LG LED TV Backlight Bar Kit For 32" Screens, AGF78400001 replacement

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Backlight Bar Kit For LG LED 32" TV, AGF78400001 alternative


  • Number of LEDs: 6
  • Number of LED bars in set: 3
  • Plug / Connecting socket 1: 2-pin
  • Plug / Connecting socket 2: 2-pin
  • Breadth: 22.5mm
  • Length: 590mm
  • Full backlight for 32 "TV
  • Aluminum base for longer life
  • Back with self-adhesive tape

Kit Content: 

  • 2 pcs: typ A - Direct 3.0 32inch_Rev0_A-type_180327 (length: 590mm, 6 LED)
  • 1 pc: typ B - Direct 3.0 32inch_Rev0_B-type_180327 (length: 590mm, 6 LED)

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Compatible models:


32LB550B, 32LB550BZA, 32LB550U, 32LB550UAEU, 32LB561B, 32LB561U, 32LB570B, 32LB580B, 32LB580U, 32LB582B, 32LB650VAEU, 32LB651B, 32LF561V, 32LF5800, 32LF580V, 32LF592U, 32LX320C, 32LX330CAEUC, 32LY330C, 32LY340C, HC320DXNVHHR1, HC320DXNVHHR4, HC320DXNVHHS1, HC320DXNVHHS2, HC320DXNVHHS3, HC320DXNVHHS4, HC320DXNVSHR1, HC320DXNVSHR2, HC320DXNVSHR4, HC320DXNVSHS1, HC320DXNVSHS2, HC320DXNVSHS3, HC320DXNVSHS4, NC320DXNVSBP1, NC320DXNVSBP2, NC320DXNVSBP3, NC320DXNVSBP4, NC320DXNVSBP5, NC320DXNVSBP6, NC320DXNVSBP8

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