Shock Absorber 80N AEG ELEXTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1322553015

Shock Absorber 80N AEG ELEXTROLUX, ZANUSSI, 1322553015

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AEG ELEXTROLUX, ZANUSSI Washing Machine Shock Absorber (Damper) 80N, 1322553015 original


  • Force: 80N
  • Length: 185mm
  • Extended length: 250mm
  • Eye ring diameter: 11mm

Compatitable codes:

AEG ELECTROLUX: 1322553015, 1240172104, 1322553007, 124017210, 1322553007, 3794303010

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Compatible models:


Lavamat LR2852 L12820J6 L12820 L1046EL L1246EL L1245EL L1049 CLARA1048 CLARA1248 Lavamat L1045EL L1249 L1070EL L1271EL L54610 L52408 L60610 L62610 L74810 L6460 L66820 L63803 L63805 L74800 L74803 L7481 L6262L L6464L LN69460L LN66669 LN66660 L60641 L5460DFL L5462DFL L6460FL L6468AFL L6460AFL L6469AFL L5614FL L5462CS L6470FL L64740VFL L64741VFL L6479AFL L6476AFL L6478AFL L6470AFL L6472AFL L6484VAL L6484FL L5468DFL L64000NL L647EXFL L6.70VFL L5461NFL LN69670L L64851L L64852L L64857L L74550 L74555 L52840 L54840 L52630 L52638 L54630 L54638 L54849 LN58460 LN58459 L58840 L50840 L5260FL L5468FL L5460FL L60840 L62840 L64840 L66840 L62640 L64640 L66640 L64848 L6484N L60640 L66841 L62645 L64645 L64647 L64845 L64846 L66845 L64641 L6261 L6461 LN68460 LN68661 LN66260 LN66460 LN66265 LN66465 LN66467 LN68665 L62840L L64840L L66840L L62612 L64614 L64848L L62640L L64640L L66640L L52840D L54840D L54849D LN68465 L7664 LN66469 L60840L LN69260L LN69665L LN69660L LN69467L L6060 L5482 L72850 L74650 L74659 L76659 L64859 L6485EX L6685EX L64857 L66855 L72650 L74655 L76650 L76655 L76657 L76656 L64853 LN76670 LN76475 LN76675 LN76677 L64859L L6485EXL L6685EXL L66855L L66857L L64850LSPO L66850LSPO L74559 LAVAMAT5.0 L62850L L64850L L66850L L64850LE L64858L L64855L L64856L L72550 LN77470 L72650H L74650H L74750 LN73470 LN73670 LN75677 LN75670 LN77670 LN77675 LN68471S L74756 L76755 L72750 L6650 L64854L L74752 L77470 L74850 L76850 L74859 L76859 L76855 LN78470 LN78670 LN78675 OKOPLUS14 OKOLPUS14 OKOPLUS16 LN78479 LN78679 L72850A L74850A L76850A L74650LE LN78479A L76859A L74859A LN79470A LN79670A L76855A L76856A LN73471S L74858A L72850CS LN78679A L74651 L74657A3 L74650A3 L76650A3 L74850A3 L76850A3 L76855A3 L76856A3 LN79670A3 LN79470A3


EWF1230 EW1043S EWG14740W EWG12740W EWF1268 EWS10410W EWS12410W EWS12610W EWC10550W EWD1300 EWX14540W EWX12540W EWW1292 EWS1020 EWS1230 EWS845 EWF605 EWF700 EWF900 EWF668 EWF8576 EWF8556 EWF1074 EWF8555 EWF1073 EWF1073A EWS1105 EWS8000W EWS10400W EWS11600W WAGL5S100 EWS8012W EWS10012W EWS8014W EWS10412W EWS10612W EWS12612W EWS10712W EWS12712W EWF10020W EWF8020W EWF8040W EWF10040W EWF12040W EWF10149W EWF14070W EWF12070W EWF16070W EWF14079W EWF16079W EWF126110W EWF146110W EWF166110W EWF12270W EWF12670W EWF10470W EWF12470W EWF14470W EWF10479W EWF10679W EWF10240W EWF12370W EWF14370W EWF16370W EWF16470W EWF14373W EWF12376W EWF12479W EWF10475W EWF146410W EWF106410W EWF126410W EWF126310W EWF146310W EWF126311W EWF106417W EWF12440W EWF14170W EWF147110W EWF147210W EWF12680W EWF14280W EWF14283W EWF147311W EWF147312W EWH127310W EWH147310W EWF107410W EWF127410W EWF147410W EWF167321W EWF12483W EWF127413W EWF1673210 EWF167320W EWF12780W EWF14780W EWF16589W EWF14589W EWF14580W EWF16580W EWF16780W EWF14583W EWF14781W EWF16781W EWF127440W EWF147440W EWF12049W


ZWF3145 ZWD16270W1 FV850N ZWS820 ZWS1020 FE1026N ZWS830 ZWS1030 ZWS1040 FA1023 ZWF1200 ZWO384 ZWO3104 FE904NN FE1006NN FE802 FE1002 ZWD381 ZWD586 ZWD5106 ZWS382 ZWS3102 ZWS3122 ZWO685 ZWO6105 ZWO585 ZWO5105 ZWO7105 ZWS687 ZWS6107 ZWS6127 ZWS587 ZWS5107 ZWS787 ZWS7107 ZWS7127 ZWD685 ZWD6105 ZWD585 ZWD5105 ZWD785 ZWD7105 ZWG5125 ZWG5136 ZWG5145 ZWG5165 ZWG385 ZWG3105 ZWG3165 ZWG5105 ZWG6144 ZWG3125 ZWG3145 ZWF12070W1 ZWF14070W1 ZWG5101 ZWG5141 ZWG685 ZWF14069W ZWG6105 ZWG6145 ZWG6165 ZWG6125 ZWF1221 ZWF1421 ZWF1621 ZWGH7105 ZWN6100L ZWN6120L ZWNB6120L ZWNB6140L ZWNB6140AL ZWH6125 ZWH6165 ZWH6145 ZWH7145 ZWH8165 ZWN7120L ZWN7100L ZWN7140L ZWN7140AL ZWN7148L ZWN77120L ZWN57120L ZWNB7140L ZWNB7120L ZWNB7140AC ZWNB7140AL ZWF16381W ZWF12380W ZWF14380W ZWH7122J ZWH7142J ZWH7162J ZWH7132J ZWF5105 ZWF3105 ZWF385 ZWF3125 ZWC85010W ZWC10510W ZWC6050W ZWC7050W ZWC5050W ZWC5055W ZWC85050W ZWC85055W F555 F550 FBU55 FBU85 F750 F850 F855

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