iRobot Roomba APS replacement battery 14.4V 3000mAh

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iRobot Roomba APS replacement battery 14.4V 3000mAh


Voltage: 14.4V

Capacity: 3Ah

Type: Vacuum cleaner battery

Chemistry: Nickel Metal -Hydride (Ni-MH)

Rechargeable: Yes

Ready to use: Yes

Breadth: 54.2mm

Length: 137mm

Height: 47mm

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Compatible models:


Roomba 500 series:

Roomba505, Roomba510, Roomba520, Roomba521, Roomba530, Roomba531, Roomba532PET, Roomba534PET, Roomba535, Roomba536, Roomba540, Roomba541, Roomba545, Roomba545PET, Roomba550, Roomba555, Roomba555PET, Roomba556, Roomba560, Roomba561, Roomba562PET, Roomba563PET, Roomba564, Roomba564PET, Roomba565, Roomba570, Roomba571, Roomba575, Roomba580, Roomba581, Roomba581PET, Roomba585, Roomba595

Roomba 600 series:

Roomba606, Roomba616, Roomba620, Roomba620PET, Roomba621XLife, Roomba630, Roomba631XLife, Roomba645, Roomba650, Roomba650PET, Roomba651, Roomba653, Roomba655, Roomba660, Roomba660PET, Roomba670, Roomba671, Roomba680, Roomba625PRO.

Roomba 700 series:

Roomba760, Roomba761, Roomba765, Roomba765PET, Roomba770, Roomba772, Roomba774, Roomba775, Roomba775PET, Roomba776p, Roomba780, Roomba780PET, Roomba780Plus, Roomba782, Roomba785, Roomba786, Roomba786Plus, Roomba790

Roomba 800 series:

Roomba800, Roomba865, Roomba866, Roomba870, Roomba871, Roomba872, Roomba876, Roomba871, Roomba880, Roomba882, Roomba886.

Roomba 900 series:



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