Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm AEG, ELECTROLUX, 1118949104
Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm AEG, ELECTROLUX, 1118949104
Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm AEG, ELECTROLUX, 1118949104
Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm AEG, ELECTROLUX, 1118949104

Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm AEG, ELECTROLUX, 1118949104

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AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm, 1118949104

  • Length: 450mm
  • Center hole diameter: 35mm

Compatible part numbers:

ELECTROLUX: 1118949104, 1118003605, 1118949005, 1118949401, 1118949500

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F34030IM0, F34030VI0, F34032VI0, F34500IM0, F34500VI0, F34502VI0, F45000M0, F45000W0, F45002M0, F45002W0, F45010M0, F45010W0, F45013W0, F45015M0, F45015W0, F45500W0, F45502W0, F50012ID0, F50012IDO, F50012IM0, F50012IW0, F50012UM0, F50012VI0, F50502ID0, F50502IM0, F50502IW0, F50502UM0, F50502VI0, F54000IM0, F54000VI0, F54030IM0, F54030VI0, F54032VI0, F5403PVI0, F54052VI0, F54500VI0, F55000M0, F55000W0, F55010M0, F55010W0, F55011M0, F55011W0, F55021M0, F55022M0, F55022W0, F5502PM0, F5502PW0, F55030IM0, F55030VI0, F55032IM0, F55033M0, F55033W0, F55034M0, F55034W0, F55040IM0, F55040VI0, F55042VI0, F55051VI0, F55060IM0, F55060VI0, F55062IM0, F55062VI0, F55063VI0, F55500IM0, F55500M0, F55500VI0, F55500W0, F55502IM0, F55502M0, F55502VI0, F55502W0, F55505VI0, F55510IM0, F55510VI0, F55512M0, F55512VI0, F55512W0, F55513M0, F55513W0, F55519W0, F55520M0, F55520W0, F55522M0, F55522VI0, F55522W0, F55524VI0, F55525M0, F55525W0, F55529W0, F55533VI0, F56052ID0, F56052IM0, F56052IW0, F56052UD0, F56052UM0, F56052UW0, F56059IM0, F56059UM0, F56509IM0, F56509UM0, F56512ID0, F56512IM0, F56512IW0, F56512UD0, F56512UM0, F56512UW0, F56528IM0, F56529ID0, F56529IM0, F56529IW0, F56529UD0, F56529UM0, F56529UW0, GS60AIS222


F30010IM, F34030IM0, F34030VI0, F34032VI0, F35020IM, F35020VI, F45000M0, F45000W0, F45001M0, F45001W0, F45010M0, F45010W0, F45011M0, F45011W0, F45015M0, F45015W0, F50002ID0, F50002IM0, F50002IW0, F50002VI0, F50742, F54000IM0, F54000VI0, F54052VI0, F55000M0, F55000W0, F55010M0, F55010W0, F55040IM0, F55040VI0, F55040W0, F55042IM0, F55051VI0, F55060IM0, F55060VI0, F55062IM0, F55062VI0, FAAAUTO, FOPTIMAAA, FPERFECTAA, GS60AIS221


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ZDF102, ZDF201, ZDF201X, ZDF211, ZDF221S, ZDF225, ZDF301, ZDF555X, ZDI100N, ZDI100W, ZDI100X, ZDI110X, ZDI111B, ZDI111W, ZDI111X, ZDI112X, ZDI121N, ZDI6053W, ZDI6053X

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