Door Lock DLS1 AEG Electrolux, 3792030425 alternative

Door Lock DLS1 AEG ELECTROLUX, 3792030425 alternative

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AEG ELECTROLUX Washing Machine Door Lock DLS1, 3792030425 alternative


  • Length: 103mm
  • Breadth: 75mm
  • Height: 20mm
  • Number of Pins: 4-pin

Compatitable codes:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1249675131, 3792030425, 82010227, 0W02TW, 1249675107, 1249675115, 1249675123, 1249675149, 1324418001

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2 €9.60 €2.13

Compatible models:


L1045E, L1045EL, L1046EL, L10500VI, L1245EL, L12500VI, L12510VI, L12620, L12700VIT, L12710, L14510VI, L14710VIT, L14720, L14810, L16810, L16820, L6215, L64540, L64560, L6615, L66561, L74780VT, L86401, LAV13.50, LAV15.50, LAV1600, LAV52680, LAV54680, LAV62600, LAV62610, LAV6410, LAV6420, LAV6460, LAV64600, LAV64608, LAV64609, LAV64610, LAV64617, LAV64618, LAV64619, LAV6461EX, LAV6465N, LAV64680, LAV646EX, LAV64780, LAV6480, LAV6610, LAV66600, LAV66610, LAV66617, LAV6661EX, LAV666EX, LAV70330-W, LAV70530-W, LAV70539-W, LAV70630-W, LAV70730-W, LAV70740-W, LAV70780-W, LAV71739-W, LAV71749-W, LAV72401, LAV72630-W, LAV72640-W, LAV72730-W, LAV72740-W, LAV72750, LAV72760, LAV72769, LAV72780-W, LAV72785, LAV72810, LAV73738-W, LAV73739-W, LAV73748-W, LAV73749-W, LAV73758, LAV74401, LAV7450, LAV74600, LAV74630-W, LAV74640, LAV74640-W, LAV74650, LAV74730-W, LAV74740, LAV74740-W, LAV74750, LAV74760, LAV74769, LAV74780-W, LAV74800, LAV74810, LAV74810SPORT, LAV74820, LAV74825, LAV74880, LAV7650, LAV76600, LAV76639-W, LAV76640, LAV76730, LAV76730-W, LAV76740-W, LAV76769, LAV76780-W, LAV76785, LAV767EX, LAV7680, LAV76800, LAV76809, LAV76810, LAV76819, LAV7685M, LAV76910, LAV78800, LAV78810, LAV84800, LAV84810, LAV84820, LAV8650, LAV86800, LAV86820, LAV86829, Lavamat 73630W, Lavamat 76630W, Lavamat 72630W, Lavamat 74630W, Lavamat 70230W, Lavamat 73530W, Lavamat 75530W, Lavamat 74730W, Lavamat 76730W, Lavamat 72730W, Lavamat 70730W, Lavamat 70630W, Lavamat 16810, Lavamat 88809, Lavamat 14810, Lavamat Regina, Lavamat 74639WB, Lavamat Regina3610, Lavamat 73639W, Lavamat Clara1068, Lavamat 66809, Lavamat 70733W, Lavamat 76639W, Lavamat 70330W, Lavamat 1046EL, Lavamat 70435W, Lavamat 75639W, Lavamat 70340, Lavamat 70800, Lavamat 1049, Lavamat 60800, Lavamat Bella, Lavamat 72800, Lavamat 60822, Lavamat BellaW, Lavamat 60890, Lavamat 73550, Lavamat 74352, Lavamat 74689, Lavamat 12510VI, Lavamat 74740W, Lavamat 74700, Lavamat 14510VI, Lavamat 72740W, Lavamat 74800, Lavamat 74639, Lavamat 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EW1288W EW1277F EW1288W EW1477F EW1288W EW1477F EW1248W EW1677F EW1248W EW1677F EW1248W EW1677F EW1447W EW1067F EW1447W EW1067F EW1447W EW1067F EW1447W EW1267F EW1288W EW1267F EW1288W EW1077F EW1077F EW1277F EW1288W EW1277F EW1477F EW1288W EW1077F EW1232I EW1077F EW1224I EW1277F EW1277F EW1277F EW1477F EW1677F EW1087F EW1677F EW1378F EW1677F EW1077F EW1078F EW1279F EW1279F EW1067F EW1400F EW1279F EW1267F EW1310F EW1279F EW1232I EW1500F EW1232I EW1265F EW1232I EW1287W EW1224I EW1430F EW1287W EW1224I EW1289W EW1224I EW2408F EW1289W EW1677F EW1289W EW1477F EW1290W EW1620N EW1290W EW1289W EW1420N EW1289W EW880F EW1289W EW1289W EW1289W EW1233I EW1289W EW880F EW1232I EW1290W EW1290W EW1232I EW1677F EW1290W EW1289W EW770F EW1677F EW1080F EW1066F EW1377F EW1266F EW1289W EW1277F EW1477F EW1418I EW1478F EW1418I EW1277F EW1209I EW1478F EW1477F EW1077F EW1097F EW1277F EW1077F EW1677F EW1097F EW1280F EW1677F EW1280F EW1677F EW1085F EW1077F EW1078F EW1280F EW1079F EW1078F EW1087F EW1079F EW1278F EW1087F EW1078F EW1378F EW1079F EW1278F EW1078F EW1077F EW1077F EW1079F EW1559WE EW1078F EW1277F EW1559WE EW1078F EW1559WE EW1278F EW1078F EW1066W EW1220N EW1278F EW1066W EW2408F EW1278F EW1066W EW1278F EW2408F EW1278F EW1266W EW876F EW2408F EW1266W EW2206F EW1200F EW876F EW1266W EW2206F EW1220N EW1259W EW1220N EW1230F EW1030F EW1220N EW1259W EW1277F EW1220N EW1055F EW1259W EW670F EW2208F EW1075F EW880F EW1288W EW1420N EW1077F EW880F EW1288W EW1030F EW1078F EW1079F EW1288W EW1080F EW1080F EW1080F EW1080F EW1259W EWD1419I EWF1045 EWF1045 EWF1088 EWF1180 EWF1210 EWF1221 EWF1230 EWF1232 EWF1232 EWF1234 EWF1234 EWF1234 EWF1234 EWF1235 EWF1235 EWF1245 EWF734 EWF925 EWF934 EWF935 EWF1380W EWF1386W EWF935 EWF735 EWF1287 EWF935 EWF1434 EWF936S EWF1634 EWF1422 EWF1287 EWF1295 EWF1145 EWF1145 EWF1434 EWF1288 EWF1434 EWF1288 EWF1288 EWF1422 EWF1645 EWF925 EWF1421 EWF1645 EWF1434 EWF1424 EWF1649 EWF1234 EWF1423 EWF1649 EWF1436 EWF1434 EWF1649 EWF1236 EWF1647 EWF1426 EWF1647 EWF1455 EWF1255 EWF1655 EWF1470 EWF1655 EWF1470 EWF1010 EWF1655 EWF1210 EWF1645 EWF1499 EWF1499 EWF1449 EWF1449 EWF1286 EWF1249 EWF1481 EWF1249 EWF1447 EWF1447 EWF1246 EWF1289 EWF810 EWF1289 EWF830 EWF936S EWF630 EWF1086 EWF830 EWF1486 EWF1373 EWF900 EWF900 EWF1424 EWF1274 EWF1686 EWF1474 EWF1686 EWF1689 EWF1280 EWF1081 EWF1489 EWF1420 EWF1289 EWF1490 EWF1620 EWF1481 EWF1422 EWF1255 EWF1680 EWF1230 EWF1455 EWF1430 EWF1086 EWF1680 EWF1640 EWF1229 EWF1225 EWF1234 EWF1429 EWF1387 EWF1225 EWF1434 EWF1629 EWF1225 EWF1426 EWF1870 EWF1220 EWF1245 EWF1636 EWF1420 EWF1245 EWF1870 EWF1236 EWF1620 EWF1245 EWF1436 EWF1230 EWF1182 EWF1245 EWF1430 EWF1284 EWF1287 EWF1630 EWF1430 EWF1288 EWF1430 EWF1423 EWF1425 EWF1425 EWF1625 EWF1445 EWF1225 EWF1445 EWF1225 EWF1445 EWF1423 EWF1640 EWF1445 EWF1025 EWF1234 EWF1410 EWF1025 EWF1486 EWF1410 EWF1427 EWF1434 EWF1645 EWF1435 EWF1286 EWF830 EWF1645 EWF1430 EWF1636 EWF1645 EWF1625 EWF1220 EWF1020 EWF1645 EWF1688 EWF1029 EWF1020 EWF1030 EWF1030 EWF1025 EWF1034 EWF1010 EWF1623 EWF1029 EWF1235 EWF1035 EWF1630 EWF1020 EWF1029 EWF1250 EWF1020 EWF1422 EWF1229 EWF1010 EWF1020 EWF1646 EWF1235 EWF1429 EWF1410 EWF14118 EWF1020 EWF1010 EWF1230 EWF1629 EWF1646 EWF900 EWF14115 EWF1030 EWF1412 EWF1222 EWF1646 EWF1035 EWF1245 EWF1035 EWF1035 EWF1045 EWF1045 EWF1045S EWF1050 EWF925 EWF1220 EWF1225 EWF1244 EWF1284 EWF1420 EWF1425 EWF1444 EWF1484 EWF1487 EWF1488 EWF1644 EWF1649 EWF1684 EWF1687 EWF1688 EWI1235 EWN1030 EWN1220 EWN1220A EWN1020 EWN1620W EWN1640 EWS1230 EWS1200 EWS800 EWS1247 EWS1045 EWS1020 EWS1046 EWS1005 EWS1030 EWS1240 EWS1250 EWS1221 EWS1050 EWS1105 EWS1021 EWS1230 EWW1000 EWW1649 EWW1495 EWW1400 EWW1210 EWW1230 EWW1690 EWW1290 EWW1440 EWX1237


F1015 F1025 F1026 F1213 F1215 F1225 F1226 F1247 F1256W F1415 F1425 F1426 F1447 F1645 F1647 F1648 F900 FD1016 FD1026 FD1216 FD1226 FD1416 FD1426 FD1616 FD1626 FE1004 FE1005 FE1006 FE1006NN FE1014 FE1014N FE1024N FE1025G FE1026N FE1200 FE1204 FE1205 FE1206 FE1214 FE1215 FE1404 FE1405 FE1406 FE1414 FE1415 FE1416 FE1614 FE804 FE825G FE904NN FE925N FJ1054W FJ1254W FJ1354S FJ1454W FJD1266W FJD1466S FJD1466W FJD1666W FJDR1266W FJDR1466S FJDR1466W FJDR1666W FJE1005 FJE1006 FJE1204 FJE1204G FJE1205 FJE1206 FJE1207 FJE1236 FJE1404G FJE1405 FJE1406 FJE1436 FJE1605 FJE1635 FJE1636 FJE904 FJR1254W FJR1454W FJS1025W FJS1225W FJS1425W FL1001 FL1089 FL1089Alu FL1090 FL1090Alu FL1108 FL1108Alu FL1201 FL1208 FL1289 FL1290 FL708 FL708Alu FL889 FL908 FLE1015W FLE1016W FLE1115W FLE1116W FLE1215W FLE1216W FLE1416W FLN1009 FLN1209 FLN120920021004 FR1250S FR1250W FR1450W FS1055W FS1155W FS1255S FS1255W FS1355W FS1455 FS1455W FS1555W FX1165W FX1265W FX1365W FX1465W FXC1206 FXC1406 IZ10 IZ1000 IZ10ALU IZ12 IZ14 IZ141S IZ141W IZ14S IZ16 IZ1600 IZ1600S IZ161S IZ161W IZ16S W1106 W1206 W1207 WD1009 WD1010 WD1210 WD1215 WD1245 WD1250W WD1601 WD1601Input WIJ1209 WJD1257S WJD1257W WJD1357S WJD1457W WJD1667W WJE1200 WJE1207 WJE1300 WJE1407 WJE1407G WJS1265W WJS1465W WJS1665W ZE12 ZE14 ZE16 ZJ1217 ZJ1218 ZJD1219 ZJD12191 ZJD12192 ZKF220 ZKF221 ZKG2100 ZKG2120 ZKU220 ZTI1029 ZWD1262S ZWD1262W ZWD1270S ZWD1270W ZWD1271W ZWD1272W ZWD1470W ZWD1471S ZWD1471W ZWD1472S ZWD1472W ZWD1480W ZWD1680W ZWD1681W ZWF1111W ZWF1217W ZWF1218W ZWF1230W ZWF1231W ZWF1237W ZWF1240W ZWF1241W ZWF1311W ZWF14109 ZWF1430S ZWF1430W ZWF1431S ZWF1431W ZWF1432S ZWF1432W ZWF1434W ZWF1437S ZWF1437W ZWF1440W ZWF1441W ZWF1450W ZWF1451W ZWF1630W ZWF1631W ZWF1637W ZWF1640S ZWF1640W ZWF1650W ZWF1651W ZWF1840 ZWF1850 ZWG3105A ZWG3123 ZWG3143 ZWG3163 ZWG390 ZWG5141 ZWG5161 ZWG6121 ZWG6141 ZWG6161 ZWH5105 ZWH5105A ZWH5125 ZWH520 ZWN1220W ZWN1620S ZWN1620W ZWS1030 ZWS1040 ZWS830 ZWV1651S ZWW1202 ZWX1505W ZWX1506W ZWX1605W ZWX1606W

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