Зонд для осциллографа PeakTech TK-60, PeakTech...

Зонд для осциллографа PeakTech TK-60, PeakTech PTK-60

20,80 €


A wide spectrum of professional testprobes in excellent quality and modern design. A complete set of accessories is enclosed. Suitable for any oscillosope in the trade. Spare part kit for oscilloscope probes, P TK-KIT contents: Channel identifier clip PA-105, sprung hook PA-106, ground lead PA-107, insulating tip PA-108, measuring tip PA-102, IC adaptor PF-902, adjusting tool PF-903, BNC-Adapter PF-901

Bandwidth DC 60 MHz 10:1;
DC 60 MHz 10:1;
DC 6 MHz 1:1
Input capacitance 23 pF 10:1;
23 pF 10:1;
128 pF 1:1
Input resistance 10 MΩ 10:1; 1 MΩ 1:1;
Risetime 5,8 ns 10:1
5,8 ns 10:1
58 ns 1:1
Max. measuring voltage 600 V DC or ACpp (10:1); 300 V DC or ACpp (1:1)
Cable length 1,20 m
Reference position Probe tip disconnected; oscilloscope input grounded
EAN-13 4250569400001
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19 шт.

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