Drain Pump Copreci EBS2556-0809 30W for BOSCH SIEMENS 00143525, 00144192 alternative

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BOSCH SIEMENS Washing Machine Drain Pump Copreci EBS2556-0809 30W, 00143525, 00144192 alternative


  • Power: 30W
  • Voltage: 230V AC
  • Water Inlet: 31mm
  • Water Outlet: 24mm
  • Manufacturer: Copreci
  • Fluff Filter: Yes
  • Electrical connections: 2x 6,3mm blade terminal

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WFD1260II05 WFD1260II06 WFD1260II07 WFD1260IT01 WFD1260IT07 WFD1260IT08 WFD1260IT09 WFD1262II05 WFD1262II06 WFD1262II07 WFD1262IT01 WFD1262IT07 WFD1262IT08 WFD1262IT09 WFD1660BY05 WFD1660BY06 WFD1660BY07 WFD1660II05 WFD1660II06 WFD1660II07 WFD1660II08 WFD1660IT01 WFD1660IT07 WFD1660IT08 WFD1660IT11 WFD1660PL05 WFD1660PL06 WFD1661BY01 WFD1661BY07 WFD1661BY08 WFD1661BY11 WFD1661ME11 WFD206005 WFD206006 WFD2060BY05 WFD2060BY06 WFD2060BY07 WFD2060EU05 WFD2060EU06 WFD2060EU07 WFD2060EU08 WFD2060NL05 WFD2060NL06 WFD2060NL07 WFD2060PL05 WFD2060PL06 WFD2061BY01 WFD2061BY07 WFD2061BY08 WFD2061BY11 WFD2061FF01 WFD2061FF05 WFD2061FF06 WFD2061FF07 WFD2061FF08 WFD2061IT01 WFD2061IT08 WFD2061IT11 WFD2061ME11 WFD2071GB05 WFD2071GB06 WFD2071GB07 WFD2072GB05 WFD2072GB06 WFD2072GB07 WFD2073GB05 WFD2073GB06 WFD2073GB07 WFD2090EU11 WFD2471GB01 WFD2471GB08 WFD2471GB10 WFD2473GB01 WFD2473GB08 WFD2473GB10 WFH10101 WFH10107 WFH10108 WFH12101 WFH12107 WFH12108 WFH12110 WFH121NL01 WFH121NL07 WFH121NL08 WFH121NL10 WFH128NL01 WFH128NL07 WFH128NL08 WFH128NL10 WFH2020FG01 WFH2020FG07 WFH2020FG08 WFH2020FG11 WFH2062EU01 WFH2062EU07 WFH2062EU08 WFH2062EU11 WFH2062FF WFH2062FF08 WFH208DEE01 WFH208DEE09 WFH208DEE16 WFH208DEE17 WFH209AEE18 WFH2420FG01 WFH2420FG07 WFH2420FG08 WFH2420FG10 WFH2460FG01 WFH2460FG07 WFH2460FG08 WFH2461FG01 WFH2461FG10 WFH2461NL01 WFH2461NL07 WFH2461NL08 WFH2461NL10 WFH2462EU01 WFH2462EU07 WFH2462EU08 WFH2462EU10 WFH2462FF01 WFH2462FF07 WFH2462FF08 WFH2462FF10 WFH2471NL01 WFH2471NL07 WFH2471NL08 WFH2471NL10 WFO1663EE09 WFO1873EE09 WFO2062FF09 WFO2063EE09 WFO2073EE09 WFO2083EE09 WFO242GTR01 WFO242GTR09 WFO2460FR18 WFO2461FR18 WFO2462FF09 WFO246XEE09 WFO247PEE01 WFO247PEE09 WFO270PEE09 WXL129FEE09 and more


WXB10101 WXB10107 WXB10108 WXB106005 WXB106006 WXB106007 WXB1060BY05 WXB1060BY06 WXB1060BY07 WXB1060EU05 WXB1060EU06 WXB1060EU07 WXB1060EU08 WXB1060FF05 WXB1060FF06 WXB1060FF07 WXB1060GB05 WXB1060GB06 WXB1060GB07 WXB1060GB08 WXB1060IN05 WXB1060IN06 WXB1060IN07 WXB1060IN08 WXB1060IN11 WXB1060NL05 WXB1060NL06 WXB1060NL07 WXB1061BY01 WXB1061BY07 WXB1061BY08 WXB1061BY11 WXB1061FF05 WXB1061FF06 WXB1061FF07 WXB1061FF08 WXB1061ME05 WXB1061ME06 WXB1061ME07 WXB1061ME08 WXB1061ME11 WXB12101 WXB12107 WXB12108 WXB12110 WXB1260GB01 WXB1260GB07 WXB1260GB08 WXB1260GB10 WXB2062EU01 WXB2062EU07 WXB2062EU08 WXB2062EU11 WXB2062FF01 WXB2062FF07 WXB2062FF08 WXB2062FF11 WXB2461NL01 WXB2461NL07 WXB2461NL08 WXB2461NL10 WXB2462EU01 WXB2462EU07 WXB2462EU08 WXB2462EU10 WXB2462FF01 WXB2462FF07 WXB2462FF08 WXB2462FF10 WXB2471NL01 WXB2471NL07 WXB2471NL08 WXB2471NL10 WXB248DEE09 WXB248DEE16 WXB248DEE17 WXB660BY05 WXB660BY06 WXB660BY07 WXB760HK11 WXB760II05 WXB760II06 WXB760II07 WXB760II08 WXB760IN11 WXB860BY05 WXB860BY06 WXB860BY07 WXB860IT01 WXB860IT08 WXB860IT11 WXB861BY01 WXB861BY07 WXB861BY08 WXB861BY11 WXB861ME05 WXB861ME06 WXB861ME07 WXB861ME08 WXB861ME11 WXL1062FF09 WXL1063EE09 WXL1173EE09 WXL1183EE09 WXL122STR01 WXL122STR09 WXL125SGB09 WXL1260FR18 WXL1261FR18 WXL1262FF09 WXL1273EE09 WXL863EE09 WXL973EU09 WXLM1062FF10 WXLM1063EE01 WXLM1063EE15 WXLM1063EE16 WXLM106XEE10 WXLM106XEE15 WXLM106XEE16 WXLM1262FF10 WXLM763EE10 WXLM763EE15 WXLM863EE01 WXLM863EE15 WXLM863EE16 WXLM963EE10 WXLM963EE15 WXLM973EE10 WXLM973EE15 WXLM973EE16 and more

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