AEG ELECTROLUX Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm 400mm 1119226379
AEG ELECTROLUX Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm 400mm 1119226379
AEG ELECTROLUX Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm 400mm 1119226379
AEG ELECTROLUX Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm 400mm 1119226379

Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm 400mm AEG ELECTROLUX, 1119226379

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AEG ELECTROLUX Dishwasher Lower Spray Arm 400mm, 1119226379 original part


  • Length: 325 - 400mm
  • Width: 64mm
  • Color: grey, red

Compatible part numbers:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1119226379, 1119226114, 1119226239, 1119226304, 8082280010

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F55000IM0P, F55002IW0P, F55002UMOP, F55002UW0P, F55008IWOP, F55008W0P, F55030W0P, F55602M0P, F55602W0P, F55612M0P, F55612W0P, F65009WOP, F65020W0P, F65042M0P, F65042MOP, F65042W0P, F65042WOP, F65049M0P, F65049W0P, F65052M0P, F65052MOP, F65052W0P, F65052WOP, F65072W0P, F65072WOP, F65082W0P, F65712M0P, F65712W0P, F66602M0P, F66602W0P, F66609M0P, F66609W0P, F66682M0P, F66702M0P, F66702W0P, F66708W0P, F66709W0P, F66712M0P, F66712W0P, F66742M0P, F66742W0P, F66792M0P, F66792W0P, F67032W0P, F67032WOP, F67079W0P, F67632M0P, F67632W0P, F67732M0P, F67732W0P, F77000M0P/AU, F77000MOP, F77000W0P/AU, F77012M0P, F77012MOP, F77012W0P, F77012WOP, F77022M0P, F77022MOP, F77022W0P, F77023M0P, F77023MOP, F77023W0P, F77023WOP, F77028W0P, F77029W0P, F77602M0P, F77602W0P, F77709M0P, F77709W0P, F87792M0P, F87792W0P, F88009M0P/AU, F88009MOP, F88009W0P/AU, F88019M0P, F88019W0P, F88072M0P, F88072W0P, F88082M0P, F88082W0P, F88702M0P, F88708W0P, F88709M0P, F88709W0P, F88722M0P, F88742M0P, F88752M0P, F88752W0P, F988709M0P, F988709W0P, F99009MOP, F99019M0P, F99709M0P, F99719W0P, F999709M0P, FFB62620PM, FFB62620PW, FFB62700PM, FFB62700PW, FFB62720PM, FFB63600PM, FFB63600PW, FFB63700PM, FFB63700PW, FFB72600PM, FFB72600PW, FFB83700PM, FFB83720PM, FFB83730PM, FFB93700PM, FFE62620PM, FFE62620PW, FFE63700PM, FFE63700PW, FFE83700PM, FFS62700PW, FFS6360LPM, FFS6360LPW, FOKOPLUSM0P, FOKOPLUSW0P, FSILENCEM0P, FSILENCEW0P, FSILENCM2P, FSILENCW2P, GS60BF221, GS60BF222, GS60BFSW


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