Dishwasher Top Spray Arm Nut AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 8070358018
Dishwasher Top Spray Arm Nut AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 8070358018
Dishwasher Top Spray Arm Nut AEG, ELECTROLUX,...
Dishwasher Top Spray Arm Nut AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 8070358018
Dishwasher Top Spray Arm Nut AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 8070358018
Dishwasher Top Spray Arm Nut AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 8070358018

Dishwasher Top Spray Arm Nut AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 8070358018

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AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm Bearing, 8070358018

This is the screw on bearing that secures the upper spray arm in place within your dishwasher. If your bearing is missing, or the threading has worn-down, this spare part may be just what you're looking for.

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2 €6.46 €1.12
10 €5.97 €10.54

Compatible models:


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