Power Supply for HP laptops 19.5VDC 2.31A 45W, PSE50112 EU alternative

Power Supply for HP laptops 19.5VDC 2.31A 45W, PSE50112 EU alternative

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HEWLETT PACKARD Power Supply for Laptops 19.5VDC 2.31A 45W, PSE50112 EU replacement


  • Output voltage: 19.5V DC
  • Current: 2.31A
  • Power: 45W
  • Plug: 4.5x2.8mm with center pin
  • Input plug: Schuko
  • Input voltage: 100-240V AC
  • Type: Desk power supply

Compatible part numbers:

HEWLETT PACKARD: 741553-850, 744892-001, 741727-001, 744892-001, 742436-001, 740015-002, 854054-001

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HP 250, HP 255, HP EliteBook 820, HP EliteBook 840, HP EliteBook 850, HP EliteBook Folio 1040, HP EliteBook Revolve 810, HP Pavilion X360, HP Spectre 13 PRO, HP Split 13-G110DX, HP Split 13-G118CA, HP Split 13-G160BR, HP Split 13-G180LA, HP Split 13-G190LA, HP Split 13-M001TU, HP Split 13-M002TU, HP Split 13-M003TU, HP Split 13-M004TU, HP Split 13-M005TU, HP Split 13-M006TU, HP Split 13-M007TU, HP Split 13-M008TU, HP Split 13-M009TU, HP Split 13-M010DX, HP Split 13-M010TU, HP Split 13-M011TU, HP Split 13-M100BR, HP Split 13-M100LA, HP Split 13-M102TU, HP Split 13-M110BR, HP Split 13-M110CA, HP Split 13-M110DX, HP Split 13-M111SA, HP Split 13-M115SG, HP Split 13-M160BBR
0360-10-01, 1040, 13 PRO, 13-G110DX, 13-G118CA, 13-G160BR, 13-G180LA, 13-G190LA, 13-M001TU, 13-M002TU, 13-M003TU, 13-M004TU, 13-M005TU, 13-M006TU, 13-M007TU, 13-M008TU, 13-M009TU, 13-M010DX, 13-M010TU, 13-M011TU, 13-M100BR, 13-M100LA, 13-M102TU, 13-M110BR, 13-M110CA, 13-M110DX, 13-M111SA, 13-M115SG, 13-M160BBR, 250, 255, 810, 820, 840, 850
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