Seal 40x70/80x12/14 AEG ELECTROLUX, 8996454305385 alternative

Seal 40x70/80x12/14 AEG ELECTROLUX, 8996454305385 alternative

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AEG ELECTROLUX Washing Machine Seal 40x70/80x12/14, 8996454305385 alternative


  • Outer diameter: 80mm
  • Inside diameter: 40mm
  • Thickness: 14mm
  • Type: G2FS

Compatible part numbers:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 6454305381, 8996451137500, 8996454305385

Quantity Price You Save
2 €3.37 Up to €1.19
10 €2.98 Up to €9.92

Compatible models:


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