Heating Element with Sensor 2000W 230mm HANSA, 8011444 replacement

Heating Element with Sensor 2000W 230mm HANSA, 8011444 replacement

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HANSA Washing Machine Heating Element with Sensor 2000W 230mm, 8011444 replacement


  • Power: 2000W
  • Length: 230mm
  • Width: 65mm
  • Length Flange: 80mm
  • Width Flange: 26mm
  • Sensor Lenght: 23mm
  • Distance Fittings: 56mm
  • Thermostat: Yes
  • Immersion depth: 202mm

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Compatible models:


WA14211, PC5580A422, PCT5580A412, PCT4580A412, AWSE12DA, AWSN12DA, AWSO12D, AWSO10L, AWSO10D, AWSE10DA, APE1000S, AWST10L, AWSN10DA, PCP4510B625, AWCN14DAB, AWCE14DA, AWCN14DA, AWCE12DA, APE1200, PCP5512B612, AWCO12D, AWCN12DA, PC5510A422, AWCO10L, AWCN10DAP, APE1000, PCT5510B412, AWCO10D, AWCE10DA, AWCN10DA, AWCT10L, PC5510A412, PA4510B420, PA4510B4212A, PA4510B421X2A, PA4512B421X2A, PA4560A410, PA4560A411BA, PA4560A411, PA4560A411C, PA4560A420, PA4560A420AS, PA4560A420XEA, PA4580A510, PA4580A510EA, PA4580A510CEA, PA4580A520, PA4580A520EA, PA4580A520C, PA4580A520XEA, PA4580B410, PA4580B420, PA4580B421, PA4580B4212A, PA4580B421X2A, PA4580B421XC2A, PA5510B420, PA5510B4212A, PA5510B421C2A, PA5510B421I2A, PA5510B421X2A, PA5510B421XC2A, PA5512B421X, PA5560A410, PA5560A411, PA5560A411CBA, PA5560A420, PA5560A420AS, PA5560A420EA, PA5560A420XEA, PA5580A510, PA5580A520C, PA5580A520, PA5580A520EA, PA5580A520CEA, PA5580A520XEA, PA5580B410, PA5580B420, PA5580B421C2A, PA5580B421, PA5580B4212A, PA5580B421S2A, PA5580B421I2A, PA5580B421X2A, PA5580B421XC2A, PA5580B421XS2A, PA4510B421XC2A, PA4580A520CEA, PA5512B4202A, PA5512B4212A, PA5560A420CEA, PA5580A510EA, PB4510A420CEA, PB4510B4212A, PB4510B421C2A, PB4510B423, PB4511B4252A, PB4512B4212A, PB4512B421C2A, PB4512B423, PB4514B4252A, PB4560A411BA, PB4560A411MARS, PB4560B420EA, PB4570A412, PB4580A410EA, PB4580A420EA, PB4580B4212A, PB4590A413EA, PB4590A423EA, PB4590B4252A, PB5510A420EA, PB5510A420CEA, PB5510B4212A, PB5510B421C2A, PB5510B421I2A, PB5510B423, PB5511B4252A, PB5512B4212A, PB5512B421C2A, PB5512B421I2A, PB5512B423, PB5514B4252A, PB5560A411BA, PB5560A420EA, PB5560B420EA, PB5570A412, PB5580A410EA, PB5580A420EA, PB5580A420CEA, PB5580B4212A, PB5580B423, PB5590A413EA, PB5590A423, PB5590B4252A, PC4510A423EA, PC4510B423, PC4510B425, PC4512B423, PC4512B4252A, PC4560A412, PC4560B423EA, PC4570A412, PC4580A413EA, PC4580A413CEA, PC4580A423EA, PC4580B423, PC4580B4252A, PC5510A423EA, PC5510B423, PC5510B4252A, PC5512B423, PC5512B4252A, PC5560A412, PC5560B423EA, PC5570A412, PC5570A422, PC5580A413EA, PC5580A423, PC5580A423S, PC5580B4252A, PC5590B423, PCP4510B623, PCP4512B623, PCP4512B625, PCP4514B625, PCP4580B623, PCP5510B623, PCP5510B625, PCP5512B623, PCP5512B625, PCP5514B623, PCP5514B625, PCP5580B623, PCT4510A412, PCT4510B412, PCT4512A412, PCT4560A412, PCT4580B412, PCT5510A412, PCT5512A412, PCT5512B412, PCT5514A412, PCT5560A412, PCT5580B412, PCT5590B412, PD5010A422, PD5010B422, PD5012B422, PD5060A422, PD5080A422, PD5080B422, PD6010A422, PD6010B422, PD6012B422, PD6014B422, PD6060A422, PD6080A422, PD6080B422, PCT4512B412, AWSM12D, AWSM10L, AWSM10D, PCT4590A412, AWST09L, AWSM08L, AWST08L, AWSE08D, AWSM08D, PCT4570A412, AWST07L, AWCM14D, AWCE14NA, AWCM12D, AWCM10D, AWCM10L, AWCT09L, PCT5590A412, PCP5590B623, AWCE08D, AWCT08L, AWCM08D, AWCM08L, PCT5570A412, PB5512A420, PCT4512A425, PCT4512A414, PB5514B425C, PCP5514B614S, PCP5514B614, PCP5514B625S, PC5514A422, PC5514B425, PC5512A422, PA5512B421C, PC5512B425, PCT5512B425, PC5512B425S, PC5512B625, PCP5512B614S, PCP5512B622, PCP5512B614, AWCM12L, AWCT12L, PB5510A420, PA5510B421C, PA5510B421, HLW620W

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