Washing Machine Belt Pulley AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1084895075
Washing Machine Belt Pulley AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1084895075
Washing Machine Belt Pulley AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1084895075
Washing Machine Belt Pulley AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1084895075

Washing Machine Belt Pulley AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1084895075

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AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Washing Machine Belt Pulley, 1084895075

Damage to the drum pulley in your washing machine can mean the drum isn't spinning. The pulley works in conjunction with the motor and the belt to ensure your machine stays fully functional.

Compatible part numbers:

ELECTROLUX:  1084891025, 1084891033, 1084891058, 1084891074, 1084895000, 1084895026, 1084895059

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L45000, L45200, L45800, L46000, L46009, L46010, L46010L, L46200, L46210L, L46213L, L46215LE, L46310L, L47030, L47223, L47230, L47230A3, L47230H, L47233A3, L47238, L47239, L47330, L47330A, L47333, L47338A, L5.5TL, L50060TL, L50260TL, L51060TL, L51260TL, L56106TL, L56126TL, L57126TL, L585370T , L60060TL, L60060TL1, L60060TLE1, L60060TLP, L60060TLP1, L60069TL, L60069TL1, L60260TL, L60260TL1, L60260TLE1, L60260TLP, L60260TLP1, L6026TL, L60460TL, L60460TL1, L60465TL, L60465TL1, L61060TL, L61060TLE, L61069TL, L61260TL, L61260TLE, L61260TLP, L61264ETL, L61460TL, L61465TL, L62069TL, L62260TL, L70260TL, L70260TL1, L70260TLC1, L70260TLE1, L70260TLP, L70260TLP1, L70265TL, L70265TLC, L70265TLP, L70268TL, L70269TL, L70269TL1, L70360TL, L70360TL1, L71260TL, L71260TLC, L71260TLP, L71269TL, L71270TL, L71360TL, L74270TL, L74270TLC, L74270TLE, L74270TLP, L75260TL1, L75260TLC1, L75260TLE1, L75260TLP1, L75265TL1, L75268TL1, L75269TL1, L75275TL, L75278TL, L75279TL, L7527TL, L75370TL, L75370TLE, L75460TL1, L75465TL1, L75469TL1, L76254ETL, L76260TL, L76260TLP, L76264ATL, L76264ETL, L76265TL, L76265TL3, L76269TL, L76269TL3, L76460TL, L76460TL3, L76465TL, L76465TL3, L76469TL, L76469TL3, L7726PTL, L85370TL, L86350TL, L86355TL, L86355TL4, L86355TL5, L86360TL3, L86360TL4, L86369TL, L86369TL3, L86369TL4, L86560TL, L86560TL3, L86560TL4, L86560TLE1, L86560TLP, L86560TLP4, L86565TL, L86565TL3, L86565TL4, L87370TL, L87375TL, L87379TL, LB1482, LB1483, LB1484, LOKO+++TL


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