT75M451B35 HMT75M461B07 HMT75M461B35 HMT75M52109 HMT75M52135 HMT75M52136 HMT75M55109 HMT75M55135 HMT75M55136 HMT75M551B09 HMT75M551B35 HMT75M551B36 HMT75M62109 HMT75M62135 HMT75M62136 HMT75M621B09 HMT75M621B35 HMT75M621B36 HMT75M65109 HMT75M65135 HMT75M65136 HMT75M651B09 HMT75M651B35 HMT75M651B36 HMT75M651K09 HMT75M651K35 HMT75M651K36 HMT75M661B07 HMT75M661B09 HMT75M661B35 HMT75M661B36 HMT75M42104 HMT75G45104 HMT75G45105 HMT75G451B04 HMT75G451B05 HMT75G42104 HMT75G42105 HMT72G45001 HMT72G45002 HMT72G45005 HMT72G450B01 HMT72G450B05 HMT72G42001 HMT72G42002 HMT72G42003 HMT72G42004 HMT72G42005 HMT72G420R01 HMT75M65104 HMT75M65105 HMT75M651B04 HMT75M651B05 HMT75M651K04 HMT75M651K05 HMT75M62104 HMT75M62105 HMT75M621B01 HMT75M621B04 HMT75M621B05 HMT75M55104 HMT75M55105 HMT75M551B04 HMT75M551B05 HMT75M52104 HMT75M52105 HMT72M45001 HMT72M42001 HMT72M42002 HMT72M42003 


HF12G24001 HF12G24002 HF12G24003 HF12G24004 HF12G24005 HF12G240TI01 HF12G240TI05 HF12G54001 HF12G54002 HF12G54005 HF12G540TI01 HF12G540TI05 HF12G56001 HF12G56004 HF12G56005 HF12M24003 HF12M24005 HF12M54001 HF12M54002 HF12M54005 HF15G24001 HF15G24003 HF15G24104 HF15G24105 HF15G54001 HF15G54002 HF15G54005 HF15G540TI01 HF15G540TI05 HF15G54104 HF15G54105 HF15G56001 HF15G56004 HF15G560TI01 HF15G560TI04 HF15G560TI05 HF15G56104 HF15G56105 HF15G561W04 HF15G561W05 HF15G56204 HF15G56205 HF15M24001 HF15M24002 HF15M24003 HF15M240HK01 HF15M240HK02 HF15M240HK03 HF15M240HK05 HF15M24104 HF15M24105 HF15M241HK04 HF15M241HK05 HF15M25001 HF15M25104 HF15M25105 HF15M25204 HF15M25205 HF15M26104 HF15M26105 HF15M26204 HF15M26205 HF15M54001 HF15M54002 HF15M540HK01 HF15M540HK02 HF15M540HK05 HF15M54104 HF15M54105 HF15M541HK04 HF15M541HK05 HF15M55001 HF15M55104 HF15M55105 HF15M55204 HF15M55205 HF15M552B04 HF15M552B05 HF15M56001 HF15M56004 HF15M560HK01 HF15M560HK04 HF15M560HK05 HF15M56104 HF15M56105 HF15M561K04 HF15M561K05 HF15M56204 HF15M56205 HF15M562B04 HF15M562B05 HF15M562HK04 HF15M562HK05 HF15M662B04 HF15M662B05 HF15M55209 HF12G24010 HF12G24035 HF12G56035 HF12G56036 HF12M24010 HF12M24035 HF12M240W05 HF12M240W09 HF12M240W35 HF12M54010 HF12M54035 HF15G24109 HF15G24110 HF15G24135 HF15G54109 HF15G54110 HF15G54111 HF15G54135 HF15G541M05 HF15G541M09 HF15G541M35 HF15G541W05 HF15G541W09 HF15G541W35 HF15G56109 HF15G56135 HF15G56136 HF15G561W09 HF15G561W36 HF15G56209 HF15G56235 HF15G56236 HF15M24109 HF15M24110 HF15M24135 HF15M241W05 HF15M241W09 HF15M241W35 HF15M25109 HF15M25135 HF15M25136 HF15M25209 HF15M25235 HF15M25236 HF15M26109 HF15M26135 HF15M26136 HF15M26209 HF15M26235 HF15M26236 HF15M54109 HF15M54110 HF15M54135 HF15M55109 HF15M55135 HF15M55136 HF15M55235 HF15M55236 HF15M552B09 HF15M552B35 HF15M552B36 HF15M56109 HF15M56135 HF15M56136 HF15M56209 HF15M56235 HF15M56236 HF15M562B09 HF15M562B35 HF15M562B36 HF15M562HK09 HF15M562HK35 HF15M562HK36 HF15M662B07 HF15M662B09 HF15M662B35 HF15M662B36 HF15G24002 HF12M24001 HF12M24002

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