Drain Pump 25W BEKO 2840940100
Drain Pump 25W BEKO 2840940100
Drain Pump 25W BEKO 2840940100
Drain Pump 25W BEKO 2840940100

Drain Pump 25W With Case BEKO 2840940100

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BEKO Washing Machine Drain Pump B25-6AZ 25W With Case, 2840940100 original part


  • Power: 25W
  • Manufacturer: Arcelik (Beko)
  • Water Inlet: 34.2mm
  • Water Outlet: 22.5mm
  • Fluff Filter: Yes
  • Voltage: 230V AC
  • Electrical connections: 2x 6,3mm blade terminal

Compatitable codes:

BEKO: 2863200900, 2880401800, 2880402000, 2863200900, 2840940200, 2948900100, 2840940200, 2880401800, 2880402000,

SMEG: 692970215, 692970260, 692970324

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Compatitable models:


B56B7STS DNMPL2B7SLED EV5100 EV5101 EV5800 EV5801 EV6100 EV6102 EV6103 EV6800 EV6801 EV7100 EV7101 JNRB10B7S SWMB510211D SWMB710311D SWMB710311DLSC SWMB712411D SWMB712411DLSC WM5141S WM5141W WM7023W WMB50821D WMB50821DS WMB50921 WMB51020PT WMB51021 WMB510211D WMB510211DS WMB51021CSPT WMB51021D WMB51021DS WMB51021IT WMB51021PLPT WMB51022IT WMB51022PL WMB51041 WMB51041PT WMB51042PT WMB60821D WMB60821DS WMB60831 WMB61021CSPTM WMB61021D WMB61021DS WMB61021DS WMB61021M WMB61021PLPTM WMB61021PTM WMB61022CSPTM WMB61022M WMB61022PLPTM WMB61023M WMB61041LCS WMB61041M WMB61041PTM WMB61041S WMB61042PLPTM WMB61221 WMB61231PTMS WMB61231PTS WMB61231S WMB61241 WMB61242BL WMB61242PT WMB61242PT WMB61243 WMB61243HLA WMB61421 WMB61422 WMB61432MU WMB61441 WMB61442 WMB61443PTA WMB61621 WMB61622 WMB61631 WMB70832M WMB70841M WMB71021 WMB710311D WMB710311DLSC WMB71031D WMB71031DLSC WMB71031DSC WMB71031S WMB71032S WMB71042PTLMS WMB71043LMS WMB71222M WMB712411D WMB712411DLSC WMB71241D WMB71241DLSC WMB71241DSC WMB71241M WMB71241PTM WMB71241S WMB71242M WMB71242MII WMB71242PLPTLMA WMB71242PTLMA WMB71242PTLMC WMB71421 WMB71431 WMB71432 WMB71441PTM WMB71441PTMS WMB71442PLPTLMA WMB71442PTLMA WMB71442PTM WMB71443PLPTLMA WMB81021M WMB81041L WMB81041LS WMB81221 WMB81231 WMB812411DLSC WMB81241DLC WMB81241DLSC WMB81241LMS WMB81241LMSC WMB81241LS WMB81241LS WMB81241PTLMS WMB81242LMS WMB81242PTMNX WMB81433PLPTLMA WMB81443DLSC WMB91042LC WMB91241LS WMB91241LSC WMB912421DLSC WMB91242DLSC WMB91242LSC WMB91242LSC WMB91242PTLSC WMB91442HLC WMB91442LA WMB91442LC WML15106NE WML50821 WML50821DN WML50821S WML50821Y WML510212 WML51021S WMP541WDSG WTC5701B0 WTC7516B0 WTC7711BS0W WTC9602XW0 WTV6702B0 WTV8501B0 WTV8511B0 WTV8511X0 WTX81031W 

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