Remote Control LG, AKB73715679

Remote Control LG, AKB73715679

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Original LG TV Remote Control AKB73715679

Compatible codes:

LG: AKB75055702, AKB74915308, AKB73715679

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2 €24.47 €5.44
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Compatible models:


22MT41DFPZAEU 22MT41DFPZAEU 22MT41DFPZAEU 24MT41DFPZ 24MT48DFPZ 28MT48DF 32LH510B 32LH510UAEU 32LH510UAEU 32LH510UAEU 32LH570U 32LH570UAEU 32LH570UAEU 32LH570UAEU 32LH570UAEU 32LJ510B 32LJ510UAEE 32LJ510UAEE 32LJ510UAEE 32LV340C 32LV340C 32LV340C 32LW340C 43LH5100 43LH510V 43LH510VAEU 43LH510VAEU 43LH510VAEU 43LH541V 43LH570VAEU 43LJ5150AEE 43LJ5150AEE 43LJ515VAEE 43LJ515VAEE 43LV340C 43LV340C 43LV340C 43LW340C 43UH664V 49LH5100 49LH510VAEU 49LH510VAEU 49LH541V 49LH570V 49LH570V 49LJ5150AEE 49LJ515VAEE 49LV340C 49LV340C 49LW340CAEK 49LW340CAEK 49LW340CAEU 49LW340CAEU 49UH664V 49UH664V 55LV340C 55LV340C 55LW340CAEU 55LW340CAEU 55UH664VAEU 65UH664V

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