Oven Top Heating Element 2200W BEKO, WHIRLPOOL, alternative
Oven Top Heating Element 2200W BEKO, WHIRLPOOL, alternative
Oven Top Heating Element 2200W BEKO, WHIRLPOOL, alternative
Oven Top Heating Element 2200W BEKO, WHIRLPOOL, alternative

Oven Top Heating Element 2200W BEKO, WHIRLPOOL, alternative

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BEKO, WHIRLPOOL Oven Top Heating Element 2200W (1100W + 1100W), 262900064 alternative


  • Type: Top heating
  • Power: 2200W (1100W + 1100W)
  • Length: 340mm
  • Width: 335mm
  • Length Flange: 100mm
  • Width Flange: 22mm

Compatible part numbers:

BEKO: 262900064, 262900082, 262900070

WHIRLPOOL: 482000004603

INDESIT: C00408866

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Compatible models:


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BIE32300XPS BIE32301XMS BIE35300XS BIEB2277X BIEM26400XPS BIET22100XM BIET26400XCS BIET26400XPS BIET36400XPS BIM12300XC BIM12301XP BIM15300XS BIM15500XGMS BIM15500XPS BIM22100X BIM22101M BIM22300X BIM22300XC BIM22300XL BIM22301X BIM22301XCS BIM22302X BIM22303M BIM22304X BIM22304XCS BIM22306XS BIM22400X BIM22400XMS BIM24300BS BIM24300WMS BIM24300WS BIM24301BCS BIM24301BGCS BIM24301BRCS BIM24301BS BIM24301WCS BIM24301ZGCS BIM24302B BIM24400BCS BIM24400BRMS BIM24400GCS BIM24400WCS BIM25300X BIM25300XM BIM25301X BIM25301XCS BIM25302X BIM25400XL BIM25400XMS BIM25400XPS BIM25400XR BIM25401X BIM25401XM BIM25402XMS BIM260N0X BIM26301XC BIM26400XCS BIM26IN0RX BIM32300MMS BIM32301XMS BIM32302XMS BIM32400XPS BIM34400BMS BIM35300XMS BIM35400XPS BIM35401XMS BIM35404XPS BIM36300XCS BIMF15500XGMS BIMF22400XMS BIMF25500XPS BIMF26400XPS BIMF35400XPS BIMF35505XPS BIMM22400XMS BIMM25400XMS BIMM25400XPS BIMM35400XMS BIMM35500XPS BIMT15400XPS BIMT22400MCS BIMT25300XMS BIR14400BGCS BIR14400GGCS BIR14400WGCS BIR15500XPS BIR16100XOS BIR22400XMS BIR24303BCS BIR25400XMS BIR25500XMS BIR32400XMS BIR35400XMS BIR35401XMS BIR35500XMS BIR36400XOS BIRT22300XMMS BIRT24301GMS BIRT25400XPS BIS15500XGMS BIS15500XMS BIS25500XMS BIS35500XMS BKDM22100X BKDM24100W BKO9870X BQM22301XC BSC22120X BSC22130X BSE22020X BSE22120X BSE22121X BSE22130X BSE22320X BSE22341X BSE24130B BSM22320X BSM22321X BSM22520X BSM25320X BUC22020W BUC22020X BUC22021X BUE22001X BUE22020X BUE22021X BUE22120X BUE22320X BUE2N001X BUM22320X BUM22320X1 BUM22321X BUM22322X BUM22322X1 BUM22323X BUM22325XP BUM22340X BUM22341X BUM260N0X BUM261N0RX BVM34500B BVM34500BM BVM35500XMS BVM35500XPS BVR34500BGMS BVR35500XMS BVRS35500XMS BVS35500XMS BXIM25300X CDF62120DWL CDF73111DA CDG83010GS CNE520E30ZGB COOK69DFK COOK69DIK CSE62010DW CSE62110DW CSE62110DX CSE62120DW CSE62120DWL CSE62120DWN CSE62120DX CSE62120DXL CSE62120DXN CSE62121DW CSE62121DWL CSE62121DX CSE62320GW CSE62321DW CSE63016GX CSE63110DW CSE63110DX CSE63111DX CSE63120DSL CSE63120DSN CSE63120DW CSE63120DWL CSE63120DWN CSE63120GW CSE63320DW CSE63320DX CSE63520GW CSE63521GWP CSE63GWP CSE63X CSE64010DS CSE64010DW CSE64320DS CSE64320DSL CSE64320DW CSE66000GS CSE66000GW CSE66001GBR CSE66001GW CSE66300GW CSE67000GW CSE67000GX CSE67100GW CSE67101GS CSE67101GW CSE67300 CSE67300GS CSE67300GW CSE67300GX CSE67301GW CSE67301GX CSE67500GA CSE67500GW CSE67501GAP CSE68500GAP CSE68500GWP CSE68501GAP CSE68501GWP CSE69000GW CSE69100GS CSE69100GW CSE69300GA CSE69301GA CSE69301GW CSE86300GW CSE87000GW CSE87001GW CSE87001GX CSE87003GW CSE87004GW CSE87005GW CSE87300GW CSE87300GX CSER67100GW CSER67300GW CSG62111DX CSM61320DWL CSM61320DWN CSM61320DX CSM61321DW CSM61321DX CSM61326DX CSM62010DW CSM62120 CSM62120DS CSM62120DW CSM62120GW CSM62121DS CSM62121DWL CSM62320 CSM62320DW CSM62320DWL CSM62320DWN CSM62320DX CSM62320DXL CSM62320DXN CSM62320GW CSM62321DA CSM62321DW CSM62321DX CSM62321DXL CSM62321GA CSM62322DW CSM62322DX CSM62323DW CSM62323DX CSM63120DW CSM63120GW CSM63320DSL CSM63320DSN CSM63320DW CSM63320DWL CSM63320DWN CSM63320DX CSM64320GW CSM66001GBR CSM66001GW CSM66002GW CSM66003GW CSM66100GW CSM66106GX CSM66300GX CSM66301GX CSM67000GBR CSM67000GW CSM67300GA CSM67300GS CSM67300GW CSM67300GX CSM67301GW CSM67301GX CSM67302GW CSM67302GX CSM67320DS CSM69300GX CSM86300GW CSM87300GW CSM87300GX CSM87500GW CSM89300GX CSM89301GW CSM89500GXP CSMR67300GW CSS62010DW CSS62010GW CSS62110DW CSS62111DS CSS62111DX CSS62120DW CSS62120DX CSS63010DBR CSS63010DS CSS63010DW CSS63010DWL CSS63110DS CSS63110DW CSS63111DS CSS63111DW CSS64010DS CSS64010DW CSS660003GW CSS66000GBR CSS66000GW CSS66001GBR CSS66001GW CSS67000GW CSS67000GX CSS86000GW CSS86001GW CSS86002GW CUI60B CUI60S CUI60X CUM651X CUM65S CUM65X CUM68I CUV60X CUV61B CUV61S CUV61X CUV62X CUV63B CUV63I CUV64A DBDF243WG DBDM223X DBM243BG DDBIRF22400XMS DDBVM35400XS DENEME FDF83310DA FE310 FE310S FE410 FM310S FM410 FM520 FM520DG FM531I FM620I FSE62110DW FSE62110DX FSE62120DW FSE62120DWDSL FSE62120DX FSE62120DXDSL FSE62320DW FSE62320DX FSE62321DX FSE62330GWD FSE63110DSCS FSE63110DW FSE63110DWCS FSE63310DWCS FSE63320DW FSE63320DX FSE63410GWP FSE64010DSS FSE64010DW FSE64320DS FSE64320DW FSE66000GS FSE66000GW FSE66300GW FSE67100GWS FSE67300GW FSE67300WCS FSE67300XCS FSE67310GX FSE68300GACS FSE68300GWCS FSE69GW FSE87001GWS FSM61330DWDSL FSM61330DXDSL FSM62010DW FSM62120DS FSM62120DW FSM62320DSS FSM62320DWS FSM62320DXS FSM62320GW FSM62330DWT FSM62330DXMT FSM62330DXS FSM62330DXT FSM65330DAS FSM65330DXS FSM66000GWS FSM66001GBR FSM66001GW FSM67010GW FSM67300GWS FSM67320DWS FSM67320DXT FSM67320GAS FSM67320GSS FSM67320GWS FSM67320GXS FSM69300GXT FSM87001GWS FSM89301GWS FSMT61330DXT FSMT62321DWSS FSMT62321DXSS FSS62010DW FSS62010DX FSS63010DW FSS63110DSCS FSS64010DW FSS66000GW FSS66001GBR FSS66001GW FSS66003GW FSS66100GW FSS67000GW FSS67100WCS FSS67100XCS FSS86001GWS FSST62110DW FSST62111DX FZE67300WCS FZR67400WPS KCDM62110DB KCDM62110DX KFDM62120DWDSL KFDM62120DXDSL MCSE68102GW MCSM68302GW MHS22320W MHS22320X MHS22321X NCL7000 NCL7300 NCO9850 NCO9860A NCU9710S NDP9110 NDP9310A NDU9900 NDU9950 NGC1600 OCE22300X OCM23500X OCM25500X OCM25600X OCM25701X ODF21300B ODF21300W ODF22300X OIC21000W OIC21001B OIC21001X OIC21003W OIC21300B OIC21300W OIC21301B OIC21301W OIC22000W OIC22000X OIC22001X OIC22100X OIC22101X OIC22102X OIC223XX OIC23300X OIC23301X OIC2N000X OICR22100X OIE111X OIE21000X OIE21100B OIE21200CU OIE21200WU OIE21201CU OIE21300B OIE21300W OIE22000X OIE22001X OIE22100X OIE22101W OIE22101X OIE22102X OIE22103X OIE22300X OIE22301X OIE22302X OIE22303X OIE22500AP OIE22500X OIE22500XP OIE22501AP OIE22501XP OIE225X OIE226XP OIE22S OIE23300X OIE23301X OIE23302X OIE23303X OIE24300B OIE24300W OIE24301B OIE24500BP OIE24500MP OIE24500WP OIE24501BP OIE24501WP OIE24502BP OIE24502WP OIE24600BP OIE24600MP OIE24601MP OIE25000X OIE25500X OIE25500XP OIE25501XP OIE25502X OIE26500XP OIE26501XP OIE26502XP OIE26503XP OIE26504XP OIE26505XP OIE26506XP OIE265XP OIE26600XP OIE26606XP OIE27200A OIE27200AV OIE27201A OIE27201AV OIE2N500XP OIE39601 OIE39602X OIER22300X OIER24300B OIER24300W OIF21100W OIF21101X OIF21300B OIF21300W OIF22000X OIF22100X OIF22300X OIF22300XL OIF22300XR OIF22301XL OIF22301XR OIF22309X OIM21200CU OIM22000X OIM22100X OIM22300X OIM22300XL OIM22301X OIM22302X OIM22500X OIM22500XP OIM22501X OIM22501XP OIM23300X OIM23301X OIM23302X OIM24300B OIM24302B OIM24500B OIM24500BP OIM24500W OIM24500WP OIM24501B OIM24501W OIM24600B OIM24600W OIM25300X OIM25301X OIM25500X OIM25500XL OIM25500XP OIM25500XR OIM25501X OIM25502X OIM25503X OIM25600X OIM25600XL OIM25600XP OIM25601X OIM25601XP OIM25602X OIM25603X OIM25604X OIM25700X OIM25701X OIM25702X OIM25901X OIM26500X OIM26500XP OIM26501X OIM26600X OIM26600XP OIM26601X OIM27200A OIM27200AV OIM27200X OIM27201A OIM27201C OIM2N100X OIM2N101X OIM2N300X OIM2N301X OIM2N301XK OIM39600XP OIM39602X OIM39701X OIM52300P OIM54300P OIM59600PP OSC22020X OSC22130X OSE22120X OSF21121X OSF21133SX OSF22110X OSF22120X OSF22125X OSF22130SX OSF22135SX 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