Dishwasher Door Lock 60N AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 4055392551
Dishwasher Door Lock 60N AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 4055392551
Dishwasher Door Lock 60N AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 4055392551
Dishwasher Door Lock 60N AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 4055392551

Dishwasher Door Lock 60N AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 4055392551

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AEG, ELECTROLUX, ZANUSSI Dishwasher Door Lock 60N, 4055392551

Dishwasher door opener / lock device. Including counter piece for door & white cover. Opens the door after wash program.

Compatible part numbers:

ELECTROLUX: 140035299068, 140035299084, 4055383485, 4055392551

EMZ: EG-380875 A03529919

VDE-REG-nr E583, Type 889312133


28VDC/200mA / 60N

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Compatible models:


F56352IM0, F56369IM0, F56369VI0, F56390VI1, F78460IM0P, F88450VI1P, F88725VI1P, F99725VI1P, FD360V, FD560V, FD640VP, FEB31400ZM, FEB31600ZM, FEB41600ZM, FEB51400ZM, FEB52600ZD, FEB52600ZM, FEB52600ZW, FEB52610ZM, FEB52613ZM, FEE52910ZM, FEE53600ZM, FEE53605ZM, FEE53627ZM, FEE53670ZM, FEE62400PM, FEE63400PM, FEK53627ZM, FES5260AZM, FES5261XZD, FES5261XZM, FES5261XZW, FES5360CZM, FES5360XZM, FES5361UZ, FES5361UZM, FES5367XZM, FES5392AZM, FES5392CZM, FES5395XZM, FSB31400Z, FSB31600Z, FSB31610Z, FSB41600Z, FSB42607Z, FSB51400Z, FSB52600Z, FSB52610Z, FSB52617Z, FSB52620Z, FSB52637Z, FSB52907Z, FSB52917Z, FSB5360CZ, FSB53617Z, FSB53627Z, FSB53637Z, FSB53907Z, FSB53927Z, FSE52910Z, FSE53600Z, FSE53605Z, FSE53610Z, FSE53630Z, FSE53670Z, FSE53920Z, FSE62400P, FSE63400P, FSE83400P, FSK31400Z, FSK31600Z, FSK31610Z, FSK52610Z, FSK52617Z, FSK52637Z, FSK52907Z, FSK5290PZ, FSK52917Z, FSK53600Z, FSK53627Z, FSK53950Z, FSK73400P, FSM31400Z, FSR52610Z, FSR52917Z, FSR53617Z, FSR62400P, FSR83400P, FSS52600Z, FSS5260AZ, FSS52610Z, FSS52615Z, FSS5261XZ, FSS5262LZ, FSS53600Z, FSS5360XZ, FSS5361UZ, FSS53627Z, FSS5367XZ, FSS53907Z, FSS63400P, GG360VI, GG370VI, GG560VI, GG570VI, GG670VI, GS45AV, GS45BV, GS60AV


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