NIVONA Brew Unit Inlet Coupling, 15056N

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NIVONA Coffee Machine Brew Unit Inlet Coupling, 15056N original part

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NIVONA CafeRomatica:

NICR520 NICR530 NICR605 NICR610 NICR620 NICR620 Limited NICR626 NICR630 NICR635 Edition NICR646 NICR650 NICR656 NICR660 NICR670 NICR680 NICR710 NICR720NICR725 NICR730 NICR735Jubilee NICR740 NICR745 NICR750 NICR757 NICR758 NICR760 NICR765 NICR767 NICR768 NICR770 NICR777 NICR778 NICR788 NICR830 NICR831 NICR838 NICR839 NICR840 Marrone NICR841 NICR842 NICR845 NICR848 NICR850 NICR855 NICR858 NICR859 NICR877 NICR1030

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Compatible models:


TK52001 TK52002 TK52F09 TK53009 TK54001 TK54F09 TK56001 TK56004 TK58001 TK60001 TK64001 TK64F09 TK65001 TK68001 TK68009 TK68E570 TK68E571 TK69001 TK69009



Caffeo Barista F730; Caffeo Barista F731; Caffeo Barista F740; Caffeo Barista F750; Caffeo Barista F760; Caffeo Barista F770; Caffeo Barista F780; Caffeo Bistro E960; Caffeo CI E970; Caffeo Gourmet E965; Caffeo Lattea E955; Caffeo Passione F530; Caffeo Passione F540; Caffeo Solo E950; Caffeo Solo E953; Caffeo Solo E957; Caffeo Varianza F550; Caffeo Varianza F570; Caffeo Varianza F580


CM5000 CM5100 CM5200 CM5300 CM5400 CM5500 CM6100 CM6110 CM6150 CM6300 CM6310 CM6350 CM7300 CM7500 CVA4060 CVA4080 CVA4085 CVA5060 CVA5065 CVA5068 CVA6401 CVA6405 CVA6800 CVA6805


TKN68E750 TKN68E751

Benvenuto: TCA54F9 TCA60F9  TCA5201 TCA5202 TCA5309 TCA5401 TCA5601 TCA5608 TCA5802 TCA5809 TCA6001 TCA6301 TCA6401 TCA6701 TCA6709TCA6801 TCA6809


CM200110 CM200130 CM200610 CM200630 CM210110 CM210130 CM210710


C77V60N01 C77V60N2 C7660N0 C7660N1

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