Vacuum Cleaner Hose AEG ELECTROLUX , 2198088144 replacement

Vacuum Cleaner Hose AEG ELECTROLUX , 2198088144 replacement

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AEG ELECTROLUX Vacuum Cleaner Hose incl. Handle, 2198088144 alternative part


  • Handle included
  • Vacuum tip diameter: 43mm
  • Handle diameter: 31.5mm (for 32mm accessories)
  • Length: 1.75m
  • Colour: Grey

Compatible codes:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1099153015, 1099153023, 2190951018, 2191383013, 2191383062, 2192097018, 2192112015, 2192112023, 2192238018, 2192238034, 2192247019, 2193377013, 2193603012, 2193603046, 2193704018, 2193704034, 2198088011

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Compatible models:


P1, P3 POWER, P5 ERGO, P3 FLEXI, P5 POWER, P5 TURBO, P3, P3 PLUS 2, AVQ2104, AVQ2105, AVQ2106, AVQ2107, AVQ2108, AVQ2109, AVQ2110, AVQ2111, AVQ2115, AVQ2116, AVQ2117, AVQ2118, AVQ2119, AVQ2120, AVQ2121, AVQ2112, AVQ2114, AVQ2103, AVQ2113, AVQ2101, AVQ2102, AVQ2100, AVQ2104.1, AVQ2123, AVQ2125, AVQ2126, AVQ2127, AVQ2131, AVQ2128, AVQ2129, AVQ2130, AVQ2132, AVQ2133, AV1110, AV1120, AV1130, AV1140, AV1150, AV1160, AVC1131, AV1121, AV1170, AV1161, AVC1162, AVC1171, AVC1190, AVC1110, AVC1120, AVC1130, AVC1220, P5, SYSTEM_PRO P3E, SYSTEM_PRO P5E, SYSTEM_PRO P5 ULTRA, SYSTEM_PRO P3 CH, P5 ULTRA, P3 IRAN, P5 IRAN, P3 ERGO, AVQ2135, AVQ2134, AVQ2136, AVQ2137, AAM6103A, AAM6105A, AVQ2271, AAM6101A, ACX6204A, AAM6144N, AAM6124, AAM6118, AVQ2122, ACX6203, AAM6105, AAM6106, AAM6107, ACX6206, ACX6207, AAM6108, ACX 6203, ATC8210, AAC6710, AAC6720, AAC6758, AAC6750, AAC6755, AAC 6735, AAC6752, AAM6324, ACX6320CD, AAM6320CD, AAM6130, AAM6140, AAM6150, AAM6160EC, AUS4035, AUS4045, ACX6200, ACX6201, ACX6202, AAM6106FB, AAM6108FB, AAM 6114, AAM6115, ACX6201FB, ACX6206 FB, ACX6205 FB, AAM6116, AAM6112, AAM6117, AVC1131, ATC8220A, AVQ2142, AUS 4030, AUS 4040, ACX6205, AAM6115G, AAM6106F, AAM6105CL, AUS4040, AUS4030M, AVQ2248, PORSZIVO RF AVQ2270, AVQ2134L, AVQ2500, AVQ2500SCH, ACX6204, AAM6124BB, ACX6203BB, AAM6108BB, ACX6206BB, ACX6205BB, AAM7124POWER, AAM6122L, ACX6206L, AAM6123L, ACX6260EC, ACX6205EC, ACX6206EC, ACX6209EC, AAM6101, AAM6102, AAM6103, AAM6113, AAC6727, ACX6209, ACX6210, AEP3515, AEP3525, ATC8260, ATC8263, ATC8264, ATC8270,


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MIOSTAR: VAC8700, VAC8900, VAC4800, VAC5500, VAC4900, VAC5600, VAC4800BB, VAC8910,


TO55, TO6310, TO6320, TO6330, TO6510, TO6520, TO6530, TO4610, TO4620, TO4610N, TO4625, TO4605, TO30, TO50, TO6260, TO6270, TO6420, TO6430, TO6440, TO6720, TO6725, TO6722, TO6411, TO6423, TO6431, TO6441, TO6430CA, TO6421, TO6450, TO6521, TO6422L, TO6451CC, TO6410, TO6255, TO6600, TO3515, TO3525,


U4410, U4420, U4430, U4440, U4411, U4620, U4630, U4640, U6412L, U6425, U6425FB, U6620FB, U6420BB, U6410, U6420, U6430, U6610, U6620, U6630, U6415, U6400,

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