Expansion Valve 11024863 V3 for SAECO, 996530068178
Expansion Valve 11024863 V3 for SAECO, 996530068178
Expansion Valve 11024863 V3 for SAECO, 996530068178
Expansion Valve 11024863 V3 for SAECO, 996530068178
Expansion Valve 11024863 V3 for SAECO, 996530068178
Expansion Valve 11024863 V3 for SAECO, 996530068178

Expansion Valve 11024863 V3 for SAECO, 996530068178

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PHILIPS SAECO, GAGGIA Coffee Machine Expansion Safety Valve 11024863, 996530068178 original part

Expansion safety valve (V3) for PHILIPS, SAECO and GAGGIA coffee machines. When the system heats up, pressure is created which is released through this valve. Broken hoses are often a consequence of this valve being defective.

Compatible part numbers:

SAECO: 5057079, 11024863, 11010166, 11004689, 996530068178

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2 €13.69 €2.71
5 €13.09 €9.78

Compatible models:


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